are still taking bookings for

are still taking bookings for classesIs this a joke Classes for adults arent allowed until 17th May but they have legal documents for them to open WHY HAS THIS BEEN ALLOWED It surely cant be one rule for one and one rule for another

MichelleKay92 @studio68london are still taking bookings for classes....Is this a joke?! Classes for adults aren’t allowed until 17th May but they have ‘legal documents’ for them to open. WHY HAS THIS BEEN ALLOWED. It surely can’t be one rule for one and one rule for another. @lb_southwark 28 year old musical theatre graduate living her best life✌️#SAVETHEARTS #BLM she/her
ElamKathi @DanCrenshawTX Oh really? Did you read the court documents from the frivolous court docs claiming by your king that the election was rigged. Aren’t those lies the reason for the voter suppression laws. You’re a joke eww. I will never vote red..ever! Equal rights for all! Be kind to each other and to all animals. Has anyone else been permanently banned by Twitter? me neither
Lulu57396823 Sunny Los Angeles @AIWAZ_418 @sybilsally @ElsterGavin @RoofKorean7 @TinhornFlats No, they say “stop making so many laws!” And your President thinks he’s the king with 38 Executive Orders, like he’s going to rule the land. What a joke.
OpArmageddon California Don’t worry. milley @thejointstaff is on his way to Afghanistan to guard our founding documents with his life. #Joke G717
don_quickoats your mom's place @RadicalSalsa @kenklippenstein It's sad. It seems plain he is not allowed by his employers/benefactors to discuss this issue and he's covering with a "joke." Klippenstein's whole shtick is breaking stories with leaked documents, but he won't say a few words in defense of the most famous whistleblower alive? Give disease so the swine will marry and propagate lies / Tough luck for elected officials / The beast, you see, got fifty eyes.
stevekombolis @dananessel @AppleSupport @FBI @GovWhitmer @MIAttyGen @washingtonpost @WashTimes @FoxNews @SenGaryPeters @RepLawrence @FCC @FTC @JoeBiden @SpeakerPelosi @MichStatePolice @MichiganLEO @FBIDetroit @freep @detroitnews @FOX2News @KamalaHarris @Apple @TwitterSupport @briantylercohen @tim_cook @nytimes @AnaKasparian @cenkuygur @TYT @BernieSanders @MISupremeCourt @TomCottonAR @RepRaskin @RepKinzinger He also deleted my email screenshot showing i haven't gotten an email from my insurance agent in two days and she was supposed to be sending me documents that are extremely time sensitive. It's just adding to the damages. And MIOSHA is a corrupt joke No offense to blocked followers, I block everyone now. Have a bit of a stalker issue, (look at profile pic) they even cloned a Senator's account to follow me 😑
velvetclouds_ any prns - minor - asian - pan @G4NYURR IT'S OKAY 💔💔 once i wrote a pitbull x reader fic in class as a joke and the next day the counselor came into class and told us that the school monitored our documents 😟😟 im hopelessly devoted to you. ♡ // my names amy!! :) pls read carrd (its a bit long! dm for simplified ver) // ar45 na // anitwt // follow @fushigurokisser
seeker0304 @JenTheRiot Don't do it!!! Do your own research. Start with who is making money of it. Go to info wars with Alex Jones and watch his 1 1/2 hour long video where he has documents on the entire scheme. I it's NO JOKE!! Please research FIRST!!! PRAYERS 4 YOU!!
KLOEBLACK Washington DC BREAKING: Documents in the SEC vs Ripple case, it says $BTC and $ETH has not been officially ruled out as a security! The @SEC_News is a joke! During initial arguments they tried to show how $ETH and $BTC where different than $XRP. Now they are saying nothing official announced Founder of KPG, WebFocus Architect, Certified Software Engineer, Winner of CTO Ambassador Award. Poet, Producer, Spiritual Scholar and Crypto Investor. #ADOS
SimpleReason1 Nashville @B3901293 @maskson247 @TrackingCovid I wish it wasn't a joke. As documents go, those are pretty good in their arguments for Liberty... though they have been powerless to defend themselves against 100s of years of tyrannical attack. My only hope is that what rises from the ashes will be even better. Liberty. Gold. #VoteGold. #Bitcoin.
ralph_massimo Truly the worst customer service experience ever. Have been trying for 5 days to get a hold of someone for the sale of my car to them and their phone system keeps automatically hanging up. What a joke, I submitted all my documents promptly and continue to wait. #carvana
JulianKlode Marburg, Hesse, Germany @popey That's the "joke". People here got proper vaccine names on their documents, and then started threatening the employees because they thought they got the wrong one. free software dev (debian, ubuntu) · APT cow bearer · · · · cycling
Dwarv00 United Kingdom @JeffBezos tell me is this normal in your company ? been contacting your support since nov 2020 and providing all the documents , they keep sending me same emails, what a joke company TBH..
mouthofbIood they / she @drunkeviestoker love that to normal actors the fbi documents comment would be a joke but not with nicole 😭 holly hunter facts and statistics, I write about film and make music too (link below)
KapoloIsabella Eko village, Oshana, Namibia @Shipululo Job has already dumped the info on the public arena. Noa said he won't picked the info from social media. He want Job to walk to his office with a bundle of documents. He is a joke. A 'Return to Eden' enthusiast.
That1FellaThere Somewhereville, Somewhereplace @TweetsByBritt But rights are given by the government. It’s not like the founding fathers were suggesting in our founding documents the rights were restrictions on the government rather than allowances to the people. And even if they did, they were still bigots /s for safety, is only joke That one fella that posts stupid thoughts, why are you looking at my profile?
sportdoctorapb Zurich, Switzerland 🇨🇭 @atifmullick Free visa? Joke. It will be many illegal immigrants without legal documents from Pakistan In Russia 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @mmr_umy alumn | @uzh_ch @uzh_science PhD alumn | @FIFAcom Sport Doctor | 🗺 Traveled 107 Countries & 404 cities | Antarctica Researcher. 🇨🇭
bend60 Manhattan DA's office has obtained boxes of documents from former daughter-in-law of top Trump Organization official Allen Weisselberg You guys are real bottom feeders!! Think you might get him for jaywalking!!??? What a JOKE!!!
HarryDoodz @NYSLabor @IDme This is a joke right....? Took my picture ...received the “selfie” now wants more if verification documents that i have never used. Your facial recognition is bogus

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