Based on leaked IRS documents

Based on leaked IRS documents ProPublica estimated that Musk paid a true tax rate of around327455 million total between 2014 and 2018 I dont blame Musk I blame the system But listening to him whine is a joke

breathfart Here and Now @johnmulinde @Deuces351 @NickForVA Based on leaked IRS documents, ProPublica estimated that Musk paid a true tax rate of around 3.27% ($455 million total) between 2014 and 2018. I don't blame Musk. I blame the system. But listening to him whine is a joke. News, commentary, satire, and destruction of the political/media establishment. dude/it. breathfart.sbd (OF COURSE we're a Breitbart parody account, FFS)
rburhum California / Washington / Lima @notthatpele @YaxueCao Nah… I was making a *joke* based on the official US Intelligence report on COVID-19 origins. I guess to you the CIA and NSA are “wingnuts who get their news from telegram” @AmigoCloud Founder. Knows something about GIS and startups. Imported/exported from Perú a few decades ago. Computer Scientist.
MikeFly81091563 Dublin Ireland @Ogra_SF Actually a PR stunt by Eamon O Cuiv to get votes at time and a standing joke at EU level when I attended meetings there 10 years back. If the number of Irish speakers on the island goes up all the better but would advise them wasting energy on EU long winded documents. Ability to tell it as it is and to see through bs
donotwatchtv hell but without theme music if i dont pull my documents from uni i will kms and i wish it was a joke but it v much isnt im in shambles morally he/him/ 19 / intp/6w5
TheArchillo @CoinSeer @NFT_D_A_O do you want a scientific documents for a joke or am i missing something? NFT Artist & Collector 1111 Handdrawn items. Inspired by the video game Angry Birds. For other collections visit our website which link's given in our Linktree
SumatraSue Washington, USA @CleeseRaymond @Boballard13 @Jennie_SC1 @jeffschlueter1 @WHurensohn @UseLogicPlease1 @SoyBoyRoy1 @RealDoctorT @LaurieSpoon @KimberlyMcKeeve @ShellyRKirchoff @Q_Estrada @yammerapple @9livez1 @RomeoAlpha68 @AggressiveDem @uzzell_cindy @JambiedogTom @EnrelChi @texasangler1968 @RepublicanRehab @desjardins7 @ReganLieutenant @B26Rick @Newer_Deal @michellmybell1 @SCouple222 @manoloh102 @heh78152914 @deplorable_s @krissy_013 @TruBluRayne @Jamie_Wisconsin @BlueKomand @OmgBeckyTree @Gingercat404 @themikewest @0ryuge @DaClementMusic @CodeOfPets @Erockdouble1 @usorthem3 @ChuckBlakeman @Born2Cuss @wookietim @BluesElmwood @KennyHerbert2K @IanLStrain @815wrldtrvlr @Hirdman Whoops. I forgot about that. That's our gal -- Crooked Hillary. She destroyed documents and didn't even get a slap on her dainty wrist. Maybe all those subpoenaed by the 1/6 joke committee should do the same. I'm sure Nancy won't mind. She never said a peep abt Hil's crimes. Let's all try to act human. Fix the vote. Dump woke ideology. Widow to bluesman Tom McFarland.
gyulmeetsworld Tucson, AZ The customer service line: "If you're calling because you received a letter, please submit the corrected documents we asked for. Hit 5 to go to the previous menu. Or hang up" I promise y'all this is not a joke lmao @StateDept wyd?? Vice President of the Coconut Confederacy 🇻🇮 | host: @gooduppod | lead writer @kcknit | owner @themashacompany | @pvamu alumna
Augesco1 @RepLizCheney @January6thCmte Why are you so scared of Ray Epps, the most prominent proponent of insurrection? And why did pencilneck feel the need to falsify more documents. You are all a joke, playing to morons. There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.
MelandArt @jdpoc @escalatorover @profnfenton you still think it's a vaccine is the real joke. Please read pg 45, Phase 3 trial is ongoing, what concluded in Nov. 2020 was preliminary and only to an EUA standard. Independent Christian Lyricist and Rapper
wmdewolf Donald says the release of the documents would be no problem for him - but he has everything he can to withhold them. What a joke!

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