LA is burning and its

LA is burning and its no joke You may hate Reagan and wish that this burns down but the library has an extensive collection of documents that are extremely valuable in informing us about what his presidency was up to especially in places like El Salvador amp South Korea

TimothyS Washington, DC L.A. is burning and it's no joke. You may hate Reagan and wish that this burns down but the library has an extensive collection of documents that are extremely valuable in informing us about what his presidency was up to, especially in places like El Salvador & South Korea. Photo: Camp Casey, 12 miles from the DMZ. My story on the legacy of US bases in the ROK is out soon! Japan/Korea-raised. @TheNation. Author, SPIES FOR HIRE.
caldera_alica @MelanieCaldera That’s funny...what a great joke you just said. I wonder who cleans this room you claim is yours. It’s MY property now. You can check the documents 😘 hey sweets 🍭
SuzaHierl Kentucky, USA “They Allowed It”: A Justice Department Employee Said She Was Raped By A Senior Official. New Documents Show A Pattern Of Harassment At The Department. #SmartNews Justice? What a joke! Especially now.Bad enough to have one sexual predator SCOTUS now more! I believe that when you join the spirit in the sky, if you can truthfully say you did the best you could, you’re a success.
lilpoptwink n e v e r l a n d ok first of all do you know what reading is? and by reading I mean REAL documents, not shitty tabloids. Second, how dare you to be this disrespectful towards a deceased man, it's never funny to joke about it. Even your fave would disagree watching you talking shit about everyone 'If this town is just an apple, then let me take a bite
blogalley Washington, D.C. @JRubinBlogger You skipped this part. You’re becoming a joke. “The bottom line The numbers add up! As campaign documents go, Warren can certainly say she has delivered enough data and detail to argue her case.” We will savor these small victories but crave more. -- HI
CaliforniaWarm @Stunnajose @Bonnerrooo @sportsgossip Mexicans in CA aren't even a minority. That's a joke. You have a massive community, important documents are printed in spanish. There are Mexican insurance companies, mexican grocery stores etc...You're a bitch for trying to play your minority card. Straight up. I like sports.
bRadMan00 Virginia, USA @senatemajldr You’re an absolute joke, #MoscowMitch. In case you missed Rep McGovern’s tweet below reminding you of all the documents sitting on YOUR damn desk. You are the #2 most loathsome person in America and obviously hate our democracy
Rozanna1985 🇳🇱 made in the Netherlands Yes, yes you are! Never forget except when tulsi stands with the fam members of ¥/11 victims to ask the administration to release the documents needed to sue the Saudi kingdom.. you just gaslight and joke like a high schooler like wth🤦‍♀️ shame on you Mother & wife with Chronic pain & PTSD. Superhero+syfy book nerd Raising my voice for human rights, equality & commensence. #metoo NO DM'S !
JayAlanRickard Indianapolis, IN @kimmasters This is really where we are as a country? Making picture books out of legal documents. Pandering to idiots, whoever and wherever they are. No wonder America is such a global joke. Indie Film Maker just getting started. Join me on my journey as I create/learn, hopefully entertain? Psychological horror and suspense.
leasemolina1 West Texas. @4everNeverTrump @brianschatz Joke is on them. First, they didn’t put out a transcript but a summary. The documents coming out from the committee are actual TRANSCRIPTS. No one thought this through? 🐾I am my doggie’s human🐾 Gratitude. Humility. Art. Fairness. Empathy. Science. Economy. Math. Public Interest Attorney. Kindness. Logic. All things Beto.
TKO552 @RedVampAlucard @DanielJPopp @NPR @greg_doucette You know that was a joke he said in the courthouse and wasn’t written at all in the documents declaring him a public figure. Anime’s Greatest Mage.
SGehly Boston, MA A. Joke. Resident village idiot. I gave up and started shitposting. Played Stupid Games & Won Stupid Prizes from 09/25/98 until 10/29/19
DripSale @snelson0248 @SMizii @AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump All of that is absurd, unfounded, unproven, no charges, no conviction, no obstruction, no collusion, and the white supremacy is just a real joke. The Truth is based on documents and facts, not opinion. Read the Transcript. Professional Social Media Promotions. The Real Plug. The “machine” that gets you poppin. Satisfaction guaranteed.
RyanBangle @washingtonpost What impeachment?? Lol. So far we've seen no evidence, no documents, other than the transcript, that Trump himself released. Just a bunch of CIA and Dem operatives testimony which is far from being non biased. This impeachment is a joke, plain, cut and dry!! It’s far more important to believe what you believe through critical thinking, then to believe what you’ve been told to believe!!
ICE_MD New York, NY @nwaegbe_nkem @akinalabi Which CEO on VACATION signs official documents at his vacation resort? We are really a joke to them. Evil Thrives When Good Rationalizes. #Resist#Insist#Persist#Enlist! ✊ My opinions will dismay you at least once a day 🙃 I ❤ Nickelback, Bill Maher & Bill Burr
morning18625626 @RepAdamSchiff You are dedicated to documents of corruption by her, DNC, and Clinton that are real, not your or her words, these are legal US docs, and Ukraine government as you know cited involvement in our election with her participation, Biden? on tape doing what? what a joke, so corrupt!
Ansari_danish21 New Delhi @rentomojo Is it a joke or something? You asked for a million documents for the verification, from LinkedIn profile to employment verification and once I paid the security amount you just rejected my KYC ASAP and holds down my payment for 10 days at least give me the reason Entrepreneur | Growth Hacker | Traveler | Foodie
T185ron784 @NASCARonNBC @KyleLarsonRacin @BubbaWallace @odsteve Give me nascar and I may not know anything about the business side but I damn well would make a hard attempt to return nascar to its glory days he’ll I have documents on what they should do. This is a joke.

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