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Via Kyle Cheney:

JUST IN: cites the Hur Report to argue that 's handling of classified was significantly more aggravated/willful than Joe Biden's.

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Heads up.

Via Anna Bower:

Judge Scott McAfee has set a date to hear argument on the motion to disqualify from prosecuting the RICO case against Trump and others.

Hearing set for March 1 at 1 p.m.

As with most Fulton County proceedings, the hearing will be live-streamed.

ADDED: Via Katie Phang:

The Scheduling Conference in the MAL case is also scheduled for March 1 at 1 pm...


s lawyers have filed several motions to dismiss the classified case in , citing, among other things, presidential immunity and arguing special counsel was unlawfully appointed.

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New video up.

"This is objectively correct.Trump is the very worstthe actual bottom of the barrelof the human beings our country has birthed.You can tell me that he is tied with some others ...Manson, Dahmer, and but as a Trump biographer Im not going to have any difficulty arguing that no one *exceeds* Trump in being despicable. Keep in mind that the death toll from his actions during the pandemic will never be equaled by any serial killer or terrorist because it would be logistically impossible." s.a.

He is responsible for the death of many thousands of Americans.

Donald Trump is a horrid, malignant, narcissistic sociopath. Hes one of the worst exemplars of the human species Ive ever witnessed. Period.

Prosecuting Julian Assange gives the green light for countries all around the world to protect their government secrets by unjustly charging international reporters or editors with crimes


The word "archive" is derived from the French "archives," which in turn comes from the Late Latin "archivum" and the Greek "ta arkheia."

The Greek term originally referred to the home or dwelling of the Archon, a ruler or chief magistrate, in which important official state were filed and interpreted.

Just Joke Documents


Via Kyle Cheney:

Judge has denied 's effort to postpone pretrial deadlines but says she'd consider late-filed matters if they can show they're necessary.

The full never came to fruition, in large part because the conspirators didn't get enough buy-in from then-Vice President Mike Pence and other key Republican leaders.

But the newly revealed are a chilling reminder that the violence of the Capitol insurrection was just a small part of what was a vast, sweeping to steal the 2020 election from President Joe Biden and the voters who elected him.

This matters, because "January 6" has become a shorthand for an attempted that, in actuality, lasted for two months and across multiple states.

There's a real danger that the on January 6 is eclipsing the public's understanding of all the events and crimes that led up to QAnon idiots storming the Capitol. 

Via Brandon Van Grack:

During the Super Bowl, DOJ filed a motion in Mar-a-Lago case requesting permission to reply to defs' reply to support their motion to compel discovery. DOJ alleges procedural error: defs improperly raised a new claim that discovery is warranted based on selective prosecution

is expected to be in attendance Monday in when Judge Aileen presides over a hearing in his classified case in which attorneys will address issues surrounding the classified materials in question.

The hearings will be under seal & held in a SCIF -- a specially-equipped secure room for viewing highly classified materials -- located in Fort Pierce, Florida

Via Roger Parloff:

Quick update on tense dispute between Judge & govt in USA v (MaL): ln trying to persuade Cannon to reconsider her order last week to unseal identities of >24 participants in probe, including some witnesses & their statements ...

I feel like this should be "Breaking News!"

Jack Smith Files "Motion for Reconsideration and Stay' - regarding Cannon's ruling(s) about classified evidence - either not knowing, or making up, law.

This seems to have been gotten lost in the news/noise mix ...

Jack Smiths ready to go and is tired of Cannons obstruction and disregard for (actual) law!

1/Via Joyce Vance:

This is how you set up an appeal.

Kyle Cheney:

Special counsels office is pleading with Judge to reverse to recent unsealing decisions they say would identify two dozen witnesses an expose them to threats.

They say Cannons rulings were clear error defying 11th circuit precedent and would cause manifest injustice

Hur's agenda

"Hur, who was appointed by Trump to be the U.S. Attorney in Maryland, claimed Biden saw himself as a historic figure and collected papers and artifacts along the way so he could write about his career. He details Bidens disagreements with Obama over Afghanistan policyabsolutely unnecessary

and certainly beyond the bounds of what DOJ makes public when it declines to indict a case."

Unlike Trump, No Charges in Biden Classified Documents Case
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"If Trump had cooperated with the Department of Justiceinstead of lying to investigators, again and againhe might have avoided at least some of the 91 criminal charges currently pending against him," said Rep. Jerry Nadler.

Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded that "no criminal...

Biden is making a speech on the documents investigation tonight.

Any minute.

Via Anna Bower:

After moved to extend pre-trial deadlines in the classified case, files a scathing response.

