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jiminpark07 So for everyone and all the fans who also got hurt, he wanted to let me and you guys he will never make a mistake or even a joke about something that is very serious. That's what friends are for right? Hi , I’m Jamie
JaniceDean NYC! We used to joke about calling the singer Meatloaf “Mr.Loaf” when he came in for an interview at the rock station I used to work at. He was a sweetheart and said he would “get that a lot.” Rest In Peace, kind sir. Your music brought us together. Mom, Wife, SR Meteorologist @foxnews, NYT bestselling author of Mostly Sunny, Make Your Own Sunshine and @frogcaster. Tweets might not fit the weather topic.
TomiLahren Nashville, TN He's reading his answers to pre-selected questions. This is a farce and a joke. Propaganda at best. Fox Nation Host. Faith. Family. Freedom. Final Thoughts.
vesrius ૮₍ ´• ˕ •` ₎ა ʕ´•㉨•`ʔ @snagyoen and you reusing that joke for another 3k qrt 「 wei, she/her, asian, 17」
V0iDS0Ng she/they A lot of people don't mute themselves on calls when they're not talking. Some even seem to think it's weird that I do it. Joke's on them bc @theSharkJackson just walked in on my weekly update call featuring the guy who yells and other members of The Business™ and said "SUP HOE." I think that beer should be cold and boots should be dusty. I think 9/11 was bad. And freedom? Well, I think that’s just a little bit better.
DanBonventre Los Angeles, CA Louie Anderson was extremely kind and got laughs out of every bad joke I wrote for him. He could play the audience like an instrument. I’ll miss him and his enormous talent. Words: @latimes Comic: @LaughsTVShow Producer: @BachelorABC @matchgameabc @FYSAShow #FeedingAmericaComedyFestival Rep: @EchoLakeEnt
kinginbets Vigo, España I said it. El plan is BS. Alpine and Alonso won’t win a title unless the rest of the teams doesn’t compete. EL FLAN, instead of El plan. What a joke. Y’all noobs, I know my crap. 1 day y’all will start listening. Alonso aint winning a race during 2022 under regular circumstances Since 2017. Nº1 Boxing betting consultant source at Spain. Smart Pressure. 1er Premium de Boxeo y F1 de la historia de las apuestas. +1500 tips +20% yield/ROI
aerphios USA Apparently I am the unforgiven and my mental state is some kind of joke. So, instead of looking for resolutions, I will leave it to everyone else to decide what you want to do. Clearly blocking me and choosing to ignore me is what you want, so be it. Congratulations, you win.
BrunestarCici su,sugar,sugarself @wjsnlatte Dont forking tell them to off themselves? Dont joke abt them getting doxxed and esp dont wish the worst onto them. They're an impressionable child that was negatively influenced into doing something horrible it isnt their fault. Refer them to mental health facilities pfp made by @Mimiillion. afro-Dominican nonbinary transfem demigirl. Bi. 18. minor no more. She/they/sugar. Lain kinnie. 🏳️‍⚧️ neos! 🍬
UFOPARTYS 18 | she/him | ♍︎ ♌︎ ♐︎ i make one joke about a guy struggling to catch a monkey bouncing around his bathroom and every nerd comes out of the woodworks i like puppets and hot priests, sorry if you followed me for one and not the other
_Christmas1984 Canada @sunlorrie Hoe much money can this guy print and donate before enough is enough. The liberals are the biggest joke and never should have been in charge Electrician by trade, fed up with all this nonsense
jbeaton1993 Edinburgh @chris_bullard01 @JohnnyMunro69 @AdamGMillington @erincuthbert_ No Christopher, it’s called respect for women 😉 no one goes round and calls you Chris Bollocks and says it’s a joke. 🚶‍♂️@scottishtouch L5 Ref ⏰Marathon PB 3:32:36 (Loch Ness 2021 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿) 🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃 IM70.3 PB 5:57:09 (Outlaw X 2020 🇬🇧) **Views are my own**
xoxoapologies i would like to apologise for not making a decision for where to eat even though i wanted sushi and you ordered pasta , it was a joke and I'm a fricking comedian we do not take accountability for these apologies
TakbrAllahAkbar United States @AllanRicharz @iowahawkblog Oi. I remember a classic joke he told on maybe Leno or something way back. “I moved to California and on the street one day a homeless person asked me if I could help them with a sandwich. I said ‘Sure! Where is it?” Proud Chechen living in United States. ла илаха иллаллах. Pronouns: he/him/his
DarthD0n Siberia frozen nuts @SA07_2 @ChristinaTasty Until Elon musk tweets a joke about them and someone hack the server and there no law or enforcement that protects the massive amount of money they are spending 20ish, Degenerate, Bad takes I formed in High School, might post about media I consoom , He/Him 18+ only
boraboravbora7 she/her 24 I can tell you it's some internal joke between them and we are just thirdwheeling as usual 😂😂😭😭 |BTS popper 🍾| BTS is the vibe 😌
PodcastSNP Need a laugh? This has a lot of SNP Facts and the cheery on top is a religious joke 😂 #podcastsnp #podcast #podcastlife #jokes #religious #facts #fakenews #news #funny #clip #Video #fridaymorning #comedy The Saturday Night Pregame is the weekend of podcasts! Friends getting together to enjoy a drink.
