Oooof that 60 freeway closure

Oooof that 60 freeway closure is no joke Finally at FedEx to print some documents

hithahspam Riverside, CA Oooof, that 60 freeway closure is no joke. Finally at FedEx to print some documents. Christian. Conservative. Apologetics volunteer. Marvel, SG-1, SPN addict. Painty Meese of Letters. Analyst, fangirl, cross-stitcher, and barely a knitter. Hi!
LadyJYYC Canada/US/Mexico I’m thinking there are about 9,346 excellent reasons to impeach this creep. How did all his debt disappear? Who was the hack keeping documents from Congress? Where’s Mark Judge? The “investigation” was a joke directed by the WH. #ResistersForum Space Geek, Rogue Baker, Travel Addict, Expat, Database Wizard, Avid Reader, Beach Lover, Parrot Head, Loves Dr. Who, LGTBQ eclectic set of interests!
briguy216 Ohio, USA @TintShopNC Dude this website is a joke 🤦🏽‍♂️ there’s FAR more American on American crime than there is illegal alien on American crime. U ought to look passed the articles and actually find public record documenting these crimes. 🙄 almost none of these “crimes” generated any public documents Pragmatically and critically correct. Resistance is not futile.
bhorsewoodsr Wichita, KS @realDonaldTrump Our "stable genius" joke of a potus doesn't know the difference between libel and liable! #trumpisanidiot And now he's deleted his original tweet, a federal offense, destruction of government documents! Happily married to Brenda, the love of my life. I care about PEOPLE, not the color of their skin, or where their ancestors came from.
usmanka Lahore @faisalranapsp Nice joke. I had to pay Rs 1000 each to 3 officials to get report written for lost documents. Police can’t change MBA - I donot own any of my tweets
wscn2kk nc @LindaKWS1 @ItsRigged2016 Great show! You can watch it on hulu or youtube. It documents Russia's grooming of the dolt trump since 1987. Like I read somewhere, Putin is laughing himself to sleep every night. And guess who the joke is? Trump, trump supporters, and now Congress. Graphic Artist, Watercolorist, Love humor - Hate trump - Check out my artwork website:
ThePettyBish Italia A complete flop all over the word in terms of ratings and reviews, got dismantled and debunked piece by piece with legal documents and evidence of all sorts and y'all have the audacity to call it "documentary" AND award it? Definitive proof #Emmys get bought. A COMPLETE JOKE Fight for Truth, Justice and Equality.
duso59 @RepDougCollins @realDonaldTrump Mr Trump please demand the coup be investigated and original documents be sopena. This isn't the joke they're saying it was. America demands justice.

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