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abc13houston Houston, TX "My sister is NO JOKE. My sister is a HUMAN BEING. And I want justice. My sister did not do this to herself. Someone did it." Vanessa Guillen's sister gave an emotional plea in the case of her sister's disappearance from Fort Hood. ABC13 is Houston's news leader. Your number one source for breaking news 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
TomiLahren Nashville, TN Past generations stormed beaches, fought for civil rights and gave their all to better this country so this generation can cry about statues and be triggered by syrup. What. A. Joke. Fox Nation Host. Faith. Family. Freedom. Final Thoughts.
bollywood_life Mumbai Kartik Aryan cracks a joke on Big Boss 13's Shehnaaz Gill, and it has a coronavirus connect #KartikAaryan #ShehnaazGill Know what's trending in Bollywood. Catch up with the latest celebrity news, gossips, movie reviews and much more only at
TheScandihoolig @holymolyiwtd @ChillyPhillie88 @KEEMSTAR I'll tweet about anything, sorry m8👍 and this harassment hysteria has become a complete joke, no matter the validity of this claim. Carpenter from Scandinavia. Father of 2, husband to one lucky lady.
seIsafterglow Nepal @br4tzdoIl @redvip3r_ @DixieFacts Now you mad at the “joke” when I brought Ariana and you were the same one telling me to laugh when it was about Selena. “Y’all are weird”. You ain’t edgy luv. was @/selsfav
Steve46061335 The PM for Corruption and the Joke Treasurer Frydenburg are letting people milk their super nest eggs it's a bloody disgrace! Can't stand Bullcrap or Spin a swinging voter a Saint's tragic.
Chris425WA #BVUE @KEB22032 @ElieNYC i thought that was a sarcastic joke about how hard it is to be a parent and WATCH OVER YOUR OWN KIDS... but apparently ... people shouldn't have kids?? im 38 and my parents and i live together and its great... watch movies every makes me oatmeal... just sayin I am a real person.
ksgwsn she/her.15 a black person: at least i’m not white while people with tons and tons of privilege and power: DONT YOU WANT EQUALITY NOW SINCE YOU MADE A WHITE PEOPLE JOKE U CANT STOP UR PEOPLE FROM DYING AND BEING MAD INCARCERATED EVEN THO ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ALREADY 🤬🤬🤬 #CHANYEOL: African-Americans be mad 😡 when they can't 🙅🏾‍♀️ come and live 🏘 lavish 💰with you 😒 but i sped off in a benzy 🏎
JewelEldora Minnesota @Hi_IQ_Trump Totally. I get the joke, it's dark but I get it. Since I live in MN (40K+ Ethiopians) and followed the politics of that area, the joke is close to home. Fwiw, most of my Ethiopian friends would get that joke, fun loving people. My white friends? Not so much. :) Aug 2017, I publicly predicted MN would be the epicenter of global moral panic. I attended every day of Mohamed Noor Trial will be attending Chauvin Trial.
itssosarah_ TX Acid reflux is no joke 😭 constant burning and discomfort a r i e s bby💜 .....& sometimes I’m jessikuh 🤷🏻‍♀️
_tokyoren underworld incels joke about rape and their like “ITs dArK hUmOr stOp bEiNg sEnsItiVe” bow before your empress 🔥
Jessica14026760 @Telstra you are absolutely useless I have only been trying to resolve a billing enquiry with you for the past month. I have been on hold on the phone for the past hour, your website directs me to you app and your app says it cant help me. Such a joke of a company.
AshyBoo8717 Michigan, USA @sydispink The LAPD is one of the most corrupt organizations I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re right, that’s a forking joke. It was made 10x worse by forking Daryl Gates and I’m glad he’s burning in hell. The entire black world needs to see Floyd’s killers actually pay 1/2 Associates in Football,Bachelor’s in Being a Pothead AND forking a Cop, Master’s in Bartending and Sarcasm, PhD in Movies and Film 💯
jab_reset_rest The Dagobah System This goes hand in hand with the fact that Smash in general is such an escape for so many people (me included). Tournaments are supposed to be places where you aren’t afraid to be yourself, have fun, joke around, and put the issues of your life on hold Don't worry, I wouldn't follow me either.
harrynaustin @SenatorLankford @realDonaldTrump LANKFORD IS A DISGRACE to the people of Oklahoma as the rally in Tulsa ended with a huge up tick in cases and was a joke , and a failure for what? MAKING A CORRUPT PRESIDENT HAPPY.
