wish it was a joke

wish it was a joke but ive now seen enough internal documents that make that beyond the question lmao

CallumBooth Amsterdam, The Netherlands @ChrisChinch wish it was a joke β€” but i've now seen enough internal documents that make that beyond the question lmao weeping & gnashing & writing crap // editor of @plugged // articles & videos @thenextweb // co-host @smugbookclub
portecrayon america @MrYesWeCan @RickRoc83894164 @marc_liron @MeetKarma45 Politifact does not determine truth. That is up to the individual human who collects information, data, interviews, documents utilizing their common sense, logic & deductive powers to conclude what is most likely the truth. Politifact is not truth teller...what a joke! My only view to the outside Clown World. No Tell A Vision, No Bernays Motion Pictures, No other Social Media, No Corporate Media...It helps in spotting lies.
IsaacAdmens Toronto Cursive is dumb because you have adults scribbling on legal documents like it’s a joke only gud vibes here, or whatever that’s supposed to mean πŸ˜•
elainey60 Bexley. @findmypast Joke !you take money every month for me to access documents so I was so excited this morning only to find you are charging members Β£2.50 each time to actually access the documents! CON BEWARE retired midwife ,fanatical Celtic supporter hates bigotry racism mum to 4 ,10 grandkids 2 beautiful Cocker spaniels Harry , Coco happy married voted remain πŸŒΉπŸ€
Mythoug05655057 @Davros59 @densejuan @PRGuy17 To submit an AAT (Administrative Appeal Tribunal) usually takes WEEKS to obtain all the relevant documents to lodge to authorities. This is an absolute joke, his case goes directly to FFC on the same day of his deportation notice. Piss off and re-enter legally next time! 🀬🀬🀬 Live life, my thoughts
GlytchTech I'm sorry, but I'm not doing a video call with a rando regarding financial documents and proof of ID. So I guess Ill just get brought up on tax evasion charges since I cant login to my account (and to clarify...thats a joke. Just going to do the mail-in BS. But this is dumb) Artificer of drones, robots. Occasionally called Q and MacGyver. Done today is better than perfect tomorrow.
Johnnthelefty @BetaCuck4Lyfe @DAMikeSchmidt Such a joke. Was that initially documents put together under underhill? Research & Report on right wing extremism, citizen journalist covering protests, photographer, activist, non-conformist and critical thinker.
markleestail Jeno's hole When I went to get my vaccine booster shot the vaxx lady asked me for my documents and as I handed it to her she asked me if I had also brought my arms as a joke and I panicked telling her I didn't know about a new document called arms she/they nb | 20 y | Fanfic writer/rps | NSFW acc | minors do not follow/interact!! πŸ”ž| block if uncomfortable with nsfw | AO3:Markleestail |
Ghostman192 50,000 daily COVID cases yet one Tennis player is denied entry into the country, upon arrival, due to his vaccination exemptions documents not being up to scratch? Australia you are a joke. @ScottMorrisonMP @DanielAndrewsMP and anyone who agrees with this logic are a bunch of 🀑s New to this NFT space but ohhhh what a ride.
sunfIowervol69 dyke / 24 / vegas / no gender i’m going through old documents to shred and i found a check from 2020 that i didn’t sign so i tried to deposit it and it’s actually being processed??? this has to be a joke i’m almost certain i deposited this larries do not interact
TisJen @marktheshark210 I think the joke is obviously on Djokovic. Not hard to get your travel documents in order...for most anyway. Family First. Love animals and therefore vegan, #pigoneer, πŸ’—πŸ½#photography, photoart and the great outdoors.All photography is my own.
dree_kelly Scotland uk @theipaper How low will she go will all #documents be out now come on what a joke #princeandrew you got comment on this SCOTTISH GIRL. HATE CORRUPTION HUMAN HATE, LIKE ART...... Hate tories lie lie and lie. Put country into risk from untrained political workers. I
AGENTMONKEY11 Denial @VillainLeaning @_ADWills My IT aside wants to make sure you're aware of the compare documents option present within most recent document editing softwares. The rest of me realizes this is a joke and not likely looking for real answers.
comic_old @olyakl @yoloboyd02 About 4 or 5 years ago we were doing the "Going green" thing. Documents were all email and they cut out paper as much as they could. It was a joke then as much as the disregard of wasting plastic now. Love and collect old comics! Mortally Challenged, TheBatmanWholols, #oldcomicbookday #TeamComics Pronouns: Beep/Bop/Boop/Fuck/Outta/Here/Lvl 41 Chaotic Good
ivtmc03 @liana_ioan @BenRothenberg πŸ˜‚ his application was approved by two independent panels of medical professionals His documents were good enough for them but suddenly not good enough for federal politicians It’s such a joke
Cmitch921 Neverland, CA @Mystic_248 @unusual_whales it's a joke. well, if ur unvaxxed there is a much higher possibility that you are hospitalized. 12 times more likely. Back in Neverland
paulett20997141 South East, England @waeltaleb23 @equalitynow @Aya_Majzoub Slavery by another name, the pay is a joke if paid at all, calls home are restricted,12-14hour days, no day off , they sleep on hard floors, they can be raped beaten dragged around by their hair, mobile phones and documents held by their employer(master) if they flee are arrested I am a late activist that objects to FGM/C, human trafficking, forced marriage, underage marriage, lack of education for girls,guardian laws in Saudi Arabia etc
BigBadWolfWolfy @Kerrynarmstrong @fruittingle21 @paulsakkal @theage "Of course the government is a joke". 10 min after: still trying to defend it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And yeah, I am pretty sure that Novak doesn't have anything more important to do but to falsify his documents. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Have you ever tried pursuing career as stand-up comedian? You're terrific.
shannonllyod @toddstonebc You’re a joke. Any nightmares of those poor dead girls on the highway of tears?! You know, triple delete important documents that could have saved a few. My name is Shannon, vaccinated and booster! I work with money and large businesses.
AndreaMcgrorty @DVLAgovuk Been waiting on my daughters provisional license since March 2021 . No one answering calls / emails etc . Had to cancel her driving lessons in December for her 17th birthday . Sent all documents /photo/signee Absolute joke 😑
Metalyger Las Vegas @va_dickens It's an obvious joke, but president of the US. Trump proved that any dumb fuck can get elected, and all you have to do is sign documents that are on your desk while your staff does all the actual work, you even get someone to lie to the media for you. It's not that I'm lazy. It's that I just don't care. - Office Space He/him/they/them

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