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priyankagandhi New Delhi, India Depression and suicide, especially among the youth IS NOT a laughing matter. According to NCRB data, 164033 Indians committed suicide in 2021. Of which a huge percentage were below the age of 30. This is a tragedy not a joke. The Prime Minister and those laughing heartily at… General Secretary, Indian National Congress
simon_ekpa Lahti, Suomi We petitioned the world powers as Biafrans Republic government in exile not Igbos. The game is on and soon you will know that our freedom is no longer a joke but reality Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government in-Exile BRGIE 2023-, human rights activist, CEO, senior legal advisor at Ekpa & Co Oy, Finnish politician.
JhaSanjay Imagine if Rahul Gandhi had cracked a “ joke” founded on a young girl’s suicide. Morbid, crude and sickening. But this gentleman gets applause from a craven bunch. Disgusting, shameful and sad. Seriously, yeh kahan aa gaye hum! 😢 my beloved India. Author of bestsellers:THE GREAT UNRAVELLING: India After 2014 & THE SUPERSTAR SYNDROME:Making Of A Champion. Congressi by DNA. Also a PhD. Federer,Liverpool fan
BrownSkinTrini8 The World @LoopNewsTT The most immature egotistical Narcissist psychopath in trinidad and tobago what a joke... If it ain't worth it I don't want it. The same Pressure that burst pipes is the same Pressure that built me...
smileyytris she/her || 19 literally crying my eyes out over this im so sad my family just told me “its just a joke” but how is it when you take it too far knowing far too well i have really bad anxiety and they are looking at house right now as i write this like ??? #BRAD you're perfect being exactly who you are
grapejuicegreen @MaryDshouse28 @data_girl_ @lilfreakemily I was almost expecting another one of those "watch this extended clip on youtube" like he did with Adele and other parts, the whole episode felt like a very short, very bad joke ❤Sheher fan acc ❤ | NS |Liam Payne is beautiful | Fandom meltdowns | 🏳️‍🌈 | 18+ | Niall =fave 💖 End it🏁 baby Larrie 🦄☃️ Moody but sweet, I don't ghost.
PeachTigerDraws Thank you Techno I will say, I think it's nice that we can all joke about eating eggs, and whatnot, without any actual vitriol over it. Which used to happen in the past over MC-related roleplay. I think the humor helps us accept that one day the eggs will leave, and nothing lasts forever. Peachy | He/They/Tiger 21↑ | Slow Artist 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Banner and PFP by me! 🍡🥕🦈🐺 BLM | Carrd and Links below! ⛩⤵️
CommyKryptonite @ricwe123 Germany is a joke. They lost 2 wars in the last 100 years and now they bend their knee to globalist trash USAF Vet, DOD, Space Command
nhbbear @DyjuanTatro @shaunking Yeah, we should ignore their crimes simply because they are black and brown and continue to ignore the tremendously high number of shootings and murders. What a joke Father, husband, fisherman
ceoofevil kurdistan @NicherShell @Sunflowersean_ literally stop seeking attention. kelp doesnt have nothing weird and sexual on his profile its an sfw account for everyone. you pedojacketing him with "evidence" (a tweet of him making a damn joke) isnt proving crap silly | rojhelati mlm || بژی کورد و کوردستان! ژن ژیان ئازادی
PatriotsFTE @deruiter5_sue @scifictionnut @KariLake It would take a few days of typing to debunk most of these, and/or explain why so many items on this list are either ridiculous, or not good for the country, but that list is a joke. Patriots for the Environment. If you love your country, you want it to be pristine.
bobbykarate187 @melosyna @Bolus_GER @stillgray @CommunityNotes So someone can come into your house, take your child from you, and you can’t record them or insult them? Well that’s a sad joke for Germany
corisanta_ I said a dark joke to my friend and she looked very concerned for me 😂💀 I told Alfred the same dark joke and this 🥷 kept adding to it lmaooo I need more friends who understand my dark humor like he does. Cause ain’t no way my ex is going to be my only dark humor friend 💀 no time is ever really wasted, time reveals all
LaugingAtPessi2 @TrollFootball Pessi 2 goals in April 😭😭😭 yet most likely to win ballondor with 65% chance for doing nothing what a joke proof football is based of pr and corrupt 🤢🤢🤡
IPrayforPeaceUS The latest propaganda which is total lies. This is how they operate hoping your dumb enough to believe them. They lied about russia, the phone call, impeachment, and much more. But now they are telling the truth? What a joke!
