WH The Democrats are an

WH The Democrats are an utter joke - they have no case andthis latest political stunt proves it The idea that the Counsel to the President has to turn over protected documents and confidential information is ludicrous

ChadPergram Capitol Hill WH: The Democrats are an utter joke - they have no case, andthis latest political stunt proves it. The idea that the Counsel to the President has to turn over protected documents and confidential information is ludicrous Chad Pergram covers Congress for FOX News. He's won an Edward R. Murrow Award and the Joan Barone Award for his reporting on Capitol Hill.
JasonMillerinDC Washington, DC Today’s faux outrage from national Democrats shows the 17 witnesses, 7,000 pages of transcripts and documents, weeks of hearings in the secret star chamber, the public hearings, Professorpalooza, all a joke. This is about their trying to hurt @realDonaldTrump politically. Principal, SHW Partners LLC. @realDonaldTrump 2016 Sr. Comms Advisor, Transition Team Comms Director. Co-Host, WAR ROOM: Impeachment @WarRoom2020. Mark 12:30-31
TheRealPBarry Sydney Our FOI laws are just a joke. No freedom, no inforrmation. So easy to keep things secret ... 'Taylor's office refuses to release majority of City of Sydney travel claim documents' via @smh Investigative journalist and best-selling author. Host of ABC Media Watch. All views are my own. Retweets not necessarily endorsements.
JoeMed2018 Wilton Manors, FL This “trial” is a joke. I have watched zero minutes of it. trump will walk. There will be no witnesses or documents. “republicans” sold out their country, democracy, the constitution & their souls. America is seeing its demise to fascism. Anyway, have a great day! 🙂 Original account @joemed3 from 04/2009-09/2018 Cancer survivor. PTSD. Medical marijuana advocate. LGBT. Taken. Love my dog. Hate all things trump. #TruthWillWin
srs1094 @IngrahamAngle @LindseyGrahamSC even shook Adam Sciff's hand and told him well done. This trial is not a joke and we want the truth, documents and witnesses. I'm a very proud never trumper!
rita_orlans @realDonaldTrump @HeatherChilders @FoxNews You’re a joke !!!!!! Hand over the documents.
halli_kiran Bengaluru South, India @SRINIVASHK64 @TVMohandasPai @savio @fayedsouza 😂😅😂 53yrs and not a single document is a joke. Is he not claiming annabhagya? If not he is earning well and he has some documents.
JustBethee @Type_ur_name @GOP @HouseDemocrats He might of thought that but he was wrong given the obstruction charge. Why is he not releasing the info now. Stop, your arguments are a joke. Again you want corruption in your houses I do not. If innocent he needs to release the documents and the witnesses and prove it. The end. Coocoo for Coconuts- why yes, yes I am.
americagutcheck Colorado, USA @NRSC @CoryGardner Is this a joke? The only Cory Gardner sighting in Colorado recently was for a private event. He is otherwise seen in other states raising money. Cory Gardner is a GOP pawn. He is not even pretending to consider witnesses or documents during this impeachment. Mental Health Professional tired of the gaslighting used by this administration, News Junkie, #FBR, #Resist, #familiesbelongtogether, #GunSense
MiroslawDudek Chicago We don't need more trials !!! Already ALL Republicans in Congress suppose to be Caged for braking the law !!! For Making new rules , just rules for them to cover wrong in daylight? And saying we have documents they don't have ? It's fucking a JOKE ! NO RESPECT! THIEF TALK ! Sick It's always nice to do just right , and always great if we do care . #wave , green and 💘 This globe is my , OUR HOME ! #Resist , 🌎 ✌ ❤ Together !!!