Pls dont make joke of

Pls dont make joke of our economyrather imposing fine unreasonable You should have provided missing documents insurance or helmet in case of two wheeler driver by charging him fee with small penalty

PrakashMirani बर्बाद #बेरोजगार_सरकार #मोदी_है_तो_मुमकिन_है @narendramodi @nitin_gadkari Pls. dont make joke of our economy. rather imposing fine unreasonable, You should have provided missing documents, insurance or helmet in case of two wheeler driver by charging him fee with small penalty #एक_भारत_श्रेष्ट_भारत
rovertsirrah Businessman: St James SOE reduced to a ‘joke’... So what else is new Mr Businessman . I was in Montego Bay last month and all I saw was a checkpoint. Will they catch criminals standing on the roadside stopping random vehicles and asking for documents? I doubt that very much.
SPDhoke3 Korba Chhattisgarh @vaaibhavsharma @SanjeevBhirani @livemint No all should follow traficc rules but that doesn't mean penalty should be 10 times higher never any person take all documents of vehical with him either this or that some documents will get missed and for that little thing he will be charged 5 to 10 thousand is this a joke Film Maker , Writer , Fire and Road Safety Manager at. Leather Tech, Youth Congress Worker
ssriva1 Rewari Haryana #NewTrafficRules @nitin_gadkari Hefty fines are ok but at least relax us by making digital documents applicable. Applicable in a sense that all police & public be sensitized and informed on this point. Also Rs. 23000 fine for a scooty is becoming a joke. Pls do needful amendment, Believes in God, but not any specific Religion. Believes in democracy, but not any specific political party
DSunny Donald Trump's Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ this is your record, but you want everyone to say you’re the best president! What a joke! Full of Life always looking for something new to add to my life. Be Free.
realFrankieElan England, United Kingdom @g_occhionero @LindseyGrahamSC How can they pretend it takes so long to check documents before release? They are treating the public like we are the same as fools in govt they have in their pocket. The whole thing has become a joke with dirty cops acting like they are heros when all they ever did was steal. Qualified life saver at 13 with Amateur Swimming Association and Royal Life Saving Society. BSAC Novice Diver qualified at 17. Fact: Trained to resuscitate.

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