Hahaha documents Hahaha an oxymoronWhat

Hahaha documents Hahaha an oxymoronWhat a joke

berriesandblood Houston USA @RepGosar @GOPoversight Hahaha *documents* Hahaha @gopovetsight (an oxymoron) What a joke! ~what is for you will not go by you~ I miss Richard Swift

TimBorchardt Iowa City Iowa @MorningJoe. Hey Joke, can you and the Clown Crew invite NYT Reporter Michael Schmidt on your show and ask him why he was feeding information to the FBI as repoted by Juducial Watch under the FOIA release of documents. He has been a mainstay so Im sure he will apperar to CYA. Manufacturing manager. Husband,father, and Viking fan. I love watching both Fox and MSNBC to get 2 versions of the truth.

spazzdog Earth Hope Hick’s June 19, 2019 testimony transcript before the House Judiciary Committee. What a joke! This “absolute immunity” is going to go up it flames in the court. This is Trump/WH obstruction out in plain sight. Photographer, writer, ♥️dogs, music & dance. No patience for pretentious BS. Pro cycling junkie. 🚫lists-Will block **Trump = #PINO (President In Name Only)**

theroygayle Washington, DC @PakEmbassyDC please teach the people who work there some manners. I called to ask what documents I'll need to transport my pet. All I got was a mysoginistic joke and 'Pakistan mein bhi billian hain'. Needless to say. No answer on my question. History PhD Student at GWU. Cricket, History and Music. Strong Zone: Sledging.

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