Nobody sees,nobody knows we r secret Can't be exposed that's how it is that's how it goes Far from the others Close to each other. 🌹

Nobody sees,nobody knows we r secret Can't be exposed that's how it is that's how it goes Far from the others Close to each other. 🌹

Bias Plaid

@BBCSport A 146 is far more rare than a 147. Just look how much publicity it's generating. Snooker needs Ronnie more than he needs it.
kylebaird63 Hendersonville, TN
@Noahham The fact that he even has struggles is incredible. No matter how far you get in life, it's never perfect
WendyWings Auckland, New Zealand
@beekaynz how far in are you, it is a total OMFG episode lol
Find it amusing that plastic fans keep telling me how big a game tonight is...for me Saturday is far far bigger. #oufc #coyy
JackTheMaverick South Dakota
Even if it's not done well. And the part where Philuffy says how far she'll go to fight for her friend is brief, but nice and meaningful.
anisruzana ig:anis_ruzana
Nobody sees,nobody knows,we're a secret can't be exposed. That's how it is,that's how it goes,far from the others,close to each other
Dtoth113 Starkville, MS
Kanye you're right i don't how it feels to make it that far.. I mean 52 million dollars in debt is a long ways.


@CrayonToCrayon but I think it's the best tribute so far, in terms of how much there is to look at. It was very "constructed", I guess.
ProfBootyPhD Salt Lake City,UT, USA
Dear #PPPR enthusiasts: when your thumb is so far up your own butt that you can suck it, how does it taste? #ASAPbio
spence_604 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@salaladays that's how far it is to osheaga? Lol
#StopAntiIndiaCampaign how far will it go the demand for freedom of expression I mean. Who abuses his mother ? India is that !
MollyyVee Los Angeles, CA
How far away is it from ya belly button?
Cataholixx North Carolina
"No matter how far I reach for you, It is just an empty dream. The only thing I can do is love you." 🌻
officialdaddymo Doha, Qatar
Poverty will make u realise how unnatural life & it's experience is. The wealthy simply don't have a clue. May poverty be far away from us.
jumpypitcher #HaikyuuBabiesProtectionSquad
@yamaguchies ..... There was alrd one in ep 2 tho hahaha ugh. Later i tell how it is so far till ep 6
@AmphyPop oh? I've been thinking about it. How far along is he
yuukiagito Puerto Rico
5Oshadesofkay ig: keepinupw.kay
@_errollv 😂😂😂 idc how far it is i need to see her
@eddiecage_ Don't remind me of how far it is!!!! I'm counting down, you should come though lol
Find out how far it is between any two cities.
velvetziam Melbourne
year 12 is going alright so far I just hope it stays like this and I need to keep up with how I'm going now
PositiveLivings Vancouver BC Canada
It is Black History month, how far have we come, how far do we have to go in building our communities? ON AIR NOW
stephinwndrland San Diego, CA
@raffydrummer you are so crazy! I am not walking that far I'll walk to the pool lol how far is it and what pool?
AlternativeJJ96 Chicago/Columbia MO
So fellow fighting game community how is the new #SFV so far? From videos I'm watching it looks beautiful
_xomollie Philadelphia, PA
@XOcontent_ Yes! It's amazing to see how far he's come. His music is a work of art. And thank you!
PoemTrees The Heart Of It All~OH, WV
I just seen it for what it all is.. How quick they.. (KP and JCM) move on to the next.. So far from reality..
dolphinsvoices @clairvoyanceao
Honestly the scene where Sam gets eaten in the walking dead is my favorite scene so far. It demonstrates how something minor can go wrong

Created: 16 Feb 2016