You mean the mentally unstable

You mean the mentally unstable former google engineers who didnt leak anything of actual substance Those googlers The ones only Alex Jones could find authentic Please If theres an actual story there real news will expose it Those documents were a joke

devin_farm Godhelpthe USA @TRBthe3rd You mean the mentally unstable former google engineers who didn’t leak anything of actual substance? Those googlers? The ones only Alex Jones could find authentic? Please. If there’s an actual story there real news will expose it. Those documents were a joke. Wisconsin voter. I like to mock Trump’s deterioration and his complete lack of professionalism. Enjoy. Laugh. Stay Sane with me.

femiexe Mosh Pit | Lagos, Nigeria @chukkietweets Americans don't joke with their aliases in legal documents. Too many people have escaped, claiming they're not the ones mentioned in the arrest warrant/court documents. Lawyer. Metalhead. Writer. Bad Guy.

VP_Advocacy @davedresden @VictoriaSanchez @HBO Your language suggests that you care less about abused children and more about hating Michael Jackson. Since when was it acceptable to convict a man based on allegations? Have you read the court documents? Of course you haven't. If you did you would know allegations are a joke.

StultusMagnior Storming Area 51 started as a joke. But the Pentagon declassified documents showing it funded projects that examined wormholes and alternate dimensions. Just doing my part to prove Satoshi was an alien. Buy #bitcoin. Full time speculator. Technical analysis for you to ponder (not financial advice). I've fallen down the #bitcoin hole, and I'm long gone...

sylvinuunyango Nelago Nuunyango @ShaanikaLSA Documents lost???? No electronic filing system at one of the largest financial institutions in Namibia? This is a joke. I am a Ngandjera. Se aantu ya Niilwa. An Afro optimist.

Raghven16507034 @kanpurtraffic @adgzonekanpur @igrangekanpur @kanpurnagarpol Why the police of Kanpur traffic making one day checking of vehicles&there documents is not a joke for the government ruling in the state ,so please make it a habit for the whole month. surveyor

ShadowElk United States @realDonaldTrump @POTUS PRESIDENT TRUMP... WHY IS WRAY REFUSING 2 TURN OVER COUP RELATED DOCUMENTS/RECORDS? WE CANNOT WAIT... IF DEMS STEAL THE 2020 ELECTION THE GREATEST CRIME IN U.S. HISTORY WILL GO UNPUNISHED. OUR DEMOCRACY WILL BE A JOKE. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO US. FIRE WRAY, HIRE A DECENT MAN Long-haired country boy. I rage against revisionist history. Leave history alone, it has a purpose. We cannot learn from the past if we wipe it away... I fb.

ExposingUrLies @tsesque @Gregorvski @inmybabyarmz I thought this was a joke, but I checked the court documents and it is true. No MSM has commented on it either. Had content covered in Vice & The Guardian. Created videos which have generated nearly 20 million views. Influenced elections. Yet still a nobody 😀

JoAnnEM04094334 Living in Kansas @jsolomonReports Documents get declassified and are still redacted. The IG can recommend legal action but it has to be approved by the Justice Dept. And the FBI. What a joke. They are not going to implicate their own people. Hopefully Durham can do better than this. Born and raised in Massachuesetts. College degree in Kentucky in 1976 U.S. Army Veteran Retired

USA___Forever The Republic State of Texas @RyanAFournier E-verify is available in all 50 states, a lot of information is there. But it's not mandatory that employers use it, and shady companies know their employees' documents are a joke. Gotta make e-verify part of any w-2 process. And w-9's, for that matter. 45 IS THE MAN. I only wear my MAGA hat when I walk out my front door. One revolution around the bullshitberry bush = MUTE🙉 WWG1WGA #LoveItOrLeaveIt

Jus_Cheeks World of Music This is surely going with my car documents! Seen that everything is a complete joke! Love my music. Keep it real. Stay humble

ChefPrakz 3rd Rock from the Sun. @HariS_Khan_Hk @VinayValkrowzer @MajidExM @afshan1985 Hahahaha, the joke is on u and ur country. Only jaahil pakistani awam can kill their own pilot.. 🤣🤣🤣 Crashed my ass, it was shot down.. F16B has 2 pilots and only one is mentioned in all documents.. where is the other dead pilot from tail no 606?? An atheist chef who loves his beef/pork and can bite you back!!!! Also swears a bit..

SetoKaiba042 Domino City, Japan I searched in vain for the words “you have the right to NOT be offended.” In ANY of the founding documents, or laws. #IStandWithJeremy @Renner4Real great joke. Keep it up. CEO of Kaiba Corp, duelist extraordinaire, Political Commentator, guy with a sense, proud leftist troll and spewer of facts, truth, and logic.

BancerMaciej @amazonIN @AmazonHelp is this some kind of a joke? Now you want me to FAX you the documents??

kinghip0 @TheSimpsons Not a single joke in here. You guys suck. Also why did Matt Groening get a foot massage from a 16 year old girl of Jeffrey Epstein's plane? I'm a huge loudmouth who whines about stupid shit. Also my mommy gives me $20 for every account that blocks me.