Opinion: Cannon plays catch and kill

Opinion: Cannon plays catch and kill with the Trump classified documents case

'She has consistently making erroneous legal decisions. They are consistently always on the side of Donald Trump. And as the transcript shows in terms of how that came about, it came about because its precisely what Donald Trumps lawyers asked for and said should be done, and then she did it.'

Jack Smith PLOTS MOVE Against Judge Cannons Latest Order

It may not make a difference, but it certainly won't if we don't try. Follow the instructions in this video and file a against

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As Trumps classified docs prosecution goes forward, now with no pretense of trial before the election, Judge Cannon appears poised to permit him to use public hearings in the case to sound his campaign themes. ...

Just Joke Documents

GlennKirschner: Judge Aileen Cannon's Bias Is Showing.

A step-by-step guide on how every concerned American can file a judicial misconduct complaint form with the of Appeals to insist that be removed form the case and a fair, impartial, and independent judge be assigned Trump's federal case in

Roger Parloff did a on trial. Sigh.

As Trumps classified docs prosecution goes forward, now w no pretense of trial before the election, Judge appears poised to permit him to use pub hearings in the case to sound his campaign themes. 1/

Well, this nails it is in bed with . July 22 my ass.


Via Kyle Cheney: 1/...

: Judge has indefinitely postponed Donald 's trial date in Florida.

It may be months before we know the new schedule.

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Via Katie Phang:

NEW: Judge enters an Order temporarily staying the requirement for to have to file his CIPA Section 5 notice in the MAL classified case.

Sec. 5 requires Trump to disclose to the Government the classified materials he intends on using at trial.

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Via Kyle Griffin:

Newly unsealed filings:

A associate told the FBI of advising Trump to return classified to the National Archives nearly a year before agents searched Mar-a-Lago.

The associate said to Trump: "Whatever you have, give everything back. Let them come here and get everything. Don't give them a noble reason to indict you, because they will."

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Via K Cheney:

Wild stuff in unsealed (heavily redacted) FBI intrvw from high-level -wrld person related to investig
Ex: witness afraid to have interview recorded..fear of reprisal...appears 2 b..attempt to leverage Trump fam mmbers to push him to return classif docs
Won't take long to crowdsource IDs of many redacted from these docs. Prty easy to decipher # of them to high degree of cert which spks to why wanted more signif redactions/sealing

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Special Counsel Jack Smith is shoving back in the Mar a Lago criminal case, and telling federal judge Cannon enough is enough about Trump pointing to his NY trial as a basis for delay, in a new filing.

Slightly off topic, via Press:

Docket(s) - meanwhile, in the / case this afternoon, another sealed filing...

This is not a "hush money" case. In April 2023 the charged with 34 for follow the first against a U.S. with this timeline, and other resources. Stop downplaying the criminality of this case - it is financial fraud - if you or I perpetrated these acts we would have been tried and imprisoned already. lies

Small part of a thread by Daniel Barnes:

After roughly 2 hours of argument, Judge seems unlikely to grant motions from Carlos De Oliveira and Walt Nauta to dismiss some or all of the charges against them in 's classified case.... ... ...

What wasn't discussed today Anything about future timing in the case and when we might get a new trial date.

Via Jose Pagliery:

Donald 's Mar-a-Lago classified team keeps looking more like the one that defended him at his NY bank fraud trial.

The new guy is a hopeful FL GOP politician who failed to convince Judge Engoron that Trump's financial statements & appraisals could disagree but coexist.

CNN: Trump attorney, Evan Corcoran, who became a crucial witness against him has departed legal team By Kaitlan Collins

Trump is going to prison.

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Cannons gotta go.

Via Kyle Griffin:

Breaking on MSNBC:

Judge Aileen has partially granted special counsel 's motion to redact the names of government witnesses in the classified case.

But Cannon won't make it easy: Smith will still have to justify to the court each name redaction.

And two days after that article was published, Bornstein later told NBC News, a White House official and two others conducted a raid on his office to obtain the presidents medical records, which he said made him feel raped, frightened and sad. The White House responded at the time that it was standard operating procedure to obtain the documents and denied that it was a raid.

seems takes *some* official seriously.

It should also be noted that the (PRA) is a .

The PRA is from Title 44 of the Code (USC) which has to do w/the role of public printing & .

The is Chpt 22 of 44 USC & has 9 sections: 2201-2209

Judge Training Wheels used the word "unjust" toward prosecutors
Jack Smith is being "unfair" to her
Stop, you're killing me

via Anna Bower:

JUST IN: Judge DENIES s motion to dismiss the classified case based on the presidential records act.

In the same order, Judge Cannon also denies the special counse s request for a prompt ruling on jury instructions prior to trial.

She calls the special counsel's request "unprecedented and unjust."

Trump special counsel fires back at Cannon order that could disrupt case

Special counsel warned the judge overseeing Donald Trumps case that
she is pursuing a legal premise that is wrong
and said he would probably to a higher court if she rules that a federal records law can protect the former president from prosecution.
In a near-midnight legal filing, Smiths office pushed back hard against an unusual instruction from U.S. District Judge M.
one that veteran national security lawyers and former judges have said badly misinterprets the Presidential Records Act and laws related to classified documents.
Smiths filing represents the most stark and high-stakes confrontation yet between the judge and the prosecutor,
illustrating the extent to which a ruling by Cannon that legitimizes the as a defense could eviscerate the historic case.

It sets up the possibility that a government appeal of such a ruling could delay the trial well beyond Novembers presidential election, in which Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee.

In an open display of frustration, federal prosecutors on Tuesday night told the judge overseeing s classified case that a fundamentally flawed order she had issued was causing delays & asked her to quickly resolve a critical dispute about 1 of Trumps defenses leaving them time to appeal if needed.

The unusual & risky move by the prosecutors, contained in a 24-pg filing, signaled their mounting impatience w Judge

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Great piece on better writing, by Anil Dash


Via Roger Parloff:

Undocketed filings in US v (M-a-L) are stacking up. Yesterday the govt sought permission to file a surreply relating to a reply that isn't docketed yet, which related to a response that isn't docketed yet, which related to a motion that isn't docketed yet.

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