Trump's lawyers want and judge Aileen

Trump's lawyers want and judge Aileen to punish the for committing the of arguing for a trial date they don't like. And if the past is prologue, Cannon just might do it. I don't believe it's possible to secure a conviction in Cannon's court, so maybe it would be best for Special Consel to dismiss the case and focus solely on the case. Either that or Smith should move for Cannon's .

This post is the repetition of my . First of all. You can ignore all other accounts, since this one give me everything I want.
Sometimes if not, many times, I like to write a lot, trying to explain few little things of reality, using words.
Reality is so beauty that we can only it, because we know how is each of . The is always in our to .
The focused subject is as well what create the necessary to the expression of it in .
Is curious that subjectivity is for each self, objectivation of reality, which makes things more . The is the condition.
Is like to that we are and there is no other thing that can deny your absolute notion of reality.
When I you, it mean I may like the content that you share, but when I interact with it, is where I wish to learn more and create a possible and natural conversation, where two persons try to explain their own interpretation about the subject in causa, so that condition, both persons to . Is the aspect of those who , which if you think, even or do. :D
Thank You to giving to all simples animals that doesn't or text, but I am not sure about the will of that you gave to human kind, while I cannot deny about mine. In fact I cannot deny yours, which is the condition that declare solipsism a false theory. But is at the same Time. And all of it is only (objects and functions) that are in .
are like myth's and illusions.. which is our inability to intercept correctly, reality.
Ah, I had other account here in this , but I got a strike for giving tips to someone to hack reality. Sometimes, those reactions, lead me to think that no one like to have new suggestions to learn how to deal with reality, which is .. and not.. we go again to our eternal positive and negative condition when dealing with reality, which is solipsism..
I like what is possibly . But When I do, I try to care it. Is like trying to care flowers to make them grow . They will be like many others, but better in upgrading their personal .
Even then, we always need to point into some direction, which includes . I think reality is fine as it is, but you know, I am just a and I like to imagine a better world. That world can be only possible if others agree with it. I don't care who you are, what cultural base you have. You will be persons for all eternity. People have the ability to create what ever they wish to. So, I join this instance because in fact give me everything I need to possess to feel . I can write a lot :D Monkey . I can explain.. GOOD !!!
Sometimes I have this style, which can be a bit provocative, but what can I do, if not, being my self even if here, I am nothing more than simple text. I am nothing.. I am just data.. only useful if you wish to do something with it. But that is not me, just the data that is here, in that our can , like do. As you can see.. I am nothing than . So since text is data and data can be organized in and with them we can create , I always like to tag everyone is the and talk about approaches.
A is only a .. if I am the expression of .. is only light.
is for my . I don't know about you but I always like to think about .
I have a crazy illusion that I have the to talk with the . Some knowledge says he will help me to dream in a safer way. But I cannot prove that, because that is my illusion. In my illusion, there is the other side of the coin, which is the . Even if the Tiger can be good, like all cats, they have that skill that prove to be , while sometimes, .
Dragon have different approachs, and normally, dragons are more respectful, while abcessive with perfectionism. I don't know the Dragon or the Tiger, but here I am talking to them.
I am just a peaceful monkey that likes to write and produce music and nothing more.. is what or do, most of the .. even , , etc...
But you know.. I am in this shell of Time, that can repeat it self, every time that the conditions to happen are true in reality, else they couldn't happen. :D or is what some call.. I don't know.. but is in my way of being the self.. that is why I need to give a plent of congratulations to Jerry.
I can dive into the Scientific research that is based mainly in , created by "us". :D ..
I think "God" did like me, but I don't understand why. I cannot explain how thankful I am, but you know, he gave me this mission where an needs to be accomplished and here, with you, we can solve many problems together.
Is what is doing for years, but we need to focus technology to something good and for all. try that, putiing robos as workers. That is good. They have a lot of others things.. good imagination with .. what they cannot but hey, USA or SouthAfrica is the same. is Knowledge in the brain. :D
and and all things that create bad . I like too. all kind. I like . with background, where I can write something and create light, even if doing something wrong. :D

Comment protger ses documents officiels avec un filigrane

Si vous vous lancez dans la recherche dun logement pour la rentre, ou que vous devez envoyer des documents officiels un individu tierce, il est recommand de prendre des prcautions.

The Right-Wing Group Doing Starbucks Work

A right-wing, is pushing a at . We found indicating that the National Right To Work Foundation and Starbucks are encouraging workers to leave Starbucks Workers United. We uncovered their .

Via Zoe Tillman:

FL judge in classified case will hold a sealed hearing, date/location not announced, to discuss issues re: the handling of classified evidence -- one of the key points of contention has been where Trump can discuss sensitive material w/ lawyers

All About Joke Documents

Changed the Lock in His Residence before Changing the Lock on the Storage Room - Via emptywheel

*Was Elon Musk Trying To Cozy Up To Trump In Fight With Jack Smith*

David Kurtz

+ +

has made it harder to choose which handle standard file types. Follow these steps to set default apps for all your , , files, and more.

Got a Trump indictment Take a number, get in line.