YungPatrickOne @DaraDonovann @enigma_pt @nytimesworld Yeah no, I joke about having to write a jingle for when I talk about it on the podcast because I've been talking about it for weeks now and it's become somewhat of a recurring segment Bassist | Gamers Are Trash | English/German | fork Nazis | er/he | Co-Host of @lefteurogaming | White guy with a pod @hhhcast |
ey2studios @oldfriend99 @tvaziri its funny that this works both as a joke and as an actual analysis of the film but yeah filmmaker, filmgoer, film-knower. pro brickfilmer. tortured artist. @discussingfilm
StevenS63413341 @TheMarkus_Robey @THP1640 @MollyJongFast @parler It wasn't a joke. He really does think it is bad news for them, and it probably is, but no one cares about them. Trump on the other hand, his involvement here is relevant and scary. I used to be a Republican, then I realized Trump's a total fraud, that he's been using Christianity as a prop, and Republicans are his enablers. #Biden2020
_Mazewright Nashville, TN Wait, so y'all KNOW the army is a forking joke right? Today's soldiers are not the soldiers that fought for our freedom. Today's soldiers aren't even fighting for it, they're pawning CIF gear for game consoles. Open your eyes. And I'll say it again.
Jek04714065 @PsykoticDreams4 @XX_TEMPEST_XX @SilkaHeart @FrankieWest69 @Gattaca133 @Byron Thats for u. If u can laugh ur issues away, thats great and i wishe i was the same. But pls just do it respectfully and considerately. People are really emotional right now and the least they need is a joke
Argonbeast0034 Everywhere @brikathryn_ Because it “elf face”, and clearly being a crazy psychopath... Plus, you get to have an al Jolsen joke in there for historical racism scholars... Community is the greatest show.... Blovaiting about the nonsensical, & the inane... Really nothing important at all... Except for those things that are important...
hobismoons Sh00ter for 2seok the way the brain dead joon ice age joke has been tired out for years and sum y’all nggas still tryna use it???? ur not the comedy king u think u are amy schumer soundin dry ass,,my 6ft under grandfather got better jokes than u #HOSEOK: seokjin eats cops for dinner he told me so
ArcKing1 California @VivziePop That just tells me that they legit care about you. Now challenge them and come up with a better joke about your own typing than they can come up with. Nerd with a mic and a computer. Aspiring voice actor. Hobby writer. General crapposter. Not charging for work at this time to gain experience @InsanimatorCast
Serizanos This is forking disgusting. Didn’t even know about Reckful till now, and I feel disgusted about that toxic chat. He was obviously showing pain, and everyone kept taking it as a joke. Pisses me off him/he I simp Akashi. That’s it
ffruitgoddess sad I don't want to invalidate pansexual people but if you guys are just going to explain it to me as "pan doesn't have a preference and bi does" then please leave because I promise you not all bi people have a preference 😶 Are bisexual people just a joke to everyone like wtf deko // 17 // she/her // bisexual // gamer // robin main // sleepy // #BlackLivesMatter 👊🏿👊🏽👊🏿 🧡@LordLewisFE🧡 alt/priv: @fruitgoddess3 @fruitgoddess2
Ram_Pez Downey, CA There's always a percentage of people that will make a joke out of any situation: abuse, suicide, disasters, harassment, etc. This isn't a laughing matter, people go through mental trauma and are never the same Be nicer to people Video games, anime, sports and K-Pop; I make bad jokes, Twitch affiliate. A #Blink and #Once
RIPkaijew Tucson, AZ I posted the same exact joke about the fallout TV series from this morning and now people are arguing in my activity feed about whether or not fallout is about how capitalism is bad my name's zack. i talk about initial d sometimes (i'm sorry) and i main elphelt in guilty gear (i'm not sorry) any pronouns, don't be weird.
Collyn30885066 @Luke5SOS to be true to myself and be who I wanna be and to take a joke and to be goofy and funny because life is to fast to forking let those moments go! directioner/solo Stan since 2011✨🌫 . x ot5 5sos fam! since Louis tweeted about them💿✨fork modest
RedLReviews Quarantine Corner @CrankyRead @PrivateSpidey It’s a joke about how WB doesn’t know what to do with Superman and just ignore him Brian. Discord: RedLanternReviews#1856 Contributor on @oncomicsground (my views don't reflect them). Co-host on @lote_podcast
M3ZMERUS Sawmills, NC people on TikTok have became too sensitive and can’t take a single damn joke I stg I am gAmR
Just_Cartooning Hagerstown, MD @Nellyisme @RealDeanCain @TomKingTK They are grim and maybe that's why I take this seriously. I'm not here to give ya crap. I just don't think this is anyway to make a joke. With the shear amount who refuses to believe that mask can help. All this does is reinforce their misguided ideas. Dad, Grandfather, writer, looking to start something new. Something to bring people together. Suggestions welcomed
King_Nikolaii My aunt and my cousin had the virus. It’s not a joke. Rip Kidd. Faith First. 26 Assyrian.
nahhsirr Houston, Tx My oldest brother did this to me when i was really young as a joke. My other brother snitched, and I got beat. This behavior is not cool Introvert in Houston... Former Photographer, Visual/Web Designer... Currently writing books, making skin/hair care product & sewing my own clothes...26...