fermathdiyorkii İzmir, Türkiye @OfficialBLOKPAD 375 000 $blok = AirDrop 375000x0,0466 = 17475 $BPAD 1BPAD = 0,00125$ :) :) 17475 x 0,00125$ = 21,84375$ funny AirDrop. 21$ :) It's like a joke… 21 dollars AirDrop to 375000block owner. If you gave the vestings, I would have more blocks and my tier level would be higher. HACETTEPE ÜNİVERSİTESİ MATEMATİK ÖĞRETMENİ #IDO #NFT #LAUNCPAD #NARLIDERE / #DİKİLİ Kullandığım borsalar link :
THECOMMUNITY___ CC UR A forkING LIAR THAT TROLL TEXTING THEM WAS NOT JOHN U forkING crap BAG!! I saw every bit of that crap and it’s not possible it was either of them playing a joke u sick forking bitch FUUUUUCK YOU!! Funny every time U get busted someone In ur life is dying 🙄 People learn how to treat you based on what you accept from them..
Headstnicholas BB4 7AU @LCCGrowLeaders @ManchesterCWO @lancslpds Why was the king only a foot tall? Because he was a ruler! Was it this one? I didn't add that one to the joke board. I thought it was poor. Along with What do William the Conqueror and Kermit the Frog have in common? They both have the same middle name! Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6
MiniatureGod semi active Auditorium but every time he makes a joke and no one laughs he plays his own laughing track i draw vale, expect nothing else. pfp by mackiceo on insta
bubtans no freaks, carrd for lore @angelcenturies WAIT WAIT I REALIZED THAT I INITIALLY REPLIED TO THE FISH TWEET AND NOT THE MIKO TWEET I'M A JOKE we are the daughters of the bajas that couldn’t blast | vanisha, 23, she/they | @duaIjustice ♡ @SlGMAKLIM ♡ @celephi ♡ @mbyleth + cdos
OT7dimple she/her・asian ♡ 2016 army this mf literally said 'BTS fever' & compared it with covid and then said that shes lucky to come out of it alive?? im so sick and tired of the these white people who always make this racist jokes so casually and find it FUNNY JOKE? IN FRONT OF WOMAN WHO'S ASIAN TOO???? Here for BTS | UGH Enthusiast | slow at dms • solos🚫 •OT7• Fan account •
bklinkstc @HandBanana1988 Sorry to hear it. I hate those things too. I always end up making an inappropriate joke as a coping mechanism and feel like an asshole. If you take this seriously you are stupid.
hellolovernjh Niall follows @itsnotaleyna @stillgoldenlou @NiallOfficial Maybe you should follow what you say to others and just take care of your own business because you're the one who's arguing with me when 1st wasn't a reply for you also maybe learn a bit what joke means cause this isn't one @nhloverltfaith
KeckRoss @chipfranklin Krysten Sinema is being funded by GOP, this isn’t a joke. She’s received a million dollars from the GOP and corporate interests.
MomsDoBusiness Vancouver, British Columbia Some days I do yoga and don't yell at my kids. Some days I scream at them while eating cake over the kitchen sink. It's called balance. #joke #mom #business #women #laugh #humour #quote Business, Career, Entrepreneurship & Startups through the hustle of a busy Mom. CEO, Public Speaker, Author, Mentor, Blogger. Tech Startups, Software Licensing.
StayclassySDCC San Diego, CA @DeclassifiedWft @MrArmstrong13 Not to beat a dead horse but my brother (Cowboys fan) and I would joke that if Terrell Owens could catch with his ankles (because McNabb would always throw wild and low) he would break all the WR records. Saturday Morning Cereal🥣, a radio show podcast celebrating the themes of Saturday morning that we not only grew up with but that grew up with us!📻🎙
youaremoronic @Bacon74199432 @EGonzo_28 @PursuitsLa @CBSLA @AmyJohnsonNews @RoadSageLA You already used this joke and it doesn’t work. How are your takes always so bad!? using my privilege to whoop some ass
AppsJoyce @davidpugliese @rexglacer @TorontoStar You mean her prepared scripted comments she read off a piece of paper and she had a hard time doing that. What a joke.
noobvms India Ram and Priya's idea of hushing the awkwardness between them is same ... Ram cracking a lame joke 🤭🤭 #BadeAchheLagteHain2 #RaYa Multifandom💙💙 Toxic AF I fk up always 🙂 I am shareef (idk why people don't agree)
dartmouthvader Not telling @EuwanPascual So sinong wala nang masabi? Probably not me, hun. Go read your bible and support a thief. Cause like BBM, your existence is a JOKE. Good night. Baka di ka makatulog nyan ah. 😔😔😔 26 | ♍ | Versa Top | Ambivert
222Minutes If you're writing a joke where the standalone punchline is "fat", you don't understand humour. And if you think a joke can't be funny just because it uses fatness as a medium, you don't understand humour. Find My 222 Cents everywhere you listen to podcasts. Get in. Listen. Get out.