UserOttie She/Xem - cr: SoC @phinlands help sorry i need this joke to spread within my friend group and i think you’d find it funny 💭 lucynorrie enthusiast
erejgrs she / her, 18+ @VedPrakash1002 bro saying "i hate men" rlly just isn't that serious 😭😭 its a joke that women should be allowed to make after generations of misogyny and feeling endangered because of the actions of men i love eren jaeger a normal amount / attack on titan manga spoilers
pamelamosquito FB pamela braun art/paintings The joke is on us. Nancy who supports and probably has stock in, Geo Corp that pay refugees $1.00 per day to work. Pamela’s works are not the results but the process. created in juxtaposed jungles,under sun ripened skies, mosquito mania, ridiculous rains and raw human hunger
judemp3 he/they • 🥁 2nd window @evielutional was gonna make a really terrible joke and stopped myself can u be proud of my progress 99 problems isn’t even a lot #parody
bighagfan Heart Of Dixie @POTUS You are a joke and an embarrassment. American by birth, Southern by the grace of God. Conservative Christian who does little arguing or fighting. Love me as I am, or leave me alone.
darkwolfhybrid on the toilet obviously i dont like kinkshaming i like farts way more as a joke but idrc for them as a fetish. but i already know the crowd its gonna attract even if i were to draw them as a joke and ion know if im ready for that dawg he/she/they | adult artist | future mangaka | black 🤟🏾 | pokemon trainer | entrepreneur | almighty dont like no frickin body
djehnny_ Houston, TX @Square This company is an absolute joke. Y’all rip people off and don’t even give a fork. Very bad or non existent customer service but guess what? Every day for the thief and one day for the owner. Stagekilla 🇳🇬 For bookings:
cycIehit @sittinandgamin no joke cuz i was gonna buy for her and me when i went downstairs for a while to convince her to get vip tickets by the time i came back all them mfs were sold out lmfao stan twice
rodj00 @DeeLeftMom MAGA republicans are a fvcking joke. They really are. They treat our democracy like it's some game with the name calling. Everyone has some kinda nickname. It's childish and immature. We need adults in office running this country. We need to vote them all out one by one. 🚫MAGA. BLM #BlueWave2022 #TheResistance. Proud democrat. Super woke! #BlueCrew. MAGATS can't handle the truth. Stop Asian hate.
Juggerbear95 Sea of Screams @PilkNaisiunai This is a joke, but what happened is a video of Crowder leaked yelling at his very pregnant wife telling her so do something that could have been dangerous to their babies, and saying he would “f*ck her up” before quickly recanting on the threat. I have no keyboard and I must poast.
Miko414_ prison no joke. im glad i was there as a teenager and my early 20s to experience wtf i don’t ever wanna do again Barber💈 #LLR 🕊
Tony_ridwan4355 @joke_olatunji @j0wizazaa Text @HenryQs he’s reliable and trustworthy Upcoming punter
Ray12713474 Chicago, IL @yashar U r a man and a complete joke 🤣
whatyakno Fort Collins, CO Yes, I’m a very hated woman (from the males) cause they’ll try to give a backhanded joke and I act stupid like i understand it. I ask them to explain the joke. Once they repeat it, they realize how stupid they sound. incognito/spam page about my life, ranty rantz, thoughts, feelings & disappointments w/ the current events. Don’t take me 2 serious, follow me at your own risk
jacksondev65 Canada @psac_afpc You are totally replaceable! And it’s your liberal supported charity case of a gov that has caused the inflation!! Your organization is a joke. Canadian, Father of 3, Husband, Hockey fanatic, Amateur Home Chef, President of DevGroup Holdings, Conservative Values. Views are my own. Go Sens!
arella_fett 37.2431° N, 115.7930° W @___Awesomest___ @8ththereckoning @800_abby @blondjewels @calilovespan @IntelDankWeb Listen, I know his joke may seem complicated to you and your lot because you have no capacity for actual humor, but there's no need to project that onto the rest of us. I'm not here. I'm an event. I'm an improbable coalescence of stardust enjoying one fleeting, glorious dance through the cosmos before *poof*
lazzy_dev trenches By the time you finish laughing at a joke on Bojack Horseman, you'll just be quiet for a bit and think. Unavailable || Memento Mori || Soft Boy
robertmruvolo Simpsonville, SC @jasonrantz What a joke. They are men not women and they failed at being a man so they want to be a woman A man that moved down South enjoying lige
grapejuicegreen @data_girl_ @tpwk_tommowayy Totally, I feel like a zombie today and the Harry appearance was so short it was a joke ❤Sheher fan acc ❤ | NS |Liam Payne is beautiful | Fandom meltdowns | 🏳️‍🌈 | 18