1rockhead Seattle @2Democracy @MiekeTweeting @briantylercohen No it's good question because some campus rapes get swept under rug and not referred to outside police which is a joke. Like Catholic church. No police involved "Only a mediocre person it always at their best"- Maugham
FennytheFurry he/him they/them Me every time i see a fursuit for sale I like and make the "anyone wanna buy this for me" joke fenny/ joey 19 i scream, i post NSFW, i love frogs. if you follow me we're friends now, that's the rule pfp by @churchgrimmart! i do SFW arts @Unchained_Fenny
PepperzzOM @FishyBoiJr since it’s 2020 and a lot of people are whiny bastards i have to tell them at the end that it’s all a joke Professional Omegle mastermind.
teewahlimit @_heyitskv_ @ajsburneraccou1 Yeh I am like this joke was funny😂I’m just saying it’s ok for ppl to have their opinions and jokes or wtv n not be crucified cause we all done same crap with other artist and it would be hypocritical if we fans get mad yk? @teewajj back up. Now dats tuff I’m on this account 😬
Orazio91 Hesperia, CA @Dark_Wizzy_ Why is Technicals even on there? His video is just a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. I'm Orazio.
LibmannSachs1 forkingham palace 9. She’s not a petulant Balding Cheater with an overblown ego, who is dull as dishwater, scapegoats his younger brother, workshy and takes something like a pandemic as a joke (William) If they go low, we go lower.
Dooodlefire Men love to talk about how their racist, sexist, or homophobic jokes are okay because “it’s just a joke” and “you’re being too sensitive!” But the SECOND a woman makes men the butt of a joke it’s “WOMEN DO THIS MORE!” “THIS NEVER HAPPENS!” “WOMEN AREN’T FUNNY!” Interesting 🤔 random crapposts and occasional art~ formerly rs_starfire
EmpressCortana Somewhere in the Heavens "These Heelys aren't fast enough!" Inside joke between my Late Spouse and I. 🦖🦢 Empress of the Known Universe 👑 ∞Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ∞12D Artist,Duck Sorceress🦢 @ShiftHappensPod Co-Founder🔮 Big Starships excite me! @SaccharineHalo Curator ∞☆ooO◯Ooo☆∞
AppraisUAN North Hempstead, NY Found this joke and can't stop laughing #dankmemes This made me laugh The cry of equality pulls everyone down. i love Home Decor.
GuineaPrince Pigloo This is a sad day for decade-old plastic instruments. Four 360 controllers and two rattling guitars refuse to even turn on. Rock Band Guitars + Vocals is officially a joke reward, as opposed to a joke-unless-maybe reward. Amateur guinea pig.
mbonelli15 Texas, USA @vpRAUL40 It’s no joke, my entire forehead is throbbing and pounding. When I cough I need to told my head if not it feels like I’m going to pop open 🐘. Appreciating the little things plus water, wine & whiskey.
Sheeds77 Melbourne Hot spot doorknockers not given masks - @VicGovAu @newscomauHQ at what point to the Govt realise they are not up handling this well and pass COVID19 management to people who are trained to do logistics, road blocks, movement control, properly, this is becoming a joke, again!
jaechives ᗧ • • • @livbysungjin thank you ate olivvvv ❤️ to more jae and sj hauls hahahahaha joke wuv u 🥺❤️ a daily dose of Jae to get me through the day ♡
EastviewMike @GOPLeader what a joke the g o p has become lol perverts like Jordan drunks like gaetz liars and draft dodgers like trump thieves like collins and hunter it’s so sad a once proud party
the_weenier @Jaysoncarter345 @ovotakecarefrvr @foreverlibra93 @kfixyourservers @skaijackson That kid isnt racist, he said a joke. Pick up a book and learn that the n word is a "word"
melogtwt @crystaIiquor what platfroms does she use?? how the hell is she not in prison?? this is disgusting and even if its just a “joke” or something, still no. I retweet stuff I wanna save so like yeah enjoy ig
hhwyfe @DavidStaplesYEG I have 3 kids, 2 in school - the online schooling has been a joke - zero feedback and the PowerSchool app is horrible. Trying to do this while working from home has created all sorts of anxiety around here, we ended up just saying screw it, just turned in minimum to save us here I challenge the narrative, will block people with the ☘️, listen to common sense and don’t believe most of what I hear