Well, it's 4am in California/USA. Do I go to bed or stay up & wait for court's lunch break 2B over? Too wound up2sleep. Well, it's 4am in California/USA. Do I go to bed or stay up & wait for court's lunch break 2B over? Too wound up2sleep.

HeadlessGal (at L.A. on Mon Oct 13 11:07:20 2014) Well, it's 4am in California/USA. Do I go to bed or stay up & wait for court's lunch break 2B over? Too wound up2sleep. #OscarPistorius
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MelanieShula (at on Mon Oct 13 11:06:22 2014) @NikoleJordan92 wooohoo!! you are going to love it!! what kind of goals do you have set for yourself?!

imadele14 (at One Direction's heart on Mon Oct 13 11:05:50 2014) Do it yourself, you always think that you are the great gurlie and you are always right! questioning all my suggestion and not accepting it
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Jeff_Benjamin (at on Mon Oct 13 11:05:34 2014) Brain Scans Light the Way to Do-It-Yourself Investing via @BloombergNews
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Francoispamie (at Stellenbosch University on Mon Oct 13 11:03:41 2014) Are we doing the same boring things this week? It's your choice to be miserable. Try by liking yourself a bit more, then do a kind act today
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AbetareBytyqi (at Gjakovë/Kosovo on Mon Oct 13 11:03:16 2014) When did loving yourself become so rare, that it’s revolutionary to do so?
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markiemarkiemoo (at on Mon Oct 13 11:01:49 2014) @StephanieNala i wish you all the best gawjus you can do it keep strong and enjoy yourself 😚😚😚 xxx

AugustSylvia (at Philadelphia on Mon Oct 13 11:01:42 2014) Don't ask me for favors because unless you're family or my team I ain't helping you with shit do it yourself
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ShoothM (at on Mon Oct 13 11:01:13 2014) It is so very hard to be an on-your-own-take-care-of-yourself-because-there-is-no-one-else-to-do-it-for-you grown-up.

joemunzer (at Port Jefferson, NY on Mon Oct 13 11:00:15 2014) Do YOU Want It Bad Enough??.......The Most Important QuestionYou Need To Ask Yourself...
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shamima1985 (at UK on Mon Oct 13 10:59:47 2014) @Freakoh it is! I saw some awful pics to find this one for you. Look what you made me do, hope you're proud of yourself 😉😁😁😁

ell_kiDD (at Maputo on Mon Oct 13 10:59:04 2014) you can do it all by yourself @Tyga , im a singer from africa and i listen to your just hold on to God and you'll know the way.
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balanceandlove (at Everywhere on Mon Oct 13 10:58:31 2014) Do what you want not because it's required of you, or expected but because you want to, you'll discover more about yourself when following
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missyolsson666 (at Sweden on Mon Oct 13 10:58:13 2014) @NightStalker197 Sweden scandinavia not in USA do you like My pic. How does it make you feel??
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Garnet_Shouse (at Los Angeles on Mon Oct 13 10:57:50 2014) Did you hear about the do-it-yourself funeral? They just loosen the earth and you sink down by yourself.
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james_jass (at on Mon Oct 13 10:57:43 2014) If you want to murder someone in South Africa it's better to do it yourself rather than use a middle man.

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claucoimbraa (at Oporto ✌ on Mon Oct 13 10:57:33 2014) Go out and do something. It isn’t your room that’s a prison, it’s yourself.
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Qbbaddazz (at florence , sc on Mon Oct 13 10:56:43 2014) It you want something done you got to do it yourself 💯✔️
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NPASDK (at South Dakota on Mon Oct 13 10:55:24 2014) Refrain from anger, leave rage alone; do not fret yourself; it leads only to evil. (Psalm 37:9) #jesus
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SweepsTime39720 (at on Mon Oct 13 10:55:08 2014) It isn't sufficient just to want - you've got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want. - Richard D. Rosen
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myvotefactor (at Houston TX on Mon Oct 13 10:54:02 2014) #Hawaii Do know why you should never depend on anyone but Yourself? say it on #Mentaphone
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IsraAlHinai (at on Mon Oct 13 10:53:58 2014) Make a video of yourself and post it on youtube. @MuroojAlSaadi @JaidaHinai @MuzunAlsaadi we must do it😭💃

Atiqxxh (at ig: atiqaah on Mon Oct 13 10:53:12 2014) Whats its like making love for the first time? — try it yourself then you'll know… why do u even ask me that zzzz
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my_suffering_ (at I love you sister //hugs and k on Mon Oct 13 10:52:10 2014) @IvoryAster your welcome! Did you do it all by yourself?
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namadith (at on Mon Oct 13 10:51:59 2014) You do not owe anyone anything. Love yourself so much it makes others sick.
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Borg23Heidi (at on Mon Oct 13 10:51:59 2014) "@DrChrisNorthrup: What do you believe about aging? Do you believe it’s possible to talk yourself into health ~ Yes
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