Tigers victories in 2002 led

Tigers victories in 2002 led to this all-time hilarious exchange with at East Lakebut his ability to win is no jokedocuments the legendary journey of on the in Chasing History tonight at 8pm ET

GolfChannel Worldwide Tiger's victories in 2002 led to this all-time hilarious exchange with @PhilMickelson at East Lake...but his ability to win is no joke. #GolfFilms documents the legendary journey of @TigerWoods on the @PGATOUR in 'Chasing History' tonight at 8pm ET #Chasing82 “If I hadn’t tried to hit it through the trees sometimes in my life, none of us would be here” - Arnold Palmer, founder of Golf Channel
Jantdarvus @JosephLPoulin @evilref @Hammermor @bykerseven @Kinggrubman @CementlessShake @heyjeffdavidson @matt_barlowe @LizaGaines @KungFuActionTet @tznkai @S0meGuyWhoDraws @AlvaroIM77 @Felgraf_Physics @Johnpage123456 @WokeYeti @tranceaddict66 @JurisDudence @questauthority @wolmanj @MDMcCullough @HaygoodLaw @NickRekieta @rahaeli @Jahana @thehandsomezach @Charmieos @_unfw @AnimeVet @Modemiester @j00bar @Spectre_06Live @samanthasykes61 @Turbotrup @ISWdueprocess @StaunchoGrande @DBZMacLean @Animeology_ @RussianNPCBot1 @AshleyUncia @getmenewhouse @greg_doucette @MichaelAvenatti An understandable reading (reminder that you are the joke, not the holocaust). I read it as 'they actively destroyed documents' without the 'all' but I can see why you'd read it that way.
mehboob95449870 @MansoorKlasra I have had very bad experience with citizen portal myself I complain about something and it was forwarded to pm then to pta then they asked about some documents at the end they just said it’s been forwarded to concern department and from 2 months nothing happened its a joke No Friends No Enemies Just Strangers With Memories
modernhomesla Los Angeles Like Julie K. Brown's team of attorney's. The 7-23-19 letter from Holland & Knight states again, court just decided on the right 2 release 'judicial documents' in accordance w case. 'J. Doe' is a joke, IMO. Mid-Century At A Classic Level ~ Mid-Century Modern Architecture~ Los Angeles Home Sales Realtor ~ Edward H. Fickett, FAIA preservation advocate Team Patriot 🔥🚀
billyy951 California, USA @UPS @UPSHelp is a joke! Their customer service is awful if you happen to get through. Use @FedEx @FedExHelp to send letters/important documents. @UPSHelp calls go to another country and they don’t speak English?! Everyone think before you send, any issues you’re done! Corporate GM, father, Charger fan (sorry) love Hawaii and San Diego (home town) atheist so please keep your thoughts to yourself.
UnwantedOwl2 the badlands @Makeup_Giddess @cantfollowthat @cat_the_cat_cat @TheChosenOne250 If you suggest we should start sending in documents to bosses on the things we dislike, I will make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like a fucking joke, do you understand? guess who's back back again
waris707 Afghanistan @USIP @ImranKhanPTI @nancylindborg What a joke! Mullah Berader was flown from Karachi military airport on military jet to Doha Qatar without any official documents or passport! Quetta and Peshawar Shuras are inside Pakistan! Taliban Khan is fooling International community noting else. Taliban are ISI proxies.
MusicalAnvil Toronto, Ontario Shoutouts to that one smoothbrain who thinks my name and gender change at work is a joke despite it being on all relevant documents and me having been out for like a week and a half now, and also me along with another person explicitly telling him what's up. I make awful posts | certified soy enthusiast | she/they
KarenLMcHale Whittier, Sunny So Cal @suburban_homer @superSpecialNum @Dub45025 @shannonrwatts You’re joking, right? The current system is a complete joke! That’s why I am for licensing and registration. That will build an adequate database! Right now, our current system is complete bullshit. The ATF can’t even look at gun sales unless they look at PAPER DOCUMENTS! Photographer. Specializes in portrait, headshots, fashion, street/documentary and fine art photography. Inquires,
ZhouChauster South Florida Almost got in trouble for having a joke signature in my passport bc it doesn't match my actual signature Maybe goofing around on official documents is bad... 🇨🇳🇻🇳 @PSLWeb Venmo: Zhouchauster
RobAnderson2018 Louisiana, USA @MollyJongFast ^ I will stick with the more highbrow answer, rather than the lowbrow Twitter joke. I would always rather have the larger screen, for ease of reading and ability to open multiple documents without squinting. #WorkingClass, Democrat, Exploratory Committee for US Senate D-LA. RT’s are random. #unionstrong. #LGBTQ+ ally. #AutismStories.
