Release tax returns call transcript

Release tax returns call transcript let witnesses get questioned by Congress hand over document Muller grand jury documents whistleblower complaint unreducted then we will see about Biden what a joke

Mahmoud59362551 @RudyGiuliani Release @realDonaldTrump tax returns, call transcript, let witnesses get questioned by Congress, hand over document, Muller grand jury documents, whistleblower complaint unreducted, then we will see about Biden .. what a joke!

jonpfrench @Rache133 @SammyPants6 @IGotAPulse Yeah sure. The Johnson-led government is spending vast amounts of time and money producing Yellowhammer documents as a joke? And you throw terms like 'thick' and 'twat' around. Been dormant on Twitter for about 10 years, but jolted into life in 2019 by the growing madness that is Brexit. Recently joined the LibDems. Support Spurs.

phd_elmer Earth. @BCReality @WeAreCanProud Yup .... Investigated by RCMP after Harper removed cabinet confidentiality & allowed ALL documents to be provided. Final result was....Senate expense rules are a fucking joke. Trudeau must remove cabinet confidentiality... TOTALLY, So Cdns know what he did/said/conspired to do. Love:Wife,dogs,AMG,Canmore,Habs, Oil/Gas. Hate:Leftwing nutjobs, unions Terrific:Ford, Higgs, Moe, Kenney, King. Next up;#RacistTrudeau #oct21cantcomesoonenough

TrulyTayo Atlanta, GA @snuckoutofjack @benshapiro Immunity?!?! A Big Joke!! A lot of of shit happened other the Obama Administration that havent even been thoroughly investigated yet and he's suppose to be left alone all of a sudden?! A joke. Dems still tryna to get Trump personal tax documents..which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Historian | Conservative | Rationalist | Czar is my Pronoun |To be Stoic is a Goal.🇱🇷🇳🇬 Wisest is she who knows she does not know.

CTPatriot1 @jfreewright What exactly did he do wrong? I can't wait to see you and yours alike meltdown tomorrow when the full transcript is released and shows how full of crap these Dems are. "We haven't seen any evidence or documents, but we're going to impeach." It's a joke.

Miss_Fedelm Colorado Rubin makes some excellent points. The danger I see is Pelosi dithering and dragging her feet with her committee until any impeachment talk becomes a joke. The way the fake documents handed to Dan Rather destroyed the inquiry into Bush being AWOL. Colorado Hotelier. Have a lovely partner of 9 yrs and a great dad. The three of us make a small, happy family. Feel very lucky. #Resistance

rahul1sethi London @markdalgleish No joke, my company asked the iOS developers to evaluate react-native (after I recommended it because we were already building the web version with react) and they came back saying it wasn’t performant enough. The app shows a feed of documents you can add to a library 🙄 Full Stack JavaScript developer

KingMeKD In the Cloud This shit is a joke to me because he was never fit for office and has had several impeachable offenses well before any of this new discovery. The man literally can’t pass a security clearance yet has had access to classified documents since taking office. “If you ain’t aimed too high then you aimed too low” Cowboys | Terps | Wiz | Nats | Caps

EkimItnatnom Sea Bright, NJ @LBoogy31 @realDonaldTrump They want to joke about Trump Ukraine collusion? Release the Biden documents let’s go Mets,Jets,knicks,Clemson. I enjoy trump. My opinions are not well thought out and often impulsive.

parasharrks @nitin_gadkari Never Mind! Minister Sir, people take them as joke only. only request is: 1. If a person has all the documents as per law and fails to produce them on road. Give them a chance to produce it to higher authority without a challan. 2. Pollution does not kill, reminde consumers....

isssaVivi Humboldt, Ca Its only funny when we joke about it... imagine being 12 and having to transclate legal documents to your parents? Or hearing people talk shit for speaking Spanish bc it’s “America” ...Na this ain’t it..... vivo rápido y no tengo cura, con altura

amusic5150 @PutterX @RepAdamSchiff @GOPLeader Judicial Watch is a joke. You ever wonder how they come out with NEW revelations and documents everyday, yet even the GOP who are Trump's most ardent supporters don't use it? You are a sheep! go away! Father & husband... NY sports fan #Islanders #Yankees #Knicks #Jets #Resist #ImpeachTrump

bollardman Charente-Maritime Why @AskPayPal do you ask for certain documents only to reject them when they are submitted, it’s a joke! I’m doing everything asked of me but it feels like someone is taking the piss and there is nothing I can do 😡😡😡😡

kumarkm53 Kottayam, Kerala @republic sardaji ki joke. 1 cannot escape the responsibility 4m any illegal acts, instigation, keeping mum, nodding 2 the doings of ones subordinates & signing documents as approved. Congress should have immunity 4m Indian laws 4 which separate law 2 be enacted 4 them Follower of Narendra Modi & supports BJP. Re-tweets (RTs) are not endorsements

adammoir3 @HastingsInsBkrs this is the most frustrating company they sell insurance to you then don’t show documents but show old policy what a joke what is my cooling off period as I am wanting out YouTube Formula 1

