Their internet banking platform is

Their internet banking platform is a jokethey expect us to printout sign and scan documents for some of the requestsseriouslyis this the way to do Banking in 21st century

nameisguru Earth @tarunkdaga Their @ICICIBank_Care internet banking platform is a joke....they expect us to printout, sign and scan documents for some of the this the way to do Banking in 21st century?
Jatycre Des Moines @Joereyna50 @Kiloinnorcal @HamillHimself Okay, fuck stick, I’ll play your little game one more time. Here are citations that he did NOT die if an overdose. FYI, Newsweek is a rag magazine, like enquirer. It’s a ducking joke to cite them.
ketanpatwardhan Pune, India @DoctorLFC Exactly, I was just saying the same thing to a friend they should rehire advisors. They must be having 3 advisors with 3 documents and govt is taking some % from each one to ensure no one feels bad. Our state had become a biggest joke. Food, Travel and Modi Ji
Jacfam2 Dallas, TX @BuckBond4 @TexasPatriot2A @DiscipleBearded @aingelgrl @Teachme64 @nc_diditagain @veteran5775 @LuzMyBike @Patriot2Nurse @Skepticalfa @Jan4Jesus45 @lukaduk @trisagoras @Cali_Cris1 @sherry25793049 @Shannonlovesusa @DAGSD8 @ezehistephen @cudagirl0730 @Carissa1177 I’m on their list as well & I’m a Federal Agent, what a COMPLETE JOKE! The joke will be on them though when I get my hands on ANY LIST that states I’m involved with PORN. That’s when it will turn into LEGAL ACTION! My attorney already has all these documents and I’m waiting 4More US Federal Agent 31yrs of DEDICATED SERVICE. 🚨ABSOLUTELY NO DMS unless I already know you.
HappyChichester Columbus, Ohio @RedTexanMike @Max_Bakers @RepBalderson @CapitolPolice It’s not a joke. It’s not a game, Mike. It’s our country. We should be united in defending our country. source: Senate Intelligence Committee, August, 2020, pg. 962 Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumental
Politiolog San Francisco @ufobelievers don't underestimate these services. A good example is that the CIA was leaked. 90% of the documents are either unreadable or newspaper notes. However, I agree, we need to dig, we need to push, we need to explore. What is happening is not a joke at all Ufologist, paranormal researcher, Ph.D. Practician. I struggle with fake UFO videos. #ufo #ufoTwitter #aliens #ovni #conspiracy #ufosightings #follow #news
ravegrannyy ☼ ♊︎ ⋆ ☾♎︎ ⋆ ⇡♉︎ how tf is it legal for a company to consistently post for over a day saying they’re shutting down their business bc of a lawsuit, repeatedly say “i know it’s april fools but this isn’t a joke”, post videos of legal documents of the lawsuit & then say april fools the next day? flow fairy🧚🏼‍♀️ ⋆ she/they🏳️‍🌈 ⋆ 🪄🪐🔥🍯⛈🌬
mrkarjdo Quezon City, National Capital Region starting your own business is no joke. All the legal documents that you need to accomplish is no joke #supportlocalbusiness bookings | #MakeUpByMarkArrojado
ariscott03 California, USA @dposner23 @guypbenson Ha ha...what a joke! Your article... "A deed, mortgage or unexpired rental agreement with your name and signature will also suffice. These are a few items of many the D.C. It is also suggested, to ask locals to bring two of the listed documents depending on the item. " No one special...
ElLocoGaijin @vRONIs @nerdycurious @MovieRetakes @AverageNerdPod @stsguys @The_Dorksmen I actually did speak the truth with what I typed, before redacting the document for the joke. It seemed appropriate to redact it, since the title sequence of each film in the series involves similar information manipulation of documents they briefly show.
a__pet Bachminnistan this is nothing like what happened to Teresa. Tre forged documents that her scummy husband told her to sign, and mislead banks. That's completely different than purposefully targeting old people to scam them out of their retirement. also Tre didn't joke about it until she got out tweets about politics, #bitcoin & the real housewives | #FreeNavalny | Nehemiah 6:3
Official_FonZ Between Genius&Crazy SO ITS A CERT FOR DOCUMENTS AND NOT EVEN THAT THE PLACE HAS BEEN TESTED AND CLEARED?!?! HAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A FUCCIN JOKE!!!! 🤡 ASSES ONLY BUYING THAT BULLSHIT Artist, Intellectual, Hustler.... Owner Of #APMG Marketing Firm #TMC #RIPNIP #RIPPOPS #Grinberg2024 Care less, just don't BE carless
benscrog Las Vegas, NV @TheShaneNeal @vroomcars Same here. This company is a joke at this point. I bought a used Tesla and can’t even drive the fucking thing because this company can’t mail documents... Filed for a temp tag before expiration, had to follow up multiple times. Still haven’t heard a word I play games for a living, and give it all back in 4 card flip fest
ScottishChick10 United Kingdom @Channel4News @C4Ciaran Her government.. what a bloody joke when all they will do is redacted documents / hide information / habitually lie. Complete whitewash 😡😡😡 Boris, Brexit Done 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧. Pro Unionist.
BethPapaleo NoLIta, Manhattan @brocwest my daughter’s other #AprilFoolsDay joke was saying she found documents that her dad is James Corbett in disguise (she thinks he is super cool and we all love him)! 🕊❤️✌🏼💯🌟♎️ We the people of the world are in the midst of The Silent War that good will win for our freedom and free will to save humanity.
