NBD I caught the joke

NBD I caught the joke I was just trying to explain how I thought that the MMDDYY abbreviation came about It is interesting that across the pond it would be spoken DDMM The only time I see that is on formal documents like legaldiplomasetc

GoodGnewsGary Ohio, USA @therealeverton @forrfoxxsake @TristanAlva NBD I caught the joke. I was just trying to explain how I thought that the MM/DD/YY abbreviation came about. It is interesting that across the pond it would be spoken DD/MM. The only time I see that is on formal documents like legal/diplomas/etc. Catholic, Husband, Father of 5 (one of which has gone home to the Lord), Son, Brother, Registered Nurse
GodsLittleFool My dumb document names finally bit me in the ass. I thought I lost ten pages of writing weeks ago. Turns out I’d just named two different documents the same dumb joke and hadn’t realized they were two different scenes. she/her. 23 but I feel 768. i don’t know what anything is and i refuse to learn. dumbass (self diagnosed).
AshtonHerrmann Salt Lake City, UT @Jobvo I've had to respond to RFPs in this format, too, and I found that the documents often failed to open properly on a Mac. I had to come up with *multiple* workarounds to get to every document, and then archiving our response as a complete doc was a total joke, too. Writing about games (portfolio at Proposal writer by day. he/him
cindimoreland New York, New York/Austin, TX @mtgreenee Please use your new-found-time to work on your reading comprehension: 1. Headline says “faulty” machines. 2. Read (GOP-led) Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Russian Interference (all 966 pages) Not a joke and def not a hoax. General Counsel, Mosaic Group (an IAC Company) Previous: General Counsel, Samsung Mobile USA 7th Generation Mississippian
pedrostella5 @marxbys @genesimmons The fraud s carried out have been caught so many times. The faked documents ect. It’s just a joke now. #bitcoin #safenetworktech
BECommander11 Colorado Springs @atrupar I actually took the time to watch it and it is a absolute joke. He presents zero evidence and complete conjecture. He puts up several graphics done on excel to show his so called proof, which is not back up by the states own documents. USAF Disabled Veteran #NeverTrump #Principlesfirst #ExGOP #VeteransAgaisntTrump Masters degree in Business law and Economics Graphic Designer
vampxbrat physical copies of documents should always be available to accommodate those who can't access a computer but @OnlyFansSupport refusing to even offer paperless taxes is such a joke. what a massive waste of paper. I've already filed, stop killing trees for nothing. 18+ 🖤 19 yrs old 🖤 she/her 🖤 $vampxbrat 🖤 🌟get 700+ pics & 40+ videos at the link below!🌟
ChadGArnold Warren County, NY I was digging through a pile of documents earlier, and completely missed my chance to make a joke about Yankee Stadium finally being put to good use. Reporter for The Post-Star, covering Glens Falls, Lake George and Washington County | Heavy metal enthusiast who hates this website
ExplorerDavid @RyanRotolo Coinbase verification process is a joke! For weeks I have problems to confirm my account. Now, I have 13 verified documents in my profile and I can‘t still doing nothing. Several times support contact, but automated mail and same instructions! Hell 🔥 📲 Provide Crypto and Blockchain News. 🔔 Keep you updated. 🌐 🧮 #CRO & #BTC Believer. 📱Instagram: @callofcrypto
venusmsullivan Portland, OR @IvankaTrump your father is a fraud and a joke...he still thinks he is President! HAha...signing documents as President Trump....what a loser! i have 2 awesome grown children 6 awesome grandchildren. I am vegan. i am single, pansexual, 54 yrs old, I have a BS & Masters in Psychology w/minor in Health

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