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*The Election Is Rigged All Right FOR Trump*

David Kurtz


Now and then, a gem like this lands in my inbox:

"Hello everyone, need English to Slovak translators, the content belongs to the category of and , have relevant work experience, serious and , it is best that can guarantee daily output, interested can send resumes to the email HIDDEN contact me."

Hey Cannon Recuse yourself. And I use "recuse" as a euphemism.

Via Kyle Cheney:

Judge has *denied* DOJ's motion to set some key pretrial deadlines in December, saying she will not consider scheduling adjustments until March 1.

Going to be very difficult for this trial to remain on track for May 20.



" changes for Texans amid debate

'Having an that does not align with my daily is , and risks me. on prevents and .'

Via Kyle Cheney: 1/

BREAKING: Judge will NOT delay Donald 's May 20 trial date at this time but will reconsider schedule on March 1 after more negotiation over classified discovery.

A plumber, a maid, a chauffeur and a woodworker are among Mar-a-Lago staffers and contract workers who federal prosecutors may call to testify against and his two co-defendants at their upcoming criminal trial in

Catholic Church representatives were before the Standing Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples Nov. 7 to provide information on the transfer of records pertaining to the children who attended residential schools.

Two weeks ago, Senators were shocked to hear of the barriers that were being put up from accessing those records, but the committee didnt seem too eager to push the matter.

Via Emptywheel:

A good time to remind you that Aileen Cannon struck (sealed) information related to potential Stan Woodward conflict, then yelled at the government they didn't raise it, which they had.

Hugo Lowell:

New: After the Special Counsel alerted Judge in the classified case in FL that Trump was also trying to delay his 2020 election case in DC, Judge Cannon issued what appears to be a repudiation

Trump Jr distances himself from documents at center of fraud trial: I dont recall

*Loose Cannon Is Making A Mess Of The Mar-a-Lago Case*

David Kurtz

Via Josh Gerstein: 1/

JUST IN: Prosecutor Jay Bratt bolsters argument to keep Trump classified case going full speed ahead by telling that last night lawyers asked judge for stay until presidential immunity issue is resolved

I'm convinced the Mar-a-Lago case is a lost cause. is an unmitigated who is dragging the case out, and making atrocious rulings that clearly paint her as a . has put impartial aside in favor of behaving like one of Trump's unscrupulous defense attorneys. should call this one a loss and put his efforts into the other cases.

s Removes to and .

The site, representing , where serves as and , came under when unearthed there likening to and .

1/...Via Joyce Vance:

In case ruled her existing order re discovery of classif material will remain in place. But Trump still benefits from delay, which he'll use to argue for...more delay.

Via Brandon Van Grack

Potentially very problematic. Wd appear to require DOJ to provide to defendant all classif info also provided to def's attys. That's at odds w/ how cases involving classif info handled under Classif Info Procedures Act (CIPA)

Via Klasfeld:

Meanwhile, in :

"Judge to Hear Arguments in s Case Over Deadlines and Delays"

Via :

Effectively, one thing Trump is asking for is to DELAY the CIPA 4 process (by which DOJ will ask Cannon for permission to SUBSTITUTE some classified info b4 turning it over to Trump), meaning HE is asking for delay in discovery.

s Runs That Compares to .

HuffPost reports that operates , a that, in its , equates with and .

Project Gemini Gemini in 100 words:

The simple alternative secure internet with text documents. You use it and write texts on it like on a blog

*How Long Until Donald Trump Violates His Reinstated Gag Order*

David Kurtz

Thread from Mueller She Wrote. Intro by Brandon Van Grack: 1/...

The filing provides further confirmation that some of the classified are incredibly sensitive. Some docs require special equipmt to allow for the discussion of the docs. Cant think of another mishandling/leak/espionage case involving the disclosure and use of such docs.


Okay. This is one of the BEST clapbacks Ive read in a while.


