Assange showing his allegiance PutinME

Assange showing his allegiance PutinME

BishesBrew United States of America
@vincelauro @Krissy_Caster @OANN @YouTube Assange showing his allegiance to Putin. ME: How do you like them apples…

Str8FwdNoBS Chandler, AZ
@CStamper_ What a damn joke...another that needs to go. Yep..had nothing to do with betrayal, lying, handling of classified documents...

theabsurdhero Time, Space
No joke. I do too. I had a set of all the Playboys from the 1970s. Those are historic documents.

nightchimp Pittsburgh, PA
@EFF Thank you, EFF! is a bit of a joke. Not much meat, but a whole lot of black ink.

BidsRider USA
The Big Joke

@santanderukhelp What a joke tried to open student account now abandoned daughters app but documents had been received back to nat west

raphael_geroni Brooklyn, NY
It was a delight to design a tome containing documents that add insult to the joke this dangerous clown already is.…

kirstinetaylor Athens, OH. Seattle, WA. Los Angeles, CA.
@DrBriePhD No joke.

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