This is 2funny Multiple reports

This is 2funny Multiple reports ampdocuments from allies ampfoes have surfaced ampthey all say the same thing Trump is incompetent his administration is a joke He hasnt done anything is lazy doesnt read doesnt prepare unless its playing around wcolors 4 Air Force One

nadja_nlp6 @PrasunK5 @realDonaldTrump This is 2funny. Multiple reports &documents from allies &foes have surfaced &they all say the same thing. Trump is incompetent, his administration is a joke. He hasn’t done anything, is lazy, doesn’t read, doesn’t prepare unless it’s playing around w/colors 4 Air Force One. Traitor in Chief is a Clear & Present Danger 2 the Free World! Disgusted by potus45 &his gop. Proud member of #TheResistance #GeeksResist #BlueWave2020
amarmahmoods United States @BBugti @MaryamNSharif Haha 😂. You are funny.Joke of the day . Maryum is criminal daughter of corrupt Nawaz. Who is the top corrupt in the history of Pakistan . Money laundry , fake accounts , fake documents you name it . They have done it all MERI London main to Kia Pak main BHI koi property NAHIEN Self employed ( Businessman) NOT a social media activist . PUKKA TE SACHA PAKISTANI
Ma3Route Kenya 10:03 Even if its ment to be a joke it's seriously dangerous @PoliceKE @NPSOfficial_KE @ntsa_kenya @SafedriveAfrica are buying drivers documents and we want accidents reduced? via @road_driving A mobile, web and SMS platform that helps users to share and access info about transport and current traffic conditions for their city. #BeatInconvenience
road_driving Nairobi, Kenya Even if its ment to be a joke it's seriously dangerous @PoliceKE @NPSOfficial_KE @ntsa_kenya @Ma3Route @UsalamaW @SafedriveAfrica @AAKenya @PRSA_Roadsafety @motoristsoffice @sikikasafety They are buying drivers documents and we want accidents reduced? Roads are essential to our everyday lives. We all use them in some way, by driving, riding, walking or traveling as a passenger and we depend on them.
ranjan233 Mumbai The biggest JOKE is, while awaiting your turn to register documents, for hours, is a board that reads,"Ease of doing business". Wonder who the joke's on though ??
DomajorReminor @tinyb4 The plan was to make it appear that Epstein would be held accountable for his crime while controlling the case so names would not leak. His Republican buddy agree to give Epstein some sort of sentence, which was nothing, but a joke. They then hid the court documents. Do not gaze at wine when its red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly! In the end it bites like a snake and poisons like a viper Prov 23: 31
ILoveIc90960330 @JuliaBerkowitz1 @oobilly1 @VP_Advocacy @AndrewGreene864 @ybelppa @MJJRepository @Hammertonhal @NeverlandFacts @SeanyKane @santikapowski @invinciblekop @Cathari70875443 @TheMJAP Fact remains, this fool doesn’t want to read anything official. Period. The court documents were provided, he whined it’s not PDF. Then I provided FBI Files. He can’t complain, right? They’re official. Then he blocks me. He’s a joke Lol. Former school teacher, current psychology student. Red Cross International Services Volunteer, Interests: International Humanitarian Law, Reason with empathy.
fitnessinmind @Alyssa_Milano seriously become more of a joke with every tweet. What? you didn’t think we would actually click on the document and try to read it. Hahahahaha! There are numerous articles out there. And 1 set of court documents...nothing points a finger at Trump...NOTHING! America & its citizens before everyone else!! 🇺🇸#KAG🇺🇸#DRAINTHESWAMP🇺🇸#FREEDOM🇺🇸#DEPLORABLESRULE🇺🇸#WALKAWAY
GraceGraceGra18 British Columbia, Canada You know you are a nerd 🤓 when you own your own 3 hole 🕳 punch and your joke at the office supply store metaphor “ legal documents are so dry it feels like my brain chewing cornflakes with no milk” and other nerds think that’s #hilarious #NERDS What I say I am ❤️ what I believe myself to be I become 🙏🏻 so believe in yourself 🦋🐝🐞🐥🌹🌼🌸🌈☀️✨🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🕉☯️♈️♉️
honeybee7885 @LindaKWS1 @iansmadrig @LisaBloom @HouseJudiciary Listen up smear campaign worker, how does Trump know who the alleged victim is when she filed her documents as a Jane Doe and didn't have a proper address for service? You answer that because your entire premise about death threats is a complete joke. Proud supporter of the U.S. Constitution, our President, and patriots everywhere.
Tootsiepatriot @BeebzSancheez @naniix0 @jaclyncosmetics @TeaByAli @HereForTheTea2 @zadidoll @TeaSpillYT Doesn't matter.. The documents are invalid because they put the wrong name on the documents.. Lol this is all a huge joke.. I'm a Tootsie girl, living in a Tootsie world. Wwg1wga

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