Dragonfly_Drama @realDonaldTrump RACIST LOSER. How's The Deutsche Bank and Capital One Investigation Documents coming along?! Besides All These OTHER Multiple Ongoing Investigations. There's NO DOUBT They will BURY YOU! COUNT on THAT!! Your LEGACY will be an Ongoing JOKE for Generations!! Lemme think about that ... 🤪
Abhinav69471526 Mumbai, India @Quikr @pranayc You have my govt authorised document since last 4 months .Does this seem to be a joke to u guys ? U say its under processing in RTO ofc , I dnt knw which RTO ofc holds the doc for an NOC for 4 months ?NO talks anymore.Just refund the money back and send back all my documents . Research Scientist
UfoIssue @SilvaRecord @blackvaultcom @TTSAcademy Wait, is this a serious reaction to an otherwise innocuous post? Or were you high last night tweeting? If you were interested in fact-finding you would be interested in these FOIA documents relating to metamaterials. Instead you're just making up words to argue. What a joke. Computer scientist/programmer. UFO investigator. Composer. The evidence is overwhelming that we're not alone 🛸 👽
ridenslideNY San Diego, CA @FuctupMike “Comes from your (FBI) own documents”!!! And @Comey still makes excuses. What a joke. Softball Fan & Coach. Lifelong NY Football Giants Fan. Occasionally I might be right but then again...Love NASCAR too.
ephoard Scotland and West Virginia I was surprised to have to book an appointment online to get fingerprinted (again). No appts before my visa expired, so I had to pay. No way to upload documents, as described. Premium appointment was a joke. And I was still rejected. #HostileEnvironment Researches flutes in Scotland. And music in Scottish taverns. Writes 18th-century music-themed erotica. Plays with highland cows, polyester and otherwise.
real_laptopguy tbh, after looking through a portion of that site I'm becoming more and more convinced this is just a weird joke somebody is playing. It's full of bullshit government conspiracy documents, and some cheesy cryptic futurist messages.
JJTurnUpdaMusic OMG, @DevinNunes couldn't come up w his own questions at the hearing without FOX dribbling out his puppet lips. He's suing a satirical Twitter cow. He was a lawn jockey running documents at midnight to the WH after refusing himself. He's a joke! U. S. is crumbling under Trump #WeAreThePatriots #OurDemocracy #NoTrump #Unity #Inclusivity #Diveristy #Community #OnePeople
TheKingOfSport4 Every pick documented! This isn’t a joke! No one else does this! No one wins 14 in a row! No one documents every pick with their own damn account! Get off the sidelines! Professional sports bettor with reliable and consistent results backed by documentation. Dm for more info! since July 6 53-25-4 +26.65 units
sarahevie16 Texas, USA My husband and I have an ongoing joke for the past 17 years where he claims he played trumpet and I don’t believe him because I never heard him play. He is now neck deep in childhood documents trying to prove it... I just keep saying “allegedly” and it is driving him crazy! Book Reading Engineer Mom in Texas. Often Aloof, typically nerdy, enjoys movies and swimming!
NancyBa44362621 Florida @realDonaldTrump @trish_regan That's a joke to say you read the Mueller report. We all know you don't read long documents. Some dyslexia DT? Lived many adventures all over the country
Eggmanfoogaloo @facebook I accept you need to check or validate my submitted documents but 5 days and still no response is a bit of a just got the work experience lad on the case ? Hypocrisy of the north Korean order in my eyes. #whatfeeedom? no longer In India, trying to followthe cricketting troops around a country they call chaos......
Eagle1splashtwo East Cost @robreiner Wrong!We are not in a declared war with Russia and short of that not Treasonous. If telling an off the cuff joke about wanting Russia to release the documents is treasonous then certainly using a private unsecured server which allowed American secrets to be compromised is. Proud American / Living the American dream as a Christian,Constitutionalist ,Conservative. Heroes: Jesus Christ , Ronald Reagan , John Wayne,
Khurram65041072 RWP strongly condemned Irfan Sidduiqi arest on this blunder its really looks like joke thousands family does not submits documents but Y he is arrested? #pmik uneed to keep close on culpirts who are intentially acting bad Pakistan Lover
solvigchoe @gemmabishbosh @isaac_abraham @BritishInEurope Taking a non-EU national back to Britain is no joke. Thousands of pounds, hundreds of pages of documents, NHS surcharges... he can take you back to the EU any time. You can currently register him for free and get a permit. Reader. Mother. Wife. Lover of language and languages. *From North Yorkshire; living in Korea.* person of British heritage
KartaArun Sundargarh, India @CMO_Odisha @Naveen_Odisha @odisha_tourism What a joke?One you and modi say digital digital but other way each and every work do not happen without every documents Xerox. Aadhaar ,bank passbook etc etc Xerox and Xerox and Xerox. i wish everyone be all living things.
DoctahDean Suburban Baltimore @privatefight God, I love a good “s’s that look like f’s on old-timey documents” joke The once-great champ, now, a study in moppishness.
