Im trying to call them

Im trying to call them but its not connecting Is this a joke And Indian Post Website is saying incorrect documents Like what does that means exactly

yzrgfx Asgard @IndiaPostOffice I'm trying to call them but it's not connecting? Is this a joke? And Indian Post Website is saying incorrect documents. Like what does that means exactly? Professional Video Editor , I can also make logos & Banners. DM me for edits 🎥💰💵 / Cricket Fan

dnahealthnut Washington, DC @BernieSanders You are a hypocrite and a joke. You voted against the Brady Bill five times. Your first campaign was funded by the NRA. YOU don't get to talk about guns. #NeverBernie Lifelong Democrat, Cat Lover, Neoliberal Shill, Capitalist. #ElectDemocrats #StillWithHer #Kamala2020 #NeverBernie #LockTrumpUp Block All Idiots NO LISTS!

mattos_candie Maui Hawaii @KhanChucka @charliekirk11 Really? Your very uninformed. Trump turned over thousands of documents for the 2 year investigation that was a total sham. Problem is that Ovomit Admin got away with so much. It was a joke. Spent more $$ than any other President. Was just a bad President. Horrible track record Daughter of a Marine with a Purple Heart#Koreanwar. Republican & a strong supporter of President Trump. Trump Train 🚂 all aboard. #FightingforTrump #MAGA

phinsfanE Delaware @DelmarvaConnect it is 2019 and I have to fax documents to get a new account turned on? And the fax keeps failing, do you have paper in your machine? This has to be a joke, right? Diehard Miami Dolphins fan, proud father of a UVA Engineer/marching band secondyear and a Cab Calloway high school junior!

LastAnatomist @MAC_Arms Where is the necessity of tolerating capitalism and capitalist exploitation mentioned in the Constant, genius? Take your time. You clearly never read our most important documents. You’re a genuine joke. You want a tyrannical plutocracy. You’re America’s real enemy.

frankmalone110 The joke of the NRA being tax exempt unfortunately is borne by the victims and families of people killed as a result of congressional inaction resulting from NRA’s immoral lobbying and threats husband, father, grandfather, encouraged by my children who instill progressive values in their children, political addict, still playing hockey

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