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He was never in the place of a Jewish person in diasporaThere was a Russian story which was called Bloody Joke when an ethnic Russian exchanged identification documents with an ethnic Jew It ended very bloody for the Russian with Jewish identification document

Indisciplined12 North America @leftofcool13 @corjoy @nifkadimnohahim @manoraic @robinsonmsr10 @VAllen711 @Jordaneesh @BENJAMlNTUCKER @sunshinemind4 @JonahIvriAnochi @swepal1 @Maccabi226km @noam8080 @Mikey007007 @dezi555 @fperez1776 @MiriamL99472550 @luminormassi @MayaMurful @NGScott_NZ @laielkha @OliverKBrown @vent_eva @HusseinBrasil @gazellagazella @Ahmadfarukhii @DonaldHorwitz5 @kppotatoes @JohnnyYoussef7 @Daniel85401173 @BlueGreenberg @TonyR51614270 @AnneOLe43078812 @LeonardeauAl @bervamrojavi @SpeedFreech @ScripteIadora @HebMacMan @Persian70509610 @Fonx @LiverOfLife3 @Brad_Spielman @Th2shay @OpenMin05346188 @bilmishmish @anniefofani @alannah_siobhan @TimGranite @rosaismyhero @ruskhat He was never in the place of a Jewish person in diaspora. There was a Russian story which was called "Bloody Joke" when an ethnic Russian exchanged identification documents with an ethnic Jew. It ended very bloody for the Russian with Jewish identification document.
PRM13001813 Portland (Sullivan’s Gulch) @EricMil01645051 @DrewHolden360 @DonaldJTrumpJr And you believed* him? The joke’s on you! 😂 It’s 70-pages, and it’s online. And it took Trump’s people FIVE months to rewrite a new Pandemic Response Plan – in the midst of a pandemic! Fuck’n dumb! * The Guy’s a notorious liar. 🤥😠🤥 Corrector of Trump Twitter. Support local art; condo is a gallery! Will travel x-country for a great concert. Cancer survivor. Blocked by Rudy Giuliani!
AbhayAmrite Bengaluru, Karnataka @Paytm then I am being told come with documents to nearest kya centre, but what documents no answer. I am being told you cannot do online. Is it a fintech or a joke.
MmeAlexandraS Big shoutout to all immigrants, you are heroes. If all goes well, I'll be American in 24, but first need to file to also keep my German nationality. Form is called "Staatsangehörigkeitsbeibehaltungsantrag" (no joke). Spent the last five hours searching documents. So done with it. Friendly troublemaker & daily updates on TSLA in ETFs of ARKinvest, FFND and GK. Proud mother of 5. In love with my man. Accomplished entrepreneur. Tesla ❤💙
SeejJess Boogie Woogie Land @SkyNewsAust What about the investigation? Forge immigration documents is not funny, if it was a Jane Doe I bet Amber would be judge accordingly. This is being treated like a joke and giving her the jail free card again! Gonna use my arms Gonna use my legs Gonna use my style Gonna use my sidestep Gonna use my fingers Gonna use my, my, my, imagination
1909mso2 Mwanza, Tanzania @737ng2 @MigunaMiguna @AtwoliDza means (and,) this z not a joke,+they sent flying squad from pangani, with head of cid owiti, 2 steal my bag f documents 2 stop the court case, which i was processing, coz it was,, president uhuru family, they stole my original birth certificate + 4 my kids + hospital documents, am social i hate politics and politicians i never like to choose leaders to extend their berries and enslaving poor people, am individual preacher,
eissyrc Edmonton, Alberta Those documents are needed for when you take time off work, enter gradual return to work or even apply for short/long term disability. Maybe the government will give $$ to those with long COVID. You might think Oh, I'm sure I had the mild version. But Long COVID is no joke. Deaf - Web Accessibility Advocate- Artist - Balcony Queen. And I love the word "moist." she/her/elle #LongCovid
KDinku Bangalore @AskAnshul So many more have to come. Once all those want to enter,are in India and documents,land job are all done,it will be taken up. You seems to be in hurry?So many people's political life career future dependent on that. No child's play or joke.
johnsalmond Australia @WarIsHereinhk anyone who can't find the VOLUMINOUS details of CIA interference in the key element of democracy: free and open debate - both declassified US government documents and endless independent studies, is a joke. Blocked; I'm not interested in clowns Mobs and armies are institutions that debase their members
QuantumQubitGuy DoUReallyCare Apparently those people wearing Indian army uniform, carrying documents identifying them as Indian army, are not Indian military in Maldives. 🤣🤣🤣 This is according to JP. Best joke of 2021 #IndiaMilitaryOut Civil Engineer and Maritime Expert
nickcurror @prayutofficial sort your thailand pass out. Its a joke. You cant upload PDFs for supporting docs. Your staff cant read. All my documents were correct yet you rejected my #thailandpass your country is hopeless. Will holiday elsewhere. You have lost income... again
Sanane77169423 ✨ none of your business @Joe_Benscoter @VP_Advocacy Who the heck are you dictating to ppl what to do with their life? Also calling a documentary that includes facts, legal documents, witnesses etc. a joke… 𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕗𝕒𝕝𝕤𝕖𝕝𝕪 𝔸𝕔𝕔𝕦𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕕 ⚖️⏳ | Bismillāhi ar-Raḥmāni ar-Raḥīm | #MJInnocent
arivinraj_turu Perak, Malaysia Gomen archive issa joke. They cant even reprint documents from ic number. UMUR 19 PERANGAI MACAM BUDAK DARJAH 5 DM for paid RT. Email me at
TropicalPunch01 Miami, FL @newsmax Ha ha ha ha… what a joke. Here’s the reason why we the people do not trust Government. After all the lies, Dems continue to try manipulating documents, narratives and more lies just to cancel Trump. They can’t figure out we see thru it all. Lover. Concerned American Patriot. Loyal friend. All in one Package!
AhsumGulzar Islamabad, Pakistan 2 years ago, this day I received an email from my Japanese employer to prepare the documents for COE. I was happy and excited to move. And now look at us. We are a joke now. I don't know what to feel anymore.
PandaGosh @TheWasserperson @Kat4Obama @ACLU @HelenKennedy Isn't it interesting that nyt is crying over the court order telling them not to publish the documents that were discovered during the fbi raid. Nice joke there about NYT not involved but got an adverse order that they had to cry and write an editorial today

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