The defendants will stop at nothing to stall the adjudication of the charges against them by a fair and impartial jury of citizens, the special counsel writes.

Mike Reader


Special counsel: Biden's classified document mishandling doesn't warrant charges

The special counsel investigating President Joe Biden's handling of classified documents has concluded that no criminal charges are warranted. He added that they wouldn't be even if the Department of Justice didn't have a policy barring the prosecution of sitting presidents.

Special counsel: Bidens classified document mishandling doesnt warrant charges

The special counsel investigating President Joe Bidens handling of classified documents has concluded that no criminal charges are warranted. He added that they wouldnt be even if the Department of Justice didnt have a policy barring the prosecution of sitting presidents.

Just to be clear, the 11th Circuit should remove Judge Cannon from the case for her shocking misconduct and damage to national security, but they can't remove her from her the bench. And they probably won't do either of those. Because Trump stacked the 11th Circuit with insurrectionists.

This illustrates why many of us felt, in 2016, that saving the future of humanity was more important than hurting Hillary Clinton's feelings. Sadly, we were overruled.

The media seems more interested in public interest, aka financial gain, than public and security.

The Press Coalition, which is comprised of major media companies, also asked the court to unseal Trumps redacted motion in unclassified form, citing public interest.

As opposed to

Justice Dept. to soon issue classified- special counsel report
The report is critical of how Biden, aides handled classified documents after his vice presidency but says those actions dont amount to crimes

Cannon granted most of the criminal defendants request to unredact portions of their motions for discovery. Court dismissed concerns about (i) harm to witnesses, (ii) disclosing an FBI code name for a separate investigation, (iii) disclosing uncharged conduct of an individual.

Potentially will ask for reconsideration on a few limited items that they wanted to keep redacted.


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Via Brandon Van Grack:

Judge granted most of defendants request to unredact portions of their motions for discovery. Court dismissed DOJ concerns about (i) harm to witnesses, (ii) disclosing FBI code name for a separate investig, (iii) disclosing unchrgd conduct of an indiv.

Given court's ruling & skepticism for DOJ concerns, this cd be harbinger for requiring DOJ to disclose lots more classif info to defendants. We shall see later this month

3/ If you're an optimist, note that these hearings will be1st time Cannon gets to see the charged & read about potential harm to nat sec resulting from their unauth disclosure. If there's ever going to be a come to Jesus moment, this wd be it

Ironically,only reason DOJ will be talking about charged docs w/ Cannon (& submitting declarations) is bc Nauta & DeOliveira requesting access to them in discovery & she's requiring DOJ to address that thru Sec. 4 motion (which is unusual).

Did you really think they'd stop spying on us

"US Ron Wyden released documents confirming the buys Americans internet records, which can read: WILL reveal which they visit and what they use."

Releases Confirming the Buys Browsing Records Calls on to Stop Buying US Obtained Unlawfully From , Violating Recent Order

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Via Katherine Faulders:

NEWS - questioned witnesses about 2 rms FBI didn't search at Mar-a-Lago 1 was hidden room inside s bedrm. The other, a locked closet w a curiously timed lock change inside his residence

"..Trump allegedly had the closet's lock changed while his attorney was in Mar-a-Lago's basement, searching for classified in a storage rm that he was told would have all such docs"

Track The Rapist, Insurrectionist Coward's Trials With Handy Spreadsheet

The racist, philandering, con-artist. A federal court found him liable for rape and defamation of the Woman he sexually abused, hes facing 91 state and federal felonies, he incited an armed rebellion just 36 months ago, he lied to voters 32,000 times between 2017 and 2021, hes declared bankruptcy six times, and historians rank him as the worst president in American history. He is charged with felonies of stealing and concealment of National Defense documents under Act. The biggest criminal in American history.

Via Lisa Rubin: 1/...

A small update from the Mar-a-Lago case: The sealed, ex parte hearing lasted for 3 hours, during which the special counsel's team argued certain classified information should be withheld from , Nauta, and DeOliveira.

4 attorneys appeared for Special Counsel Jack Smith: Jay I. Bratt, David Harbach, Julie A. Edelstein, and J.P. Cooney, who just entered his appearance yesterday. Unsaid, however, is whether Smith himself attended

Pour celles et ceux qui l'ont manqu ! La "suggestion du jeudi" actuelle de Kaja Antonowicz sur le blog Germano-Fil sur les Archives du journal intime allemand :

Une vaste collection en Bade-Wurtemberg avec des documents de gens 'ordinaires' rarement runis aussi largement.

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