Randos doesnt work here bc

Randos doesnt work here bc it was court documentsamp his bosses who told him to quit lying but Im proud you made a joke

waywardmegan15 Missouri, USA @JDW714 @Flattielover @JonSmith922 @TeekeeMon @MolashGreen @thedemorats @alshadowdancer @TomDoubting @Silver_Strike @SlimJimJohn1 @Sinner_Lilith @Vickie627 @GQPklepto @MuscleBalancing @jdd2169 @Synyster63 @CraigsRocks @bacchaus351 @Emma34770971 @JenCages @HailCaesar2021 @chaos_sinister @Dominique85_86 @Molon_Labe7 @IFDrinkLib @_Kel_Varnsen_ @ReadYouForFree @ziggystardad @ThePartyOfLogic @misshellca @JackWhoElse @giddy_bunny @MamaLouies @TheOldPoet @Fueldog2 @Gitmo2020 @Thumper18560818 @CamyS_2016 @LadyOfTheOcean1 @mathmomma24 @JanineVorr @sherlin_melissa @lawkid12345 @ThereWasNoStorm @srnaegel @cubancafecito @magelarocque @wookietim @QDecoder @ConcernedinPV (Randos doesn't work here bc it was court documents& his bosses who told him to quit lying, but I'm proud you made a joke!!) mother of 2, married, 4 cats, supernatural lover, avid reader, searching for the truth in a world filled with lies. #resist #llamasec
GirlInTheMoon8 @jmacsheart Nobody told you everything is false in this movie ? I counted more than 60 inconsistencies in it. The court transcripts of the 2005 trial are available. This film documents nothing, It's a joke. Passion : lecture de retranscriptions de procès.
louisboyle1 Belfast Ireland @SkyBet @stuart280472 Do not bet with brothers account still blocked 3 weeks after he send in all documents asked for.Has over 600 pound with bets done and doesnt even know if hes on.Joke of a bookie irish and proud.likes a bet
caboraggly Calgary, AB @BrentTrenholm @MichelletypoQ @NatePike Joke, right? Right? Otherwise why would you even comment on a post you obvs haven't read? Wow. This doesn't bode well for you... I don't want a #w3yyc Cllr who can't even read a whole tweet - how are you going to cope with CPC binders or Council documents? Community Imaginist (like an activist with sprinkles)• @CreatingCovYYC • @lrtonthegreen • PhD • Opinionated Scottish Canadian Geordie • More ideas than time
Gmer57788434 @680CJOB What a joke! On hold for 30 min..messages about everything but the documents u need. Health card # not sufficient..need 9 digit #. WTF. Canada just a third world country. Pallister is a fucking joke.#cryinBrian
kabootar_khan @CherieDamour_ Not an iota of pride is the biggest joke in history. She claimed she owned pia when they wouldn't bump her maid to business class. She blatantly lied about properties, forged documents and she isn't even in power yet....... Centrist, anti-fundo, anti-liberal. #Spypigeon
Lhop963 Central PA @FighterTh @PutinTrumpMRGA @ArcherBM And I’m completely informed on the topic. I’ve read the declassified documents and followed the right individuals. Certainly not the mainstream media as you’ve cited here. What a joke. #Resist me/myself/I
Monstrous_Fest Proving intent means that you have to have external evidence that gives you a 99% accurate view into the mind of the accused at the time. To prove intent to kill, you pretty much need to find documents or statements where the accused said "I am going to kill, no joke." Caterpillar-eyebrowed, perpetually-frowning bitch. Gay/trans. Sticker Connoisseuse. No longer a police oversight attorney. She/her.
of_eys @dlove67 Not gonna lie, and not a joke, it'd be amazing to see a mammoth in real life instead of just documents or museums

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