i ported my number from

i ported my number from - Submitted my documents- Vodafone people came to my house and picked the docs - Got the verification call and answered all the questions Now my number gets abruptly suspended Is it a Joke or i made a mistake by porting

aniketjazz delhi @VodafoneIN i ported my number from @airtelindia - Submitted my documents - Vodafone people came to my house and picked the docs. - Got the verification call and answered all the questions. Now my number gets abruptly suspended. Is it a Joke, or i made a mistake by porting ? We make awesome videos. Kinda Awesome. FOUNDER@olddelhifilms
baldishchawla Jalandhar @CocaCola your Indian distributor vehicle doesn't have full documents and they are refusing to give me stock because Traffic police checking is going. Is this a joke?. @nitin_gadkari doing good works🙏🏼 #CocaCola #india
ChuckyFinley Austin @TheOnion @mattgaetz @mattgaetz will just go get this dismissed like that DUI. Talk about a swamp monster, well I want to see the arrest affidavit and your lawyer's documents about you denying the field sobriety test. Who takes you seriously when you are an unfunny joke? 😂 🤘🏽 do not resuscitate There's been a lot of dick riding Find you a bitch, I ain't the one
setnsail flyover Ffs Sandy Berger stuffed classified documents down his pants and the MSM shrugged. Now all of Republican Congress should be stripped of clearance? If one time MSM would ever be consistent perhaps they wouldn't be a joke. Get off my lawn!
PrairiewindA Nictaux, NS @funder Napolitano what a joke the Republicans are frustrated about the way things are being handled. The Republicans started all of this with their secrecy refusing to provide documents requested Barr restricting access to the Mueller Report etc. We have thrown caution to the wind our stained glass is whimsical original and created with love and passion. 🇺🇸by birth 🇨🇦by choice. #Resist #Resistance
KimberCreedmore USA Omar knocks Republicans for appearing to bring phones into highly-classified SCIF room These Democrats had no problem with Hillary's home server loaded with classified documents that Russians ended up owning. What a joke.
moom2326 How @JohnCornyn is it unfair? Trump allies are able to question witnesses. It’s a matter of national security witness security. Transparency is a joke of an argument when Trump Pompeo Pence Mnuchin et al defy subpoenas for documents and appearances. He’s guilty and u don’t care
tschaff0011 Ohio USA @LindseyGrahamSC You want to talk about due process! What a joke! No one called to testify shows up and documents are not produced when requested! OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE! You will be held accountable Graham! analyst of life, doer of just and right, compassion for all (except The Trump Brand). looks forward to peace and decency!
jaffer_abbas @Aramex Hi aramex, its 6pm and once again nothing has come. This has now become a joke. Its been out for delivery for past 8 days. Own up and admit you have lost my documents.
CrowSalvation22 @realDonaldTrump You see, it was all a joke like when he stared into the sun during an eclipse, went on Airforce One with TP on his shoe, couldn’t close an umbrella, Tweeted Covfefe, thought Frederick Douglass was still alive, walked past his own limo, forgetting to sign documents...
Swfc_Jack Sheffield Car insurers are a fucking joke man, asking me to send some documents over for about the 5th time because apparently I've done it wrong. Even though I did exactly what they said last time. Be easier to start again at this fucking rate 23. Sheffield Wednesday. Leah❤
MooMumma Grapevine, TX Right like falsifying documents, applications, admission forms in order to get reduced costs for free entry and to take jobs away from people rightly deserving?Get a life you’re a joke and a liar Culinary French Trained/FFA & Sustainable Agricultural Advocate /Licensed Realtor/Farmlife/ Moms4Moms Daughter of Ret Vietnam/Korean Vet💜🇺🇸KAG 2020
ProbablyADick @marenbennette @bbclaurak @StewartWood This would only be the case if: a) companies will be made to fill them in as a joke or b) no-one looked at them when they had been submitted If you're submitting documents for scrutiny as to what you're carrying, you're being checked. Hope this helps.
DebraWi18278424 WEST TEXAS, TEXAS-Q Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS via @yournewswire yep Isis training camps in Texas. No joke!! what's right is right and wrong is wrong. I'm Native,Love Andy, Charleigh, my sons,Sam, Jesus, A West Texas Ranch/Oil&Gas Family. Owner of Highlonesome Hunt.
LogosBolo United States Muslim Americans R a joke It’s like saying Bill Gates is broke The Muslim brotherhood & the American are not synonyms Like peace & war Their DNA hold the blocks that change our countries founded documents within them They don’t comprehend what RIGHTS R 4 🇺🇸#KAG2020 •Stringer and creator of the STRINGS/ I Exposed The Angelenos of Hollywood as Treasonous Terrorist & gave America, The L.A. Case Entries ⬇️Link
Sloopyy Houston, TX @RepAlexMooney What a joke you are. You should be ashamed. "Exposing secret so-called...". 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sadly your constituents are probably just ignorant or unwilling enough to know any better. 45 republicans have access to all testimony & documents. Even Pence's brother. You are a LIAR. #ImpeachTrump Buckeye graduate lost in Texas. Wife, Mom, Grandma, Retired Teacher. I block magats. #Buckeyes #Browns #Texans #Astros #Cavs #RESIST
libbysmom104 United States @NFreytag @DanielR42040716 @JohnTubeman @AngelaBelcamino @realDonaldTrump There are republicans present but they have no power to call witnesses or subpoena anyone. They are not allowed to have the documents without a babysitter. Its really a joke. Dems had a fit over reactions in the mueller report and then pull this nonsense. will f/b wwg1wga
ricklevy67 Claytons Energy Minister @AngusTaylorMP Channels Trump And Calls Clover Moors Doctored Documents Story A Conspiracy. This Coming From #CaymansAngus , Who With #CaymansBarnaby Stole $80 Million Of Tax Payers Money In The #WaterGate Scandal , Is A Joke Apiarist , Traveller, Love the out doors , Pensioner , Christian , Labor Voter, Human Rights , A Fair Go , Fishing and More
Cherischumann13 Philadelphia, PA @CheriAnnSchum11 landlordsf has never occurred to me about what a cruel world we live in that people single out a mother w a baby boy to abuse n toy with but joke on you I collected everything you did to us illegally obtained through historical documents to the company is expected to help his son from being used for his disability insurance program for a reason to keep track records of all tradesmen who were invol

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