DanaSj3 New Mexico Oh! Dems better be careful. Your party is well known for destroying documents, cell phones, e-mails etc. What a joke you ppl make of a governing body. Happily married 3 children. Retired I❤️Love God & Country & Trump.MAGA! 🚫DM🚫DS
steveno88 @SteveNewman70 @WalshFreedom You’re welcome to your opinions, even if they’re wrong. The trade deficit is a joke and the manufacturing jobs that left as a result of failed trade agreements are well documents. Vet/Submarine Sailor • Martial Artist • Musician • Publisher
S_Foreman ❌❌❌❌ @ewarren Yeah so racist. Everyone knows Baltimore is a glistening city trying to keep up with San Francisco. You are a JOKE and currently a RACE BAITER!! Here is a recent story that documents one beautiful neighborhood in Baltimore. INDEPENDENT🇺🇸 Veteran🇺🇸 Patriot🇺🇸 God✟ Country🇺🇸 Family 1A 2A “If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat”
Vic32556275 @realDonaldTrump Mr.President Short and Sweet!!! Duh! As Patriots we are wore the FUCK out with this shit..Enough. Do what you must to bring all of this bullshit to a conclusion, declassify all documents they'll be more of the Mueller report on TV! A joke, then and only then will our countryheal
SafariWoman NOYB @yoopermoose @JudicialWatch @1artttttt2060 @TomFitton you are obviously terrified of the truths they out & the cases they bring to get gov documents released - you are the one who needs to learn how to use a search engine and not the algorithm controlled leftist leaning google - what a joke google is try Creative Entrepreneur, Published, Website Owner and Publisher, #Politics #Tech #Science Post, RT or follow does not always = endorse.
Austinwen2 @FilthNerd @franquette_la @DerpTurtle96 @aaronMCN And you, someone lived half a globe away think you know everything by some ridiculous English documents. Whos making a joke here
Not_Your_Name1 Antartica @Poetry4Bitcoin @DianacBiggs @sudogene @FTAlphaville The only proof faketoshi has is proof of fraud, as per the court documents you so eagerly reference, you’re a joke
cmcahall @thomaskaine5 He's really reaching. Like that's what you come up with? What a joke he is! But, ok, he should, first, match all documentation available for Obama including education and financial/tax documents
varunchoubey Mumbai @anandmahindra Senior level mgmt of TechM makes joke of all the 'processes' in the company & they r free to edit any/all 'confidential' documents sent to employees at their whims & fancies,be it performance document or exit feedback. Is this mockery ever going to embarrass u Mr @anandmahindra ?
Yeehim Trans rights in Poland: In order to officially change your gender in your documents you need to sue your parents for writing it wrong in your birth certificate. This is no joke, that's the law. PC Master Red Panderp Race. Very NSFW. Very silly. Very subby.
MajorSparkl3 @RichSeviora @NayariCyP @Halfcockedlaw @NickRekieta I keep hearing the same argument. “I’m not going to make his job easy”. It’s about following the document discovery in which you need to produce documents that are asked of you. None of this is a joke or a game. Proud Marine wife!
thisismewhatevs Fucboi, USA @orchidlocked This isn't a joke reading legal documents is my passion She/Her. Currently only thinking about Good Omens.
deepierson Charleston @realDonaldTrump @DHSgov @DHSMcAleenan "Without travel documents" - does that mean without judicial review? How rule-of-lawless of you. What a joke of an Administration. OUT with you and your MAGAts.
lynn_belmas Kent @JackieHKnapp Tough day at the office producing such vitally important documents, really moves the UK forward... what a joke... Somebody who is quietly living the dream...
frodo911_steve Virginia, USA @JudicialWatch "Because No One is Above the Law"! Except Donald Trump because JW has never mentioned DJT directing staffers to create FALSE documents to cover his illegal orders to create false documents to cover up his orders. JW is a joke & its motto an even greater joke! College grad, Veteran w/4 years Army (2 tours Vietnam). Love America. LOATHE TRUMP!
JamieNi68586232 Brick New Jersey @kim_kspain593 @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump Thank you, it is so nice to actually chat with people on Twitter that aren't off the wall or crazy. Some people don't know how to take a joke. Some people put out the news with documents to back it up that's what's great with meeting new people I believe in being treated the same way I treat people I believe in God I believe in our President Donald J Trump I Believe In A Country will turn around under
LuizSwinerd Sao Paulo, Brazil @ggreenwald We know who they are. They the people trying to save Brazil from more than 13 years of corruption and socialism. Now, you are a liar and a worldwide joke that defended a nazist, financed porn movies, paid criminals to steal authority documents. #VerdeValdoNaGaiola Liberal na economia e conservador nos costumes. Aborto é assassinato de incapaz, aquecimento global é uma farsa, o Comunismo matou mais de 140 milhões.

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