They can trace all documents

They can trace all documents while taking benefit from govt Schemes But cant trace documents for CAANCR What a joke

ArjunKa98135103 Mumbai, India @INCIndia @PChidambaram_IN They can trace all documents while taking benefit from govt. Schemes. But can't trace documents for CAA/NCR. What a joke.

lilyrivera77 My uncle has a room in his house that was damaged by Hurricane Maria, and for a job that was going to cost approximately $5,000 (materials and labor), he only received $300. FEMA is a joke in PR. By the way, they both have documents that they own their houses. Proud young mother of two amazing, talented, humble daughters. Married for 10 years to the man who has taught me to forgive and to love. Proud PR girls

zenmaster1000 Daytona Beach, FL @FerransRichard @thomaskaine5 @mary_mary5653 Kenneth Starr was the joke of the Clinton era! When I heard his name again, I passed out, lol. Also, please get rid of @DevinNunes ! He's been a mole 4 Trump all along, creating false documents, narratives, etc! Lastly, tell me why @RudyGiuliani hasn't been indicted yet?? University of Alaska-Law. Trump must go! AND his boot-lickin' cronies! ๐Ÿ’œGhost hunting Zenmaster lovin the beach vibe!๐Ÿ’™

Jackneworth Santa Monica California i must not b getting the joke. why want Martha 2 win in November? Or is ur post 2 at least encourage her 2 do the right thing in the Senate w/ regard 2 voting 4 witnesses and documents? She could be part of a book that could feature so many GOP Senators PROFILES IN COWARDICE Beach lover; humor newspaper columnist ("Laughing Matters"), screenwriter, playwright and author of untold grocery lists. RESIST!

quettya Kenya #BabuOwino case is a joke. So prosecution even after knowing the rogue lawyer will be at it comes with shawdy papers n insufficient documents. All have been compromise. #shithole country. Justice for the poor will never prevail in Kenya. @DCI_Kenya we know its a failed case. Stay true to self. Kenyan.

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