Trump has been indicted in a fourth case. Here's where all the investigations stand

is fighting an effort from s legal team to reestablish a secure facility in Mar-a-Lago, arguing he would be the only defendant ever in a classified case to review evidence in their home.

Creating a secure location in Trumps residence which is also a social club so he can discuss classified information would be an unnecessary and unjustified accommodation that deviates from the normal course of cases involving classified discovery

Ets d'aquelles a qui els agrada enviar de tot per la No deixes de ni en cap de setmana i et cal un servei web de fiar per a enviar i arxius diversos

Surt dels tpics tpics del i prova

Et permet enviar de fins a 2gb de manera privada, xifrar-los si cal, amb data de caducitat i configurant el nombre de descrregues que vols permetre. La coneixes, ja l'has tastat

If you want to ensure those who receive your can they come from you, the Digital Signature feature is a good place to start.

Attorneys for President Joe and the special counsel appointed to investigate his handling of classified have been negotiating for about a month over the terms under which he would be interviewed

David Kurtz

Heads up and apologies. I was traveling all day yesterday and could not toot. I am catching up now. Since references this edition, I decided to toot it out. Also gets an honorable mention.

The approached the after noticing the , state.

The victim then turned towards the who responded by the three times in the head area, noted.

In explanation, the defendant stated he believed the victim had assaulted a fellow protester and that the victim was going to assault him next.

& his body-man Walt pleaded not guilty to new criminal charges brought by special counsel in the Mar-a-Lago classified case, while the arraignment for his co-defendant Carlos has been postponed because he still doesnt have a lawyer.

valet and property manager to appear in court in Mar-a-Lago case

s legal team is asking govt to reestab a secure facility at Mar-a-Lago so he can review classified discovery in case.

..comes after he requested to review evidence at his home, prosecutors dismissed as extraordinary given it=very location where hes charged w improperly handling some of most closely guarded secrets 1/...

What makes a fascist

-Rejecting democracy for a strongman
-Stoking rage against cultural elites
-Nationalism based on superior race
-Glorifying strength and warriors
-Disdain of women and LGBTQ+ people

These elements find exact expression in Donald Trump.


Trial Dates for the biggest criminal in American history.


Our thanks again to and for making this tidy graphic.

6 criminal and civil trials. (Trials, not just lawsuits)

78 felony indictments. Yes. 78.

And counting.

*This Is Exactly What Trumps Game Of Delay, Delay, Delay Is Going To Look Like*

David Kurtz

in 2022 federal agents served a at Mar-A-Lago in to search for missing classified that a had refused to return and was believed keeping in insecure locations

Judge Cannon's pro-Trump shenanigans continue...

All three in the case referred to by the initials A.C., B.E., and S.E. in have undergone and have their and on their .

*The Weekend Kerfuffle In The Trump Jan. 6 Case, Explained*

David Kurtz

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Area 51 FBI Raid (2023)

waived his right to appear for his upcoming arraignment on a superseding indictment in the classified case.

NEW: In signed waiver, donald trump notifies in that he will NOT be attending the Thursday arrest/arraignment on his NEW CRIMINAL in the federal and prosecution

Thats TWO not guilty pleas on NEW multiple criminal offenses in less than 24 hours for donald trump.

against America

acquires new highlighting s , .

The features Otero's , , , and depicting individually as well as part of or during a time of self-celebration despite queer people facing mounting .

I mainly use my android phone for just about everything. I'm trying to move away from Google stuff. G docs don't save in Proton Drive . What open docs can I use on my phone and save to Proton drive Any suggestions gratefully received

says he will seek a speedy trial for the charges against Its entirely possible that this case will go to trial earlier than the case, which will require time to adhere to the Classified Information Security Act. Documents case is set for May. Could we see the Jan. 6 trial in February or March

Via Zoe Tillman:

and Walt are set to be arraigned on the superseding indictment in the classified case on Aug. 10 -- TBD if he'll go in person, he can waive that and DOJ said in a filing last week they wouldn't oppose it

Impressive and helpful review of in case.

Attackers have advanced their for leveraging the "search-ms" uniform resource identifier () from to direct users to websites that exploit -ms functionality using hosted on the page.

The search-ms protocol lets Windows users conduct search operations via a URI. Normally, its a operation, but if combined with another vulnerability such as within documents, can potentially use it as a part of a broader or campaign.

This attack requires at multiple layers of an organizations defenses. First, properly leveraging email filters with URL rewriting and malicious content controls will limit the impact of a search-ms attack. Second, it relies on limited restrictions on outbound internet browsing both at the firewall and internet proxy level. Once again, outbound controls are critical.

Full blog post with technical details available here:

Carlos , s newest co-defendant in the Mar-a-Lago case, was released on a $100,000 bond after an initial court appearance Monday.

Despite claims that prosecuting Trump means a slide into autocracy, the indictment and conviction of former leaders in democratic and semi-democratic nations is quite common.

*Superseding Indictment: The Boss (Trump) Told His Staff to Destroy Evidence (Over the Cliff Notes)*


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