How tf am I supposed to

How tf am I supposed to write a spy movie now!

Int. Basement - Day

Our hero logs onto a gaming forum and just downloads the secret documents.


"The here clearly contain that defendants used in ," wrote in his , in which he ordered the defendants' . He ordered that within 10 days, they must recommend potential independent receivers to manage the of the .

'Reckless & careless': describes mishandling of

Hutchinson w/ about how material was handled by her boss at the time, then chief of staff , & others in the Trump admin.

It was, by her telling, an admin awash in , w/ & others refusing to dispose of daily litter in for fear that someone from the might intercept the contents. Instead, she writes, Meadows so many in his fireplace in the final days of the presidency that his wife complained to Hutchinson about how expensive it had become to dry-clean the bonfire aroma from his suits.

Hutchinson sheds new light on Meadows, burning White House docs

According to , Mark burned so many White House that his wife complained about the dry-cleaning bills.

: s classified edition.

Trudeau is so damn good.

Entire strip here:

Cassidy Hutchinson says Mark Meadows burned so many documents before leaving the White House that the then-chief of staff's wife complained about dry-cleaning bills to remove the 'bonfire' smell: report

Trump: You dont know anything about the boxes


The Committee on Peoples sat to hear from organizations that had yet to submit all records to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR).

Canada has identified 23 million additional , said an assistant deputy minister.

Its awaiting guidance from the NCTR documents advisory committee on how to proceed on accelerating the process of transfer.

*House GOP Launders Disinformation Through Its Public Hearings*

David Kurtz

"Sources said that after Trump heard the FBI wanted to interview Molly Michael last year, Trump allegedly told her, "You don't know anything about the boxes."

It's unclear exactly what he meant by that."

Unclear Seems pretty clear to me and probably to anyone familiar with mob-speak.

(Yes, I know, probably not clear enough for the purposes of a trial. Which is why mobsters use it.)

is locked in a battle w/ the cmte over access to & related to the investigation & offered his most pointed rebuke of its pressure campaign:

Our job, he said, is not to take orders from the , from , or from anyone else, about who or what to criminally investigate. As the president himself has said, & I reaffirm here today: I am not the presidents lawyer. I will also add that I am not Congresss prosecutor.

"Trump reportedly told aide, You dont know anything about the boxes"

"Donald Trump didn't just reportedly use classified materials as scratch pads, he also allegedly told an aide to play dumb when talking to the FBI."

Getting 'party over country' and loyal cultists as jurists is a serious problem. Especially with a sympathetic judge. It's a combination capable of perverting actual justice.

"Florida jury pool could give Trump an advantage in classified documents case"


The more conservative the counties, the highest chance he has to find jurors that would be sympathetic with him...

*Damning New Evidence Emerges Against Trump In The Mar-a-Lago Case*

David Kurtz

wrote to-do lists for assistant on marked : Sources

*Letters from an American*


He used his entitlement and scorn for democracy to make a mockery of our republic. We don't even know the half of it and may never recover.

"Trump wrote to-do lists for assistant on White House documents marked classified: Sources"

"One of former President Donald Trump's long-time assistants told federal investigators...Trump repeatedly wrote to-do lists for her on documents from the White House...marked classified..."


assistant told fed investigators Trump repeatedly wrote to-do lists for her on from WH marked classifiedMolly Michael, told investigators that -- more than once --she received requests or taskings from Trump that were written on back of notecards, she later recog those notecards as sensitive WH materials -- w visible classific markings -- used to brief Trump while he was still in office about phone calls with foreign leaders

The notecards w/ markings were at 's estate when agents the property on Aug 8, 2022 -- but the materials were NOT taken by the FBI.

When Michael, who was not present for the , returned to the next day to clean up her office space, she found the underneath a drawer organizer & helped transfer them to the that same day sources told ABC.

's Imposes $10K fine on a allowing minors at a .

highlight a nearly nude with a young attendee. The 's rear was clearly visible, with a "filled" with dollar bills.

: the accusations against Trump are baseless!

: I totally had the .

Republicans: Aha! He said he declassified those documents, therefore he's innocent!

