start of another week more

start of another week more conflicting information givenThis is now beyond a joke 7th May this whole process started Have you lost the documents

MaxineR60156982 @HM_Passport start of another week, more conflicting information given!This is now beyond a joke. 7th May this whole process started. Have you lost the documents??
MrsCleverKill Tennessee this crap is not a joke and any friends out there who could be affected by this PLEASE know your rights PLEASE know what the documents are supposed to be and what they should say before you just go willing our country is on a hunt but we don't have to make this open season Mom & Wife | Nerd 🎮 Streamer & Motivator 🕉️ | #TwitchAffiliate | CAMP🏕️DIRECTOR | strim teams: #SynCity ❤️#ThePizzaParty🍕email🔰
RevVsOfficial on the planet we call earth @battlemade Scamming invite rewards and ftops, harassing people, calling youtubers broke, threatening youtubers to take posts down for saying anything regarding a joke towards @battlemade, trying to send fake legal documents, Attacking @StrafeAndChill, Owner of @Hytheria | Manager for @lordbawble | Founder of @OptimalGamesOFC | Opinions don't reflect my work
CaptainBoolBool Обнинск, Россия @Calenstar @THR @IMKristenBell @realamberheard This is a statement of facts. From court documents all this is clear. She beat people. She is an abuzer. She is charged with forging documents. She wanted people to lie for her benefit, and after they refused, she threatened them. Shit in bed, this is a funny joke for her. ... Irina Kabanova PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ART by Captain Bool-Bool. More works on my LJ -
DickYoungsGhost My America @mmurraypolitics Hey @billdeblasio, ANOTHER national poll showing you at LESS THAN ZERO. @nbcnews @WSJ what a joke of a Presidential campaign. The modern voice of one of the greatest sportswriters, ever. "Dick Young was exactly what a tabloid sportswriter was supposed to be like" - Frank Deford.
SSaleem08 Lahore, Pakistan @wisharsalan @NasimZehra Fake .... joke... 22 documents fake... PTI... shameless liars... Pro Democracy, RTs are not endorsement
dromain65 Ottawa, Ontario @RepCummings You are a joke Sir, you represent legal Americana ... BTW did your wife’s two scam companies hand the documents over yet, probable not !!! So easy to see
SFactor20 @Tashawithatea @chrissybug5000 @davo_ww @ScoobyDoo240 @BeastiesRunDMC2 @thebiebz2100 @Eddie_Drood @AWealls @2000Watts3 @msn71011 @lola7oo @Prerana59248335 @scgilly1982 @betsywrene @CriCri51391727 @HollyGLly @Nessie43 @bearitable @PriBilliK @Nina82997364 @JaimieD12 @PoetCalloway @moleloverj7 @MahatmaMichael @nckmtclf @FMathPalmer @DaniMedia360 @Katbagley1 @Fitzyprincess @MyCatInBlack @penelope_6 @StanMarlon @cat_piller @LaReinaBoricua @PirateBL_R @jofraz80 @amara__df @ddssy @shlharris @tralarlarlarlar @arrivagabry @FireyKaye @DANIREEDALL @_GemArt_ @dash4442 @annieisokmaykol @AlphaGregVM @Road2me1 @swithearts @Sarah43518785 This is how you know supporters of Robchuck didn't read the court documents. Both of their cases were a damn joke. 🤣
sajadbmir London @MaryamNSharif @pmln_org shutter down another joke, fake videos, fake documents, you should check your nikkah nima, that might be fake as well You either believe in Allah or you don't, there is no in between Abu; Government Worker; villain@avfc
MozDefinitely Earthling! @mmnjug @UFAAKenya UFAA is a joke. I'll tell you this, even if you have all your documents in order, It takes like 3-5 years for them to list unclaimed assets, and you have to have listed them in the Certificate of confirmation of grant from the High court ... (1) In the process of deciphering Cognitive Dissonance and Transcending The Matrix! Celebrating a Decade Anniversary on Twitter.
mflew2 Texas, USA Somehow they still don't get that the joke's on THEM. The documents the Administration will review has MUCH more info than just a Census question. With the Census they could always a) lie or b) throw it away. This way it's ALL documented. Happy trails, suckers. TX born & bred! NO LIST/NO TRAINS! #MAGA 🇺🇸'Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.
