uif is a joke my

uif is a joke my wife got retrenched last year Submitted online waited over a month called back they want documents loaded to another system link given waited 2 weeks called back no u supposed to call us after submitting docs Wait 14 days

Ziyaad_FS @UIFBenefits @SakinaKamwendo uif is a joke my wife got retrenched last year... Submitted online waited over a month called back they want documents loaded to another system link given.. waited 2 weeks called back no u supposed to call us after submitting docs. Wait 14 days
PurandharShiva want me in-person. is it a joke? Upon request they told us to send an email to Provided all the details they need. they said documents are not clear. we resend scanned docs. Then they said, needed some other documents. we resend the file again. (pt.3)
malikabid122 United States @PALaborIndustry I uploaded all documents more then 4 months now. Please resolve USCIS issue. For you, it’s a job, but for us, it's a life-saving matter. The world's most advanced country in Technology facing a problem to fix the website issue and it's more than one month now. Is it a joke???
PRADS29DEEPS Hyderabad, India @ICICIBank @ICICIBank_Care @RBI @nsitharaman @FinMinIndia @PMOIndia What a Joke ! CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERs NOT working. Signed all documents for RESTRUCTURING on 7Jan. BRANCH do not have ANY IDEA. Still EMIs DEDUCTING. Govt.claim we are with citizen. This is a BIG SLAP in SYSTEM. Sit, See, Relax, Plan, Conquer ... I am RANTER who have sense. To the people with more follower without commonsense REST IN PEACE ✌️
TheBeingBeyond 🏳️‍🌈 I actually follow this guy and his fake idols. It's an obvious joke and he even documents this stuff on YouTube If you look hard enough you might find me in some of his instagram comment sections playing along She/Her | 18 | Read The Love We Feel on Wattpad by DistinctiveUsername | Anime Spoilerpalooza | @OkuyasusMom Enthusiast |
JeromeInMakati Makati City @my_old_scarf Joke of the year hahahaha wtf are they thinking (i will not read that documents) ? 29 | ♍️ | Bicolano🌶 | ENFP | TayOncéLavigne
beauzam76 @Centrelink Centrelink has the worst call centre in Australia 40 different operators give u 40 different answers and keep requesting documents that they already have THIS IS A JOKE train your staff correctly and stop beating around the bush it's absolute joke stop asking for stuff u have Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.” love the mighty tigers. views are my own? banter is gr8
mrsnippyloki 🎆💖Mirage 💖🎇💖Voyage💖🎆 Ppl may joke about cursive writing but still it's a skill and is needed for transcribing old text for history and archives if someone wants to be an archivist, history or museum worker. It's so important cuz there is so many documents & letters addressed to our Indigenous nations Reiner+Berthold is my weakness Totally in Love w/Mirage💖!Huge Naruto GK Apex fan😊I love funny YouTubers I love to draw c:💖Icon by @yankasmiles!😄❤She/Her 26
EJ_VKanty @TomiLahren Yeah, it's a big joke. Except we know extraterrestrial life exists. We've already seen enough to know it's a very real possibility including declassified documents. But, yeah, why would we want to be prepared to defend ourselves? That's just silly. I like people who interact. That's what this social media thing is all about! 😉 #Horror #author
robertoduran200 @MSNBC @FrankFigliuzzi1 Your a joke. Declassified documents.
koselmarina1 end up in a macho joke against women of the lesbian prank gender in poland rien
KagsyforPM Lancashire #politicslive People are buying forged testing documents...this government is a joke.... passionate LFC supporter , fighter against injustice, socialist beliefs, desire for a moral world #LFC #YNWA
Tahira40306523 @SamAstronic @mmquamar Continue (2) A person from BJP complianed that he heard his practice no video prove nor ny documents just a verbal statement by some BJP person police arrested him...agin here if he is arrested for his previous joke why this false claim needed to arrest him or the other five ppl? calm and quiet , love to walk and my this year goal is to lose my weight...
spy_historian Wales @Airminded @Alan_Allport No problem. The source is Mass-Observation, TC 77 (p. 83) That joke comes up a few times in Mass Ob. Lecturer in History.
ThomasGibon @SandstadNaess @chungindecol @Camp_Transition @nytimes @BenoitHalgand @ReveilEcolo @Equinor Right, that "New energy" section is a bit scarce compared to the rest 🙂 But what good is it if your offshore #wind farm is used to power drilling platforms? Not a joke, it's literally from @Equinor's latest Sustainability Report 👇 Industrial ecology, climate change, energy, and anything that distracts me from that: sports, music, languages, geography...
LakeOfStarsSys they/them or specific member's @DioptaseSystem that notation is common in legal and corporate documents, and it's become a joke to use it in other contexts as a form of emphasis on the number Plural system of ~20・mostly non-humans・body is 21・we tweet about whatever ・ #PluralGang #ActuallyAutistic ・ read pinned for individual intros・
Chulanga_N Doha, Qatar @NewsWireLK @AzzamAmeen It's not a joke I guess. 'Relevant' and 'people who knew' might have already opened LC's and required documents during the window. Clever way of doing Central Bank type scandals without triggering public attention. Yūgen || Electrical Engineer || Philosophy, Politics & Social Sciences || Nature || Travel || Photography || Kandy, Sri Lanka || Doha
spangger Melbourne, Victoria @Office as expected, the Compare documents feature is #useless. Given it doesn't compare and indicate differences in comments...despite Comments being a setting! Also, the small non-resizable settings window is a joke, especially when trying to select the files #fail #Word The grumpiest c#&t on Twitter. Maybe the planet. #curmudgeon
Crazie_Joy Jamshedpur, Jharkhand @SBICard_Connect 11th jan my address successfully changed in app as well as website. And as of today, I'm again being asked to submit KYC documents. Are all the departments in SBI un sync with each other ? Now, I will ve billed even though I don't have the card with me. Is this a joke ?
ObiWanToffoli Staples Center or a Mosh Pit So @Discover is mandating a "random" ID verification, which places a hold on my account, wont allow me to make payments, & threatens to close my account if I don't upload the documents in 2-weeks time. What a joke after years of membership. Can you say "lost a customer for life?" 𖤐Patriotic Thrashing Atheist Warmonger Centrist|HistoryBA|Hockey|Sports|SW|LotR|Tacos| Megadeth| #GoKingsGo #USC #Dodgers #LakeShow #Cowboys✭ #GoBeach21𖤐₆⁶₆

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