President Trump is calling us

President Trump is calling us to FIGHTThis isnt a joke this is where and when we make our stand Washington DC

ryanjreilly Adams Morgan, Washington “President Trump is calling us to FIGHT!” “This isn’t a joke, this is where and when we make our stand. #January6th, Washington DC.” @HuffPost senior justice reporter covering DOJ et al. DMs open. Signal/WhatsApp: 202.527.9261 🚲
MalachaiConsta2 @JasonMillerinDC @newsmax You and your gross hookers are the Joke - Former Trump aide Jason Miller said he hired prostitutes and visited massage parlors, court documents say
Quefan2020 @BersHurbis @bprophetable @FionaPattenMLC I assume this is based on science and accurate observations!. Are you a doctor? What an absolute joke 🤣🤣 What if someone get fungus in their lungs following your advice and start a court case. Get your documents and evidence ready. Proudly 🇦🇺 living in wild west side of the country
theecocoT San Diego, CA @CA_EDD Is this a joke?! I’m one of the legitimate claimants whose waited for over 6 weeks for my ID verification. How long does it take for someone to look at my documents and tap a few keys! Get off of Twitter and release the payments! Get it together EDD!!
NickLodz @kyledcheney If you want to see which side is prepared, just compare the desks—team, documents, computers, huddling. Trump’s team is in his image—nothing but a joke. #TrumpImpeachmentTrial Don’t take democracy for granted. 📚📢✊ 🌊 No patience for fascists, racists, or alternative facts. No unity without accountability.
DrcindyA Heart of TX It is NOT a joke to say that Melania was a porn model, that she lied on her citizenship appl., that she met DJT when he was married at the KitKat Sex Club. There is proof, documents, & lots & lots of visual evidence. I believe in neurons shaking hands.
cathy0012 United States @agog146 @joncoopertweets Melania's a lying grifting joke who used fraudulent Visa documents to enter the U.S and obtain citizenship..she needs her rotten azz to be deported.. she's a idiot.. Financial Accounting

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