ace_sword Hoogvliet, Nederlands @SketchyRhemie Because they dont wanna write stories for people of color😤 This is just a dumb joke but now that I think about it, what characters get the most attention hmmm? And who are mostly forgotten about?👀 Cumslut, bottom, geek, dumpsterfire, Rotterdam. Need someone to fork my throat. FwB, daddy, etc. DMs open
jaketay88907204 @JamieM_1999 @ElScousero @LFC It’s a joke you see all these YouTubers and gamers with tickets all the time and they just sit there doing live streams and stuff
rachelsaysLOVE Portland, OR Thanks to @JustinMarriel I now know that Bruno is a character from a Disney movie and no one talks about him. I truly had no idea who he was, I wasn’t in on the joke 😭 have dog, will pet. she/her
daFthawk Massachusetts, USA @BryanSteil Shove it down your throat and choke on it you forking chode. What a joke, resign and get the fork out of politics you inbred. Sometimes I eat and sometimes I sleep but I rarely do both at the same time.
coconutjoong hongtiddies @not_casyu_ ,????? oh my god????? that’s so much to drop on your friends without warning and then to just joke about it…are you okay?? gender: bellflower • 23 • they/them
AlmostMedia Boulder, CO @katiebakes @lindsaygoldwert Once had to use my epi pen for that. No joke. I’m allergic to eggs and I was too drunk to remember they did this often Exited Founder. Angel Invest & Advise (DMs open peep my fund) Doomer & stonk influencer 🥴 #startups #finance 👫 @alexlmiller
andrew_sears Toronto @benjedwards I'll just leave @BuckWoodyMSFT here. I think he's setup a dad joke bot and is the Bing of dad jokes on Twitter... Bing Bing, Hello @BuckWoodyMSFT Azure Cloud, BI/AI/ML/AR, Smart Data and Analytics - tweets are the views of myself and others and perhaps not my employer
dadawg77 Urbs in Horto @TerryCarlsonII @georgeofman @suntimes_sports @jasonbenetti @jeffreya22 @stevestone Trying to figure out if George missed this was a joke about the banter between Steve and Jason. White Sox, Bears, Bulls Hawks, or Chicago Sports - cubs, #SFB11.
Ryan85529327 @Atlantiso1 @grogers103 @NE1Honest It's a joke, and it's funny cause it's true! He he interrupts his guests constantly, and all those other things are fact. He also brags about how much he tips all the time as well. Doesn't mean we don't like them, we just find those things a little annoying sometimes! Conservative libertarian, who hates the celebrated Marxism, killing of free speech in big tech!! For someone who's not a publisher u sure do a lot of editing!!
pearsonbound @AALJaishi I'm worried about the school scene This non reporting and 30% business is a joke
adrierising i might believe your lofty intentions it you hadn’t ended your original tweet with a lame joke about filler being ok for people with no lips. it’s ok to say nothing and leave the tweet in your drafts. 🥰 allegedly neutral good. sex/work & mental (health) writer. street & portrait photographer. pgh. hire me.
pobopolybius he/they || 🏳️‍🌈/swapinator Once again not a joke read qds everything about it is one punch to the throat after another and you want More 🌸 I also go by Serph!🌼19 | ENG/PT🌼occasional gore/body horror🌼no proshippers please 🌸
idoraaaaaaa any pronouns ッ @hibiscusgyaru + parasocial. if it was joke that op wanted to get across, they could have used tone indicators to express it, but they didn’t. i get that him donating shouldn’t be a big deal but there will be people taking that crap seriously and somehow will start to take advantage of his + || #QUACKITY : telegram? like forking teletubbies?
yoongisfavecat 🇺🇸 | she/her | 88 liner | 🔞 Hi @jimmykimmel your xenophobia and racism was never going to be funny but you really went on national TV and said this crap the week an Asian woman got shoved to her death in the New York subway huh hahaha wow cool joke bro full time hag ARMY and fossil Weneebebe // a multi stan account // wonhosthong on ig
actualdgrayson It's happened. My brother and I made the same joke in the group chat. CNSC Board Member, and podcaster. Internet Human. Corn Maze finisher. Wayfair thinks I’m a Satanist. Cried about Dr Strange at 6 am. Actually Dick Grayson
_NevadaMan Is your new set of rules and enforcement have anything to do with enforcing rules on #InsiderTrading ? The SEC is a joke. You only help protect big banks, Congress, and the richest. You do nothing to protect retail investors.
monstermailman New Jersey @CBSNews Yea we wanted Bernie and we got this joke of a president. Don’t compare yourself to Bernie buddy, you’re a clown I'm Mike. Thrill me