Federal judge orders OJ Simpson

Federal judge orders OJ Simpson FBI to search for Steele documents Nicholes murdererWhat a fucking jokeThe FBI ARE THE CRIMINALS

haveAcIue @Can2geterdone @RedStormNY @POTUS Federal judge orders OJ Simpson (FBI) to search for Steele documents (Nicholes murderer)?!!! What a fucking joke! The FBI ARE THE CRIMINALS!!! On Twitter in support President Trump. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #CodeOfVets #EffTwitter #EffFacebook

haveAcIue @KokeReport Federal judge orders OJ Simpson (FBI) to search for Steele documents (Nicholes murderer)?!!! What a fucking joke! The FBI ARE THE CRIMINALS!!! On Twitter in support President Trump. #WWG1WGA #MAGA #CodeOfVets #EffTwitter #EffFacebook

GAmadej @AmazonHelp I tried everything emailed and called. Support said they cannot help. What a joke. They asked me on email to upload my documents to account, I cant as my account is on hold when I try to login. I faxed documents 20 times. Please contact me.

toshtiwari Mumbai @anujdhar @AnujDwivedi10 @srijitspeaketh @chandrachurg @PanickarS @prosenjitbumba @indraroy @SayakSen6 @suryabose @SVFsocial The day the documents are unearthed, things will be out in the open and all I know that it will not be pleasant at all. Ethics, Moral, Duty, Patriotism, Nationalism etc etc etc will seem just a joke !!!! I am a 2D / 3D visualizer, I love to do Photography & I like Vodka, sometimes all 3 in a day.

jwilson94884 London @davidallengreen Key thought for Brexit supporters - we signed all these documents and agreements - they weren't a joke they were to deal with realities not the idle desires.of our fanasties. GDPR - the never-ending story ....... made a little simpler for SMEs - insurance, residential lettings .........

madrasmami23 India Reports say..swamiji has claimed that his views were distorted by media. Don't know the truth..but what jeeyar supposedly expressed has been documented in many historical documents. Does the petitioner deny Muslim invasion of SI or the brutalities? Joke! Homemaker Adore & understand only simple & lucid lang, Lover of Sanatanadharma💗 Discovering something new everyday & tweets are what I observe around me 🙋‍

IrishNYR @TomFitton @JudicialWatch They passed through a shredder about a year ago... A Judge IS JUST NOW ORDERING THESE DOCUMENTS?? ... FUCKING JOKE !

AlleryDan @elleveetee In all sincerity Laura, where is Walker’s stupidity? He put out a sarcastic tweet regarding Subban’s crazy workout schedule that he documents all the time. I’ve probably watched 4 or 5 videos and I thought the joke went over well. A Husband and father who is a toothbrush GURU. Opinions could be mine. Sports keep sanity!

Crescentia333 @CMccafe Is this a joke? Of course not. (See Pius XI., Casti Connubii, 1930. ) Tradikatholikin. - Klar will ich zurück ins Mittelalter. - Anti-calvinistisch, anti-jansenistisch.

NewsAutocorrect The Cloud ☁️ Boris Johnson dismisses notion of recalling Parliament from its summer break, after leaked justice league documents warned of widespread shortages and border delays in the event of a "no-deal" joke. @ABC Making the news a bit more spicy, we'll autocorrect and fix the news! Bad satire not to be taken seriously ❤️ (Automated)

softmasochist TW • HARD KINKS • HE/HIM • 20 cant believe yall said with ur whole chests that i have to PROVE to u that in trans......... a cc anon needs me to bring legal documents that im in fact trans..... tahs a joke luv welcome to the only nsfw acc on twitter • ♡o♡d♡

AwesomeGodMAGA Seattle @joancichon @realDonaldTrump @JudicialWatch Please don't ever cite Wikipedia 😂 That's like a joke! Climate change is not what they are being attacked is their release of documents Dems don't want you to see. Maybe try watching the animated movie "Smallfoot" to understand the "stones" you are living with. 😂 Christian, Wife, Mother, Hopeful Adoptive/Foster Parent, Defender of the Unborn, "Hidden" or my husband would be fired! I Block Trolls! #MAGA #FAKENEWS #NoLists

SeanFelder HarlemNYC This is a joke,justice system against the Black man.NYPD LT T Sheppard,Umpire T Nimmons was also discriminated at US Open Tennis and called racial names a disgrace.I will mail you my lawsuit documents,this is serious now.We got to wake up,S Felder Amp Up Your Lifestyle with XS Energy Drinks,check me out onyoutube(Sean Felder XS Energy Drinks)Vote for me on facebook(Sean Felder)

BrisbinsTravel from California now in Nevada @TommyHicksGOP Is that a YELLOW BANANA??? Oh no it's just a call girl wife that filed false documents to get into America A East European CALL GIRL What a joke Law Enforcement 20 YEARS (officer of the year 1995) Army 5 years CEO Brisbin Travel Retried now enjoying life

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