Nick_Vencoix Access to medical care in the UK is a fucking joke. Once you get care it's great but access no. This has been made worst by Tory austerity and their right wing values. Get them out! GP surgeries deny care to vulnerable people without ID documents

JeffSes23334784 @tesla_truth So we’re talking about a joke instead of the court documents unsealed today showing Elon lied to shareholders about the solvency of $SCTY? Oh the lengths you guys go to to avoid critical thinking

ColleenConnor7 Massachusetts, USA @DoodlesTrks She said there are documents that corroborate Rosenstein’s wiretapping “joke”. Wife, Former Cook Co ASA & Ma AGA. gardenninja, stillskiing, married to A+ man 🇺🇸#IwoJima (Dad) Pats Red Sox Uber for kids.

sil3ntscience @andylevy I feel like that hash tag could be used as a running joke. Such as redacted documents. Bring the hate! I've got bantz you can't fathom!

harryallen1029 Summerfield, FLA @CNBC Another joke right? Just like when you were Governor of Fl and had climate change removed from official documents... older than some-younger than others

IndianLion82 Mumbai, India Even after doing online formalities people have to stand in que for 1 hour to do verfication of documents already submitted online almost week back is a joke. Why people are allowed inside office premises? Why applications are taken behind doors? #Indian #Hindu #ModiBhakt Professional, RTs are not Endorsement.

mishkajacksonz1 Hemel Hempstead, England get more eviler & larrrrrrrrf as they write bullshit on govt documents to appease sadists that scheme conspire capilise on pedos have rapey comps commit fraud joke about raping pillaging manipulating - SICK SICK & get waaay more eviler & laugh it off, WIMC I am not a hologram. i have a spotty chin .. stress related.. can be cured with criminal injuries compensation.. which I am owed. dead serious. I wrote a book

KingBruce @GuardianAus What a joke who could trust either of them they both have lied to Australians for months Taylor has know documents to back up his story's and the as same Frydenberg this government is corrupt when will they come clean with us..

colleen37079094 United States Why would I add my name to anything Adam schiffy wants. His moon walking around congress and in those piss poor hearings are a joke. He’s powerless, spineless and always complaining instead holding folks in contempt. Fine ppl and watch them cough up documents real quick.... BernieOrBust/Nina Turner forever❤️Oppose racism,inequalities everywhere, injustices everywhere and endless wars for personal gains for a few

julepandme Wichita, KS @MarshaBlackburn @senjudiciary @FoxNews #MoscowMarsha talking about civility and integrity? What a joke. #resignMarshaBlackburn A girl has no President Yes to the rule of law and liberal democracy. No to populism and horseshoes.

You_are_a_Joke_ trying to find my purpose @Grammarly if I may suggest a idea for you guys. I would like to see a update that allows you to work on documents that you have on your desktop to be able to be worked on your mobile devices. Idk if there is a way to do that.

BumbleBeeszy St. Louis I would have never publicly shared documents. But all the LIES spreading about me and Lissy are making yourself a joke because you can clearly look at my page and there’s not a shared document one. I can’t speak for anyone else. I never shared any documents. PERIOD. Life Coached by extraordinaire Le Cougar. Mocha Enthusiast. Makeup Addicted. Empath. Not Your TC(Twitter Crush)but if you stalk my page... I’ll assume I am.

LakeLorene @RepAdamSchiff Congressman Schiff, I admire you tremendously, but (and this is not a joke), what exactly does Donald Trump have to be afraid of? He’ll just spin whatever is in the documents & half the people will 🤯, and the other half will 🤷🏻‍♀️. Nothing will change. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. gardener, history buff, traveler, world citizen from birth.

Jondoe_gb He get paid to talk about SPORTS ! Not personal interior my nigga .. and sharpe been hating on AB that’s why he said what he said on Lebron show Kuz he is a joke . nobody know what’s going on until legal documents is involved that’s why nothing should be spoke about . For booking/Features Email #FreeMontana

Undercover_fed New Zealand Its funny because the gov can literally release documents about doing fucked up things like MKULTRA and chem trails but their citizens just act like it didn't happen and like the gov wont lie about shit again. Its honestly a fucking joke how people stand for this. Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.