Classic April Fools Joke

Classic April Fools Joke

ryanjreilly Washington, DC Classic April Fool’s Joke! @HuffPost senior justice reporter on DOJ et al. Currently focused on the Capitol attack manhunt. DMs open. Signal: 202.527.9261

gwsdudu honeymoon ave. here he makes a joke saying that all the numbers are false because only 500 documents were canceled (which means for him that only 500 people died) As if only HIM was right and the newspapers, all scientists were wrong. loving you was red. — fan account. he/him

llomgui Geneva @RevolutApp My account is restricted for 5 weeks, documents were sent right away. As a premium user, your support is a joke. They keep saying to wait. How is it possible for a bank to lock users accounts for 5 weeks without any action? What am I supposed to do?

sehurlburt Pennsylvania, USA my sex life has been speculated on to a wild extent-- not even trolls, by well known industry dudes. I'm talking petty blog posts, very vocal gossip, blacklisting, even in court documents by people trying to sue me claiming my sex life renders me incompetent in business. no joke Businesses: @_binomial @artbysehurlburt Instagram: 🏳️‍🌈 She/her

AramisBackup @MundusAnimus @elonmusk @RationalEtienne @Erdayastronaut @Twisi80 reencaration ? ! Son religion in a joke and they (almost all) destroyed de idea of Divine ! Re-encarnation is only a story , like the others. You want to know the idea of "God' i rexomend you to start with Hemertic principles. Is one of the oldest documents of we have about... hello again ✌

radekdragon1973 Ireland @Uber_Support @Cailario What the F… is with with Uber support.Its a some joke ? Im with uber 2 months ,i was need your help few times and never ever nobody help me.I coudn't contact with anyone. But when you need some documents then you know how to contact me. Nobody answer a calls.Disaster NIGDY NIE PATRZ NA NIKOGO Z GÓRY,CHYBA,ŻE POMAGASZ MU WSTAĆ ~J.Jackson……………..…. NIE dla głupoty.TAK dla sarkazmu Członek Stowarzyszenia POLSKA2050🇵🇱🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈

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