This has become the biggest

This has become the biggest joke by and the rest of the MSM clowns For one the Jan 6 committee has already be caught altering documents but most importantly we have major issues with crime inflation the border ODs China and Russia which is being completely ignored

WalleyBorders Reality @WNDU This has become the biggest joke by @WNDU and the rest of the MSM clowns. For one, the Jan 6 committee has already be caught altering documents, but most importantly we have major issues with crime, inflation, the border, OD’s, China, and Russia which is being completely ignored! Conservative, pro-2A, and don’t support domestic terrorist like Biden & Libs! My pronouns are Me/Myself/I. If you debate by calling people racist, Nazi, etc…🖕
Abraham_Hamabra @Abramjee 🤣🤣🤣 so ama documents e crime awashanga kahle wonke, we are a joke guys. Am a poet.
sirkevinjohn @chief_disruptor WOW, You really are stupid... IF you actually read the court documents, you will see the judges were Obama appointees... But seeing as how you did not, you just repeat cnn propaganda and lies... Moron... Your "daily dose of joke" is looking in a mirror... LOL... The 1st amendment allowed the media to give a voice to the common man, our government now uses the media to silence the common man. Time for this to end...
waydispicable Pennsylvania, USA So I’m still waiting on the release of the documents Trump promised us. Anyone else? Lol what a fucking joke this all is. Even the guy that opened all our eyes was compromised. Retired. Philly sports, gardening and playing poker top my list. illegals, freeloaders and criminals bring up the rear. FJB
DonaldSirewu zimbabwe HARARE @daddyhope These roadblocks are a joke, allready we have millions of Zimbabweans without passports allready in mzansi. People in South Africa who are employing people who have no documents are the ones who should be arrested first. I am a die hard soccer supporter and independent self employed football analyst.
ManjuSh15656086 @ManuSai87006825 @nawabmalikncp It is not that he has forged his documents. Sp before tweeting apply some brains n then tweet else u will end up making a joke of yourself just like this stupid Nawab mallik.
GopinathNagend1 Hyderabad, India @kharge Do you have proof? Documents? Were the bad loans made during the UPA regime ? Sir, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Your own Finance Minister was a crook. People are treating @INCIndia as a bad joke. Please be quiet and improve your party. Home Visits for Geriatric Patients
Loloignatia Brooklyn, NY Wait so y’all are really stay at home girlfriends? I thought that was a joke. You and your mans break up or he do some foul shit or God for bid passes away and then what???????? You have nothing for you cause there’s no type of legal documents to tie you to him. That’s silly. she/her/hers I retweet almost everything . insta: laurenignatiaallen

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