So he says yet he

So he says yet he wont produce his tax documents what a joke

Deputy_Dee Small Town on the Praires So he says yet he won’t produce his tax documents, what a joke. Retired Veteran officer of over 15yrs/Liason Officer/Ident/FTO/SR.Cst./writer/Researcher Birthday December 20
RadickKeandre Room 101 of the Matrix @GODRUS @2runtherace @Jordan_Sather_ @OnEdgeOfWonder Lying with Government documents that lays this all out. You're missing the point you're actually being manipulated to take out Trump's opposition. Why do you think Q knew Biden would run to be a Troll and joke with you the Hunted with be Hunted then talking about Hunter Bidens I have Asperger syndrome. I hate politics and will mock it tearing it apart. You should be think of what's Right & Wrong. #LoyalToTheFoil 🤘 #SmokescreenStings
TheAntMail @RepAnnWagner @realDonaldTrump Transparency and what are you doing about the White House preventing it’s members from appearing before the committee and restriction off documents? You’re a joke, Wagner. BsC Mechanical Eng. - UCF Alumnus - MsC Systems Eng. I design stuff. Just here to creep on political figures.
Agnescitizen Florida, USA @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Transparent? Is that a joke? He blocked witnesses to testify. Transparent? He hired lawyer to hide his tax return and financial documents. He keeps two books. One to inflate for lender. And one for taxes to deflate. Transparency?
MachskiWarren @CBCNews voted today, given a pencil. this is a legal document. What a joke, incompetent Canada as usual. Nurses and doctors R required to use black pen only deemed legal documents, PENCILS TO VOTE, R U KIDDING ME
blindlumination Tecumseh, Ontario Why is it funny to joke about a blind man driving and how does it tie into them signing documents? Find out in our latest podisode on iHeartRadio as The Blindnamic Duo tackle the issue head on! #podcast #podernfamily #blind #inclusion #a11y #accessibility HOSTS 🎤 Marc |fully blind journalist & cool stuff enthusiast 😎📰 and Jan |sighted wife & casual artist/author🐰✏️ share life & laughs. Listen & Subscribe👇
jonthepon Bristol & Somerset @suepascoe001 @Peston @Jacob_Rees_Mogg There is tons of new stuff in here, and 1000+ pages to read including all notes and associates documents. And 24 hours to consider amendments. This is a joke. Designer, developer & gentleman. Founder & co-owner of @prettyg00d. Likely to be the tallest person whose Twitter profile you've read today. Increasingly old.
DanielConnolly Memphis They go back and forth. Chris Schulze makes clear he doesn’t believe what the Caissa staffer is telling him. For the record, Schulze says he believes the “crimes” comment was a joke. Still, he quit. Investigative reporter at The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal, writing on immigration and much more. Wrote The Book of Isaias, nonfiction on immigrants' kids.
pucksherburn Tonka Bay, MN @laurameme My limited customs document experience makes me think he needs either a broker or a non prof in Venezuela to go alongside documents stating the goods hold no commercial value & are gifts/giveaways. South American customs are no joke. Open system advocate, Liverpool supporter, Crows supporter, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, and trying to enjoy life.
ChrisBNagel Toronto, Ontario These Legal Aid cuts for bail by Doug Ford are a joke. I’ve spent over an hour on the phone today answering questions & sending documents to duty counsel for clients arrested yesterday. Imagine I refused to work for free? Yet, here I am, in debt from law school, working FOR FREE Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto. Don’t believe you have to be like anybody to be somebody.
FirmamentDome @TTownJoe @mohanna @LaikaAndYuri @earthisaglobe @try_thinking @EdConwayNZ @J5_Project @DoubleDoubleJon @rokro111 @badibulgator @bikinatroll @RyaanFEP @Enjoyastogie @KryptykConjurer @kyl_el_hussein @jthokchom1 @The1Voyce @debiacharya1969 @mrssimp33413365 @MarakoTimmy @Terraplanito @TheFlatEartherr @ashoukaFE @slayckx @Dlanorx @Sibusiso955 @sonoftruth_ @SimonGr41594862 @Wifizoom @novahollandiae @PaulGMyers1 @itsallflat @Y2Krashman @VinceGottalotta @kayenne22 @_Gravity_Man @davestewart4444 @agvBruceAdams @Mark20171201 @PillNation @OrAroundTen @BenefactrChurch @flatearthboy @manchestermelly @Artemisbell @AustralisPiper @UnCastellsMes @_T_E_S_L_A_2 @DeanKo @FlatEartherMatt I understand completely... You dont say flat and non rotating as a joke heres another.. Ive got plenty of documents for you Psalms 19:1- "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."
JohnGlenSturm Dayton, OH @HillaryClinton I doubt that he’ll even get it. He’ll accuse her of distributing false documents as the joke sails over his balding orange field of broken dreams. My charming demeanor and dashing good looks have allowed me to sail through life with the greatest of ease. Or not.

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