This is no joke Ive

This is no joke Ive seen full documents including permission slips for kids and employment contracts prepared in spreadsheetsAdd to that that the majority of the work we do will be interesting ways to replicate spreadhseet functionality

dotNetCoreShow This is no joke. I've seen full documents (including permission slips for kids, and employment contracts) prepared in spreadsheets Add to that, that the majority of the work we do will be interesting ways to replicate spreadhseet functionality. Full Stack developer | .NET Core maniac | Creator of The .NET Core Podcast (| blogger | serial podcaster
CathyJoeGPT Mississippi Gulf Coast, USA @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm sorry - that was a joke, right? Hard to gather facts when the WH stone walls, won't turn over documents, blocks government employees, who are paid by U.S. Taxpayers, from testifying before the House committees - tRump's corruption is unprecedented. 🇺🇸💛🌊🌊🌊 Proud Graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi Proud Mom Love my Cat Dreaming of turning MS Blue Retweet 💛Funny Cynical Kind Smart☀️
cheeku99 Delhi, India @MyIndusIndBank what a joke, I applied for a credit card on 10 sept the representative took all yhe documents through whatspp and told me to wait for 10 to 12 days, kept waiting i was in the need of a card till Flipkart big billion days(29 sept) Student of Ba Economics, Investor, Senior Technical Analyst at TECH MAHINDRA pvt. ltd.
kinyua01 United Kingdom @Deynoh @KenyaMissionUK @OAmollo @jessmbalu @SpeakerJBMuturi @MEsipisu @WaiJk @Diplomacy_Kenya @ForeignOfficeKE @AmbMKamau Totally agree with Deynoh in relation by levels of incompetence shown by staff in the Kenyan embassy London. It’s an absolute joke. for example one will not renew a passport because of not having an extra photocopy of a document. They can’t photocopy documents at the embassy?
BlackBookRacing Morphettville, Adelaide @adzman78 Absolute joke. I've got to attach about 40 documents with proof of travel, medical bills, bank statements, flight itinery, hotel receipts ect just to claim 400 of a doctors call out because the missus got bronchitis and was bed ridden the trip! Analyst for Winning Edge Investments.Part Owner of Dark Sentry,Gytrash,Kostya,Enki(Dream to Win)HawthornFC and Glenelg FC .The Don Bradman of Golf.Average 99.94
geneseogirl @thehill This is a joke- has to be——if not he would turn all documents over-let the people testify.......and he isn’t.
Jmylessmiles @cspan This is a joke right? Transparency - He can start by releasing his tax returns - Turning over documents relating to Ukraine and - Stop blocking witnesses from testifying especially ones that he claims "exonerate" him (they clearly don't). - divest from his businesses Attorney. Here to challenge disinformation from the right. Trump is corrupt and is not fit to be the President of our great country. #resistpersist
woulza01 Jacksonville, FL @ChrisJZullo @Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump Rudy Giuliani has signed Documents from Ukraine Prosecutor that dated 4 months prior to the released phone call. Just another Russian Dossier, Hillary paid for, joke. @baseball_busy Galileo, Newton, da Vinci, Tesla, Einstein, Richard Feynman
APH48 South Beach You are pathological liar. Call transcript released is not exact one of call. Your play on words is joke.,“ exact transcript” does not mean exact transcript of call as there are 30 minutes missing. If you are innocent come clean, release documents requested, let people testimony Platonic Lover. Critical thinker. God prayer exists only in ones mind. pro gay, pro abortion, MBA Finance, serial entrepreneur, balletomane
AHawkfire @KevinMKruse @AOC It is simple, if you want documents and witnessss then call for an actual vote instead of this sham proceeding. This process is a joke. Saints fan, ULL alumni, teacher, conservative, christian, hunter, NRA member, supporter of LEOs and military, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
sarahyuri12345 United States IDK why some people talk the joke seriously and actually try to break in to A-51. Most likely the only stuff they have there are mountains and mountains of boring documents. It's always like that. There's no such thing as 'evil animals'. only people are.
rickshoots1 Bradenton, FL @LindseyGrahamSC What a joke you are why don’t you tell the White House to release the documents the house wants
TeddyKis Sacramento, CA Sorry @MeghanMcCain we are laughing at @TGowdySC because it is hysterical. After all the 2 years of hot air about adhering to the law and forged documents, he couldn’t prove anything against Clinton. He is a joke. I am a LOUD, opinionated, fiercely loyal Queer, who loves to laugh, EAT, drink!! AKA:Ophelia Loins, Mother of the House of Sequins @ Faces Nightclub
Kevin_MacNeil Stirling, Scotland *emails writer friend two excerpts from my biography of the Buddha* *friend emails back - 'I think you forgot to attach the documents?' *replies, 'No that's because it's Buddhist - there are no attachments!' *attempts to gain Nirvana by laughing myself to death at own joke Award-winning novelist, screenwriter, editor, poet. Outer Hebridean. Buddhist. Cyclist. Runner. Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Stirling. Own views.