Ehmling4Texas Splendora, TX @moo_chains That would be a goldmine of lost historical documents and artifacts no joke 😭😭 I would love to see what they have in their basement for real Activist, Husband, Writer, Teacher, Texan. Former GOP Texas House candidate, HD-16. #TaxationIsTheft #LegalizeIt
howardknopf Ottawa @mediamorphis @bramabramson @friendscb Problem is to ensure that $$ spent wisely - something we can't be assured of under current leadership at the executive & governance level. Current strategic plan seems to be a short & not funny joke....@PresidentCBCRC @pablorodriguez @acoyne @davidakin IP Counsel at Ottawa, Canada. Linking isn't endorsing. Blog:
theLLivingstone Calgary, Alberta 🇨🇦 If you want your judgment treated like a joke, use Comic Sans. "... a casual, non-connecting script inspired by comic book lettering, intended for use in informal documents and children's materials." Current: BigLaw litigator, bars of AB & ON. Former: @Wienermobile hotdogger. Always: allergic to mediocrity.
TinaMurnotbot @annmcnam @fiannafailparty Well if the FF chap is anything to go by I'd say they will! I asked him the basis for his opinion and he (I kid you not) messaged me a load of UK headlines! I messaged him back the legal documents from the UK Gov. website, accessible to all, that I was reading through. No joke!
devalara44 australia The hoops you have to jump through as a staffer to obtain a TS clearance are crazy, yet the documents you are handling are the same ones you hand to the Minister. It is a joke! Political tragic, Ex Federal Ministerial and Opposition ALP Staffer (12yrs) Social Worker, proud Irish🇮🇪-Australian, ten pound paddy. Inaction is no option!
RealFredy1107 Mumbai @Paytm the @Paytmcare staff is a joke. They say my documents have not been verified for #PaytmPostpaid because my KYC is not updated. I even sent the screenshot of the page that shows my KYC is updated. So without resolution these idiots close the query but my account is on hold Working with a rapidly growing travel company based out of Mumbai Suburbs.
TransxicanGal Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco @SpaceValien Fucking hell i'm so stupid idk how to fucking write apparently "It's using something from formal and official documents as a joke in internet (And personally it's for clarity also)" Ur favourite depressed Mexican gal memeing the depression away | she/they.
TransxicanGal Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco @SpaceValien It's using something used in formal and official documents used as a joke in internet (And personally it's for clarity also) Ur favourite depressed Mexican gal memeing the depression away | she/they.
collin_ph So far this week, I've restored more data than is in all the books in all the world (no joke). If your hard drive has crashed or your memory card is broken, hit me up! I can work you in! Pictures, videos, documents,...
kinkytrashfire @SpaceValien it's for clarity/redundancy in official documents but online it's joke 18+. Nonbinary. They/them. Aspiring SW posts porn/pervy pics/clips of self. Sub. Little. Not a brat (is a huge brat). Femboy. Puppy. Into a lot of kinky stuff.
Thoth_X @chowcollection @ThisDadDoes @ZubyMusic Except 1. bitcoin is slow with lighting network being a joke 2. There are leaked documents that hint that xrp will be the next world reserve currency once the stock market crashes. 3. There are other indications that bitcoin was the prototype for xrp (which solves it's problems). Your red pill dealer. I will take you down the rabbit hole.
jasonvmiller Earth @andrew_leach @github An editor (program to write code/documents in). Programmers often joke that you're either a vi user, or an emacs (another very popular but very different editor.) A proud father of four, space-loving, software-hacking vegetarian and Carl-Saganist standing on the shoulders of those who came before him. Per aspera ad astra!
winonasrider @nightwalkerrs You're not even willing to read court documents and you wanna act all woke and educate others ? That's just a big no. When you're not even ready to be open minded and accept that you believed a liar, don't go try to speak for justice or whatever you wanna call it. That's a joke. *sigh* Savvy? #JohnnyDeppIsInnocent

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