By the way the branch

By the way the branch is not ready to accept the E-PAN provided by IT dept I dont understand what documents does the branch acceptIs this some kind of joke

arjun_raju82 Hyderabad, India @KotakCares By the way, the branch is not ready to accept the E-PAN provided by IT dept. I don't understand what documents does the branch accept. Is this some kind of joke?

OrthDc @RyManns @immunotoxPhD @notgonnabebeco1 @ESHforOregon @PharmaHealthAT They don’t use real placebos. When you read the entire studies of what kids get it’s a joke. And massive fraud at CDC. Look at the whistleblowers and documents provided to congress. Why are they blocking Dr Thompson’s subpoena? He wants to speak out

bronzebarbarian ns_tanith @Conscience843 @CarpeDonktum You're fact checking a joke about the constitutionality of immortality. Do you want to consider if any other documents have ever been used in considering the intent of the U.S. Constitution? Or if perhaps Life is recognized in the Constitution as a right? Forward Moving Temporal Colonist. Tweets are warm up for being a comedian when I die, not serious. Random gaming comments. Novelty Space Ship eating babies.

amp_eleven @ReaganBattalion I always joke that I have two jobs. I work my day time job and at night I become a journalist. I hear stuff on the MSM and have to dig through transcripts, documents and videos to find out if what I was just told is something that happened or is just propaganda. Right wing “literal Nazi.” Professional mansplainer. Make America “Handmaids Tale,” Again. Totally not a Russian bot.

DennisMNews North Carolina “Exclusive: Massive leak of Trump transition vetting documents shows "red flags" for top officials - Axios” "President-elect Trump reviewed many of these documents"- that's a joke "Trump knows that lies are best rooted in fear" Jim Acosta "I love the poorly educated" Trump Feb 2016

Canem_addiction Brasil @cherry5678 Besides using the brain, #Vuslat made me take notes... NO JOKE! There were so many names, documents, boxes and "gifts" & etc that I was getting (VERY) lost. PS: my notes are waiting for second season updates.

ebizarch Florida, USA @DogsBCool @ColePratt88 @JohnBrown5900 @Bubbaflaco @bushie200 @BustTheGop @connors_q @Qhappiness17 @Securitee1 @HindleyDan @booda_cat @misscalliecat @Thumper5465 @TheStaukBox @Trumpbane1969 @drewand1212 @RoseWoo15096108 @lou_bruette @wotrwokr @skeeduu @WVLiberalVoter @juliefpc @JandFinthecity @Vickie627 @JeffHarperArt @SagArcher @kellyannegoebb @v1llageldiot @UnimpressedTX @ThatsMyDog8 @catcatdean @perrisgirl1 @TomiLsForehead @joesch1996 @NikkythaBee @ChiefLizWarren @NowComesPain @oh_marple @shrekthepunk @jukieisme @thinksolon @MrFly187 @WalkedAwa @susan_artiga @MAGAQ17Nuggets @GTexian @DjtZulu @Vanns40 @thebigjman57 @jaded4evr_smh So you are basing so-called info on documents from judicial watch? That’s a joke. And I’m not a liberal. I voted GOP 40 years. I’m a centrist and an Evangelical. I knew you didn’t read the Mueller report. BTW, my daughter went to school Jay Sekulow’s sons Twitter again deleted every person I followed. 2k. Tweet me if you’re one. RT NE endorsement. ConservaLiberal MS GA Tech
wealthy_yute Port Harcourt, Nigeria If you think this is a joke by using people who innocently do not need funds to scam others, thats how someone will use your name, image and all documents that leads to you to scam people also in future and you will be locked up for life You are just a shameless person! *Independent Contractor *Maritime services *Vessel broker *Talent manager* *brand manager @itootok* Latest single "DISAPPOINT THEM ft @duncanmighty_

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