For freeWhat a jokeYou can

For freeWhat a jokeYou can google the documents online and burrow the content yourself

PrincePdada Middle @Kaybilah2 @mrfestusogun @RotimiAkeredolu @GodwinIEmefiele For free? What a joke! You can google the documents online and burrow the content yourself. Tech Freak, Music, Blue Blood💙 @ChelseaFC
krismheuer Macedon, NY @PatchouliW @cwt_news @lissnup Are you serious?This has to be a joke, right? Have you read the Pfizer documents that they are releasing from Their Own study?Well I think you need to comb through the 250,000+pages they have release so far. More to come June 1st. Then ask yourself,why isn’t the media all over it Love the outdoors and adventures that go with it. My bucket list is long, some call me too competitive and stubborn. In denial of growing old. 🚫DM’s
MathewFitz11 Belfast , Northern Ireland @ChlolauchlanXX @danporter @laura_dora87 @Annette222717 @HM_Passport That's a joke... did you pay for the fast track appointment aswell?, I've all my documents at home, I haven't sent anything away to them so hoping if I go over its easy for them to cancel the standard considering it isn't even getting processed as I haven't sent anything Professional boxer 5 wins and counting🥊 Manchester United fan🔴⚪️⚫️
patelbkrakesh @delhivery Did a mistake by trusting you as a delivery service provider. Still awaiting my important documents to be delivered. It’s reached Hyderabad since the last 5 days still the delivery date keeps increasing on the tracker. What a joke. Terrible service. MBA | Engineer | Ambivert | Spiritual Here to connect with an opinionated world
GangWaveDarkOne Leaked court documents is a joke ? Lmao holy shit Smoke Lon Da Don. This Account Chooses Violence. Follow At Your Own Risk. I’m a Good Boy On My Other Page 😌, Fucc A Nigga Fucc A HOE who is u? idk #Canes
the_blk_rmc United States @worldchilean11 @sirdannnnn @footy_andchill @NYTSports No one is nervous. We see Chile's claim as a joke. You want to talk about facts okay let's talk about facts buddy. The fact is there is there's no new court ruling that determined his documents are in question. The lawyer is basing Chile's claim on proof that's utter nonsense.
mmebeaumont London, England @eliehonig @Seekingtruth517 Is this a joke? Did you not read the Pfizer documents? That dbl dose is what has made you sick. Olive leaf extract, dandelion, milk thistle and rest. Mother of 4. Relentless. I will fight to the ends of the Earth to save my children from a life of tyranny. Running, airplanes, sailing and fine wine. 📿
NunYoBiz1981 Ohio, USA Just want to say hey @Google you and your @gmail team are a joke. Ridiculous how hard it is to get an account recovered and you offer zero help. Thousands of pictures and documents and financial info tied to that account and yet they do nothing to help. Diehard Ohio sports fan!! #Browns #Guardians #Cavs #Buckeyes #Zips
EddieA0713 @eliehonig Are you for real? Is this a joke? This is a joke, isn't? Lol. You almost got me! I guess you got to read some of the Pfizer documents just released. Isn't that crazy? Only 12% effectiveness! Learning to be the best
ProudIndian2021 Mumbai, India @BBCHindi Wahi WHO ne pfyzer ko safe declare kiya tha with 12% efficacy rate that too by reading all documents and studying data points and you want us to believe WHO report is a joke in itself Trainer by profession, Wanderlust, Solo bike rides, Derive, opinion on almost everything but not without due diligence or self experience, Rts≠Endorsement
InkandStonez TN @tedcruz What an effing joke... 1 document compared to the 15 (FIFTEEN) boxes of CLASSIFIED documents that Trump stole... Don't you have a plane to Cancun to catch Diehard #NASCAR fan- #Resister - #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
moz_georgia England, United Kingdom @LEWISHAMIL7ON The track is literally already having problems that are dangerous and they’re making documents about earrings… it’s a joke. 🏁
snerwallmech Arizona @waltshaub The asshole is not a public official anymore. He has admitted that he and other people sent documents from his cache of stolen documents to Putin. If I did that I'm certain I would be awaiting trial in a cell. "Rule of law" what a fucking joke. 🇫🇮
marmichael8 Muncie, IN @BorisTrump6 He doesn’t need documents I sent? Surely, this is a joke post, or is TFG really that stupid? Retired teacher, chihuahua mama, Democrat
Frankiem31 @DonaldJTrumpJr Your father is a joke. He took 15 boxes of classified documents from the White House as the president, he made an absolute mockery of the office
IanMartland420 wigan @RoyalMailHelp @RoyalMail Warning don’t every use Royal Mail tracker service. I paid for visa documents to go to the embassy on 24th April now 7th May still not delivered and they can’t locate my package joke! Raising Awareness for Smith-Magenis Syndrome
KST47103087 @RosieBarton @ChantalHbert @acoyne @althiaraj @CBCTheNational PFIZER DOCUMENTS? WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE!
acoustics3303 Tokyo-to, Japan >Writing fellowship proposal >They only have official Word templates What a fucking joke. Yes, I complain a lot about l*tex. But it’s still the best way to write documents. I’ve already made the joke, there isn’t a good document writing suite. They all suck in different ways. He/him. Mostly doing what I feel like. I like anime, manga, kaiju movies and a few other things. I mostly post about Symphogear, though.
VerneLewis United Kingdom @joan_parsons It’s a joke right now. I sent original documents off two weeks ago and they haven’t even confirmed they’ve received them (I know they did as I sent it recorded!) Fingers crossed for yours. Marketing Manager | MA Creative Writing grad | Usually found travelling, cooking, eating, photographing my dog or running. 🏳️‍🌈