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. from , in an attempt to distract from where she paid $19,000 for a $976 podium. Which was actually to pay for a using . She then attempted a .

Via Josh Gerstein:

Judge sets Nov. 1 hearing on 's request for delays in deadlines in classified- trial in . Looks like all deadlines this month are put off until then

*Aileen Cannon Just Got Played Big Time*

David Kurtz

Next week the Residential Schools Documents Advisory Committee will sit to continue conversations.

Its goal is to bridge the gap between the worldviews of the witnesses to the system and the government that ran it.

is defining what is meant as a residential school document more narrowly than the witnesses.

So far, the conversations have been very good, said committee chair Cadmus Delorme.


*Will The House GOP Really Throw Its Lot In With Jim Jordan And All He Represents*

David Kurtz

Via :

Maybe by Friday people will figure out how Woodward snookered them.


I mean, Cannon won't. But Leonard Leo doesn't pay her to see thru Woodward's games.

Hugo Lowell:

New: co-defendant in classified docs case Walt has had his postponed hearing about his lawyers potential conflicts of interest rescheduled for this Friday, on Oct. 20 at 2pm in Fort Pierce .


oh, not a joke

et donc ouais, quand on veut stocker ses infos de profil facebook dans un truc comme google doc, le transfert refuse de fonctionner si on n'autorise "que les fichiers qui viennent de facebook". Il faut EN PLUS cocher la case obligatoire "TOUS les fichiers google docs" que Meta a ainsi le droit de modifier, diter, supprimer etc.


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*Aileen Cannon Is At It Again*

David Kurtz

Does everyone realize that is being given access to RIGHT NOW as part of discovery in the Jan 6 case and the stolen documents case

So what he may have forgotten, he's being given an opportunity to be reminded.

As the public, we don't know what information the documents contain. We know he shared a photo of a map. We know he had a private conversation with Russians while in the WH.

He can't be contained. He will disclose something during a rant. Just wait.

"Cannon admonished the gov for 'wasting the court's
time.'" All you need to know about her.

Via Katherine Faulders:

NEWS - Judge Aileen has postponed the hearing for co-defendant Walt over potential conflicts of interest w/ his lawyer Stan Woodward bc she said the gov introduced new arguments related to the matter. Cannon admonished the gov for "wasting the court's time."

Via Hugo Lowell:

New from the federal courthouse in Ft Pierce: co-defendant and Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker Carlos De Oliveira told a judge he wants to keep his lead lawyer John Irving who is being paid by Trumps PAC

De Oliveira was asked if he understood Irvings potential conflicts arising from his prior representation of three people the Special Counsel could call as trial witnesses, and he said he would move forward with Irving anyway


Phew, there is still some work left for handwritten text recognition () of -), although I must say that the "classification" of the document is quite accurate :-)

In the last days I finally switched the main machine from to , and I'm happy with it . The biggest drawback so far is filling pdf documents.
I used on Mac, but there are no real alternatives on available. And its really the best one
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in the stirs up + over and .

Both and ran this week about which to wear + while at work.

Via Zoe Tillman:

Prosecutors (unsurprisingly) oppose 's latest attempt at pushing back the trial in the classified case until after the 2024 election - they say his team has/has access to the vast majority of evidence, and is exaggerating remaining delays 1/

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This looks awesome! :awesome:

Adeus papis.

"Trump demands classified records in Jan. 6 indictment, begs for more time to prepare defense against glib government prosecutors"

for saying Moss did not allow him to lead an because Moss personally disagrees with the s , show.

Of course.

Via Katie Phang:

JUST IN: Judge enters order temporarily staying CIPA deadlines in s classified case to entertain Trumps motion to revise scheduling deadlines.

Trump allegedly shared nuclear sub secrets post-Presidency at Mar-a-Lago

Blather, wince, repeat. But since its Cannon, he may get his wish.

Via Kyle Cheney:

is asking Judge to move his trial from May to December 2024. He says he hasnt been able to access a swath of classified docs central to his case and that SCIF in isnt ready to handle them yet.

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The Committee on Peoples was back interviewing witnesses from organizations that have not yet released all records relating to Indian .

And a disconnect was observed between what the committee heard in March with witnesses saying records were being withheld and from what witnesses were saying now, that everyone was working hard to provide all the records as quickly as possible.

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Via Josh Gerstein:

JUST IN: Feds maintain some docs in classified prosecution are so sensitive they can't be stored in the defense SCIF w/other classified info. Unclear if even place in to review them. We can show them in DC area, prosecutors say.


How tf am I supposed to write a spy movie now!

Int. Basement - Day

Our hero logs onto a gaming forum and just downloads the secret documents.


"The here clearly contain that defendants used in ," wrote in his , in which he ordered the defendants' . He ordered that within 10 days, they must recommend potential independent receivers to manage the of the .

'Reckless & careless': describes mishandling of

Hutchinson w/ about how material was handled by her boss at the time, then chief of staff , & others in the Trump admin.

It was, by her telling, an admin awash in , w/ & others refusing to dispose of daily litter in for fear that someone from the might intercept the contents. Instead, she writes, Meadows so many in his fireplace in the final days of the presidency that his wife complained to Hutchinson about how expensive it had become to dry-clean the bonfire aroma from his suits.

Hutchinson sheds new light on Meadows, burning White House docs

According to , Mark burned so many White House that his wife complained about the dry-cleaning bills.

: s classified edition.

Trudeau is so damn good.

Entire strip here:

Cassidy Hutchinson says Mark Meadows burned so many documents before leaving the White House that the then-chief of staff's wife complained about dry-cleaning bills to remove the 'bonfire' smell: report

Trump: You dont know anything about the boxes

The Committee on Peoples sat to hear from organizations that had yet to submit all records to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR).

Canada has identified 23 million additional , said an assistant deputy minister.

Its awaiting guidance from the NCTR documents advisory committee on how to proceed on accelerating the process of transfer.

*House GOP Launders Disinformation Through Its Public Hearings*

David Kurtz

"Sources said that after Trump heard the FBI wanted to interview Molly Michael last year, Trump allegedly told her, "You don't know anything about the boxes."

It's unclear exactly what he meant by that."

Unclear Seems pretty clear to me and probably to anyone familiar with mob-speak.

(Yes, I know, probably not clear enough for the purposes of a trial. Which is why mobsters use it.)

is locked in a battle w/ the cmte over access to & related to the investigation & offered his most pointed rebuke of its pressure campaign:

Our job, he said, is not to take orders from the , from , or from anyone else, about who or what to criminally investigate. As the president himself has said, & I reaffirm here today: I am not the presidents lawyer. I will also add that I am not Congresss prosecutor.

"Trump reportedly told aide, You dont know anything about the boxes"

"Donald Trump didn't just reportedly use classified materials as scratch pads, he also allegedly told an aide to play dumb when talking to the FBI."

is dying worthwhile