Who specifically asks for a 21-year NDA Who within their organization needs to die within that 21 years that is being protected Saskatchewan Treaty Commissioner Mary Musqua-Culbertson

Senate Committee shocked by difficulties faced gathering residential school records from Catholic Church

Disturbing, appalling, shocking, incomprehensible. Yep, all those words were used by Canadian senators to describe stonewalling by the Catholic Church in the effort to collect residential school records from the entity.

Saskatchewan Treaty Commissioner Mary Musqua-Culbertson didnt mince words when she testified before the Standing Senate Committee on Indigenous Peoples.

Manitobas top police watchdog probes alleged document falsification by RCMP officer
On Monday, the RCMP notified the IIU of an incident from early September. The notification stated two RCMP officers arrested a subject based on a warrant.

Manitobas top police watchdog probes alleged document falsification by RCMP officer
On Monday, the RCMP notified the IIU of an incident from early September. The notification stated two RCMP officers arrested a subject based on a warrant.

When you have been all day, to import various into a wiki software in , and elegantly handle , , and some others... and the thing that gives the most trouble is plaintext files due to weird windows behaviour. So you get mad and write a function that is simply named:

def unfuckplaintextfiles(filepath):

See also:

The Nota Interactive Document Language, William Crichton ().

On HN:

On Lobsters:

. from , in an attempt to distract from where she paid $19,000 for a $976 podium. Which was actually to pay for a using . She then attempted a .

Via Josh Gerstein:

Judge sets Nov. 1 hearing on 's request for delays in deadlines in classified- trial in . Looks like all deadlines this month are put off until then

*Aileen Cannon Just Got Played Big Time*

David Kurtz

Next week the Residential Schools Documents Advisory Committee will sit to continue conversations.

Its goal is to bridge the gap between the worldviews of the witnesses to the system and the government that ran it.

is defining what is meant as a residential school document more narrowly than the witnesses.

So far, the conversations have been very good, said committee chair Cadmus Delorme.

*Will The House GOP Really Throw Its Lot In With Jim Jordan And All He Represents*

David Kurtz

Via :

Maybe by Friday people will figure out how Woodward snookered them.


I mean, Cannon won't. But Leonard Leo doesn't pay her to see thru Woodward's games.

Hugo Lowell:

New: co-defendant in classified docs case Walt has had his postponed hearing about his lawyers potential conflicts of interest rescheduled for this Friday, on Oct. 20 at 2pm in Fort Pierce .


oh, not a joke

et donc ouais, quand on veut stocker ses infos de profil facebook dans un truc comme google doc, le transfert refuse de fonctionner si on n'autorise "que les fichiers qui viennent de facebook". Il faut EN PLUS cocher la case obligatoire "TOUS les fichiers google docs" que Meta a ainsi le droit de modifier, diter, supprimer etc.


*Aileen Cannon Is At It Again*

David Kurtz

"Cannon admonished the gov for 'wasting the court's
time.'" All you need to know about her.

Via Katherine Faulders:

NEWS - Judge Aileen has postponed the hearing for co-defendant Walt over potential conflicts of interest w/ his lawyer Stan Woodward bc she said the gov introduced new arguments related to the matter. Cannon admonished the gov for "wasting the court's time."

Via Hugo Lowell:

New from the federal courthouse in Ft Pierce: co-defendant and Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker Carlos De Oliveira told a judge he wants to keep his lead lawyer John Irving who is being paid by Trumps PAC

De Oliveira was asked if he understood Irvings potential conflicts arising from his prior representation of three people the Special Counsel could call as trial witnesses, and he said he would move forward with Irving anyway


Phew, there is still some work left for handwritten text recognition () of -), although I must say that the "classification" of the document is quite accurate :-)

In the last days I finally switched the main machine from to , and I'm happy with it . The biggest drawback so far is filling pdf documents.
I used on Mac, but there are no real alternatives on available. And its really the best one
If someone out there need to edit on please contact the team and vote for a version of It seems that they are quite open for this proposal, and just need a little bit pushing

in the stirs up + over and .

Both and ran this week about which to wear + while at work.

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