Mahapa: As I was walking around this morning around 50 students were arrested, the situation has now calmed down.

JacaNews Midrand
#VarsityFees #FeesMustFall Mahapa: As I was walking around this morning around 50 students were arrested, the situation has now calmed down.
alfiepics Wales
Right on the money there Mr @wayneprice14 Most Critics! "talking the talk but have never walking the walk"
Walking in like WHERE DA FOOD AT??????
The Luxury Travel Walking In Victoria … : ,,,
elizabe32408618 north wales, uk
Just completed a 1.21 mi walk - Walking Caitlin to her development check ..! She did very well! Had ... #Runkeeper
michelfrancoisf Paris, Avignon
Walking in your footsteps....
QuincyPage Auckland, New Zealand
This movie is 80% Mia Wasakowska walking slowly towards scary noises #CrimsonPeak
nettttie Manchester
I was out walking 1.15 miles with #Endomondo #endorphins

Definition of Agneline

Barratts_Sols Midlands, UK
@cbituk @NestorIFA Already started wearing hi-viz jackets walking dogs in the morning, dogs included! #BeSeenNotHurt
seokjin24 hell
Walking with a friend in the dark is truly better than walking alone in the place full of light
pitzerchii all of time and space
2 shadows walking side by side.
thedigitalfix United Kingdom
The Walking Dead 6.02 JSS
VegasJai 36.131069,-115.147275
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#joemacintosh Price Drop: CoPilot Premium USA - GPS Navigation, Traffic & Offline Maps (Navigation):… #JoeLikesiOS
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Carol from the walking dead is bae
Sung1assesRon Yorkshire - Gods Own Country
The Walking Dead. Just excellent. 👊🏻💀🔫🔪
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Pindoll - Keep Walking Now Playing on #WhiteCubeRadio available on iPhone and Android
CoopsE1 iPhone: 51.532570,-0.125899
@AtlasCarsLondon @LBC did it use GPS to calculate ? Sending info from a server like U's or was the device independent like taxis ?
amy_putt Perth, Scotland
The day i have to start paying 1.70 for a bus will be the day i start walking everywhere
cosmic_dia california
halloween is a great holiday but my legs always feel like jelly after walking everywhere with my siblings
MichaelTrudeau MN 1-763-219-8895
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Only 3% of Facebook's News Feed is ads (FB) gps tracker
yun0064 Bangkok
Apple's big play to invade your living room is launching next week (AAPL) gps tracker
yun0064 Bangkok
Funding Circle just broke into Europe — here's what its CEO told us about plans for world domination gps tracker
yun0064 Bangkok
10 things in tech you need to know today gps tracker
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goodhealth: Get toned from top to bottom with this walking workout: #healthyRelation #Rel…
GPS, Walking, Tours
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Merde j'ai pas vu fear the walking dead

Created: 20 Oct 2015