Me: You get why that's worse, right Please tell me that you understand why it would be worse if he declassified those documents.

Here's the thing: those documents were classified because someone determined that it would be harmful to America if the wrong people got that information.


Internal Docs Further Expose Exxon Efforts to Spread Climate Lies
thead id="30587"

"Climate change isn't just a tragedy, it's a crime," said one climate campaigner in response to documents reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Previously unreported documentspublishedon the front page ofThe Wall Street JournalThursday show that...

When this trial ever gets going, Trump's jury is going to have to sit through so many incriminating videos, it'll be like a Saturday night binge-watch.

Via Andrew Weissmann:

This case is simply not about the proof. He is dead to rights.

MEGYN KELLY: But once you get a subpoena you have to turn them over.

: I know this. *pauses* I don't even know that.

Then he said he "had the right to have those and called Dems "fascists."

in .

took place months before 1973 .

Phishing campaign uses Word documents to distribute three malware strains
Researchers identified a new phishing campaign that uses Microsoft Word documents to distribute malware that can log what a victim types, siphon cryptocurrency funds, and steal sensitive data.

What is Citation
If you want to do research, you have to search the literature to find out what has been done about your subject before.

In the Mar-a-Lago proceeding, Judge Aileen ruled that defendant Trump must use a secure facility to review ,
suggesting but not specifically declaring that it should not be housed at his private club and residence in Florida.

The dispute about how and where Mr. Trump could talk about the secret papers in the case began last month when his lawyers asked Judge Cannon to allow him to re-establish the sensitive compartmented information facility, or , at or near Mar-a-Lago that he once used for classified materials when he was president.

In essence, one of the prosecutors, Jay I. Bratt, wrote, he is asking to be the only defendant ever in a case involving classified information (at least to the governments knowledge) who would be able to discuss classified information in a private residence.
In her order, which came one day after a sealed hearing on these issues in Federal District Court in Fort Pierce, Fla., Judge Cannon granted the governments motion for a protective order over the classified materials in full, not merely in part, suggesting she agreed with the request by prosecutors to keep Mr. Trump from re-opening his SCIF at Mar-a-Lago.

Via Roger Parloff:

Judge# Cannon wants additional briefing on the CIPA 3 governing protective orders. Unclear why.

Via Kyle Cheney: 1/

JUST IN: Judge has signed an order to govern the handling of classified info in the Trump case.

It's the product of a sealed hearing she led yesterday and includes explicit restrictions on what can do with classified info.

The standard language governing classified info in the Trump documents case is also surprisingly close to the government's actual case against Trump

::: Metadata Cleaner for Linux :linux:

Did YOU know

Cameras record data about when & where a picture was taken - which camera was used, etc.

Office applications automatically add author & company information to documents / spreadsheets.

These can be sensitive information - not everyone is willing to disclose it - if only common users knew what information there is in their sent media.

Spread word


Your and are . Theres little you can do about it. Its your data. Do you know what ech is doing with it , and are taking your , or to their their . No folks. BigTech is stealing your it as only they can do

*Aileen Cannon Is Taking Her Own Sweet Time In The Mar-a-Lago Case*

David Kurtz

Has anyone switched from Google Workspace to Any tips or advice about the migration would be appreciated.

The trial also amounted to an unusual test of . Since the 1970s, referrals for criminal contempt of Congress have rarely resulted in the bringing . Navarro was last June on 2 misdemeanor counts of contempt, one for failing to appear for a & another for refusing to provide in response to the committees .

*A New Front Is Opening In The Battle To Save The Republic From Trump*

David Kurtz

*Letters from an American*


"Trump was warned the FBI could search Mar-a-Lago if he didn't comply with subpoena for classified docs"

"Former President Donald Trump was warned by one of his lawyers in May of last year that the FBI could search his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida if he didn't comply with a grand jury subpoena that requested the return of classified documents, NBC News has confirmed."

Moving right along

A key witness in the case accusing of mishandling classified after leaving office has entered into a deal with prosecutors to provide testimony, his former attorney said in a Wednesday court filing.

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