SimmerVigor London, England TL;DR April 1st has a long history of joke IETF specifications. Some people used that as an opportunity to make some documents that break the code of conduct, under the guise of "it's a joke". The IESG saw through the bullshit and took action to remove them. Thanks IESG. HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and QUIC @Cloudflare. Co-chair of IETF QUIC WG. I write some words and some code. Ex-BBC R&Der. Thoughts are my own.
Luis57633675 colombia @RevolutApp Your customer service is a joke. My account got blocked 4 months ago, i provided all the documents asked. Since then i get the same answer every week: "we are working on it". It's been incredibly slow the process.
nklasio Bochum, Germany It’s an absolute joke I can’t use my scanner to scan duplex documents via it’s mobile app. According to the support page it’s because there are other printers that do not support it so we lock every printer down. @HP @HP_Deutschland 📍financial advisor based in Germany 👦🏻 former genius in software development
n_a_s_h_10 @HDFC_Bank @HomeLoansByHDFC seriously, you need the primary applicant and the notary to sign on each and every page of GPA? Signing on 4th page is not sufficient? Is this some kind of a joke? I already shipped my documents and I'm told to re-ship again. Please confirm.
brea55055 United States @mad_as_ell @marceelias what a joke comparing it to medicare .. who going to walk elderly though this mess .. 1 tiny ID card is nothing in comparison #nicetryNEXT When was the bird flu outbreak in the US? HPAI H5 viruses (H5N1, H5N2 and H5N8) were detected in 21 U.S. states from December 2014 to mid-June 2015.
amittiw79561835 Banaras Hindu university ,vns @OfficialIGNOU Kindly confirm my admission. It's been more than 1 month now since I paid the fee for MPS programme. Such a poor management nobody responds. Kindly update. Is it a joke? Does it take 1 month to check documents? Boxer🥊,taekwondo player,fauji brat, Bsc Psychology(Hons.)BHU, Masters in Political Science,Condemn 'caste' based reservation,Azaadi ki Kimat hoti hai.
Goodluckauni He will be the biggest joke in malaysia history if his position as PM is revoked due to his nonchalant action that prefer his glamorous name instead of his real name to be used to sign official documents and decisions. A hard-coated snowflake❄ I do art🖌. For recreational purpose Follow, rt doesn't mean agreeing. I just need to see opinions from different perspectives.
Phrozen_ The Land of the Snow and Ice @AmandaRTubbs I read the documents and jesus christ it’s either real or someone spent a huge amount of energy on a bad joke. Yeeeeesh. P.E. Find me at SBNation's Phillies' blog: I like the cold. Set SCE to AUX. North to the Future.
abraxas3d 33.308189,-116.848656 No Joke! Tonight's San Bernardino Microwave Society meeting presented by Doug Millar K6JEY on Optimizing Receivers to Improve SNR. And just check out this newsletter! New website! Plenty more coming. de W5NYV. Open Research Institute co-founder, telecomm executive, AMSAT-NA board, IEEE ITSoc SD Chapter Chair, & Maker of AI Pipe Organs. she/her 🏳️‍🌈
MarxinHell Montréal, Québec I watched — rewatched, actually — the doc on “The Aristocrats!” Joke today. (Research purposes: I was commenting on John Seery’s forthcoming book on “American Incest” at the WPSA.) Gotta say: one of the most grotesque documents of American culture out there. 1/6 “functionless as a result of age or exhaustion, exhausted, unproductive, worn out with bearing offspring” avi art
mpal_s i should’ve had court documents served to my landlords today they would’ve thought it was a joke and then i’d win damnit just another one of those frisbee kids || she/her || dmv ✈️ ucsb ‘22📍#ACLclub #BLM 🇹🇼
FluenteMe Lisbon @onedrive Readdle’s Documents because OneDrive made the Files app read-only a month ago and OneDrive’s inking engine is a joke. on
wiateriris @DiceCookPlate @eddieecgcruz @BetoORourke Yea just like the real ID. That was a joke. Paid 120 just to get the documents needed by mail to pay for BC. It’s all really fair when the F ing wealthy can cheat on their taxes and the working poor always pay more.
Sammy_Roth Los Angeles, CA It's April 1, which means @California_ISO's Western Energy Imbalance Market is growing (no joke). Joining today are the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Public Service Company of New Mexico: Energy reporter @latimes, covering California and the West. Formerly @MyDesert. Dodgers fan, hiker, co-host @TheHatchPodcast. Just trying to be good to people.
ThisIsChimela Switzerland @TeresaJ86161934 @Pearljr @MidaniTruth Amazing the truth she used THREE FAKE DOCUMENTS to pull off a death hoax & that ambulance scene where he jumps out was an old visit to hospital. Released for a joke but ended up not such a joke Passport number off marriage certificate to Lisa Marie 😎 Skip for now
eclipszh @liljarviss Waste of an april fools joke should have had some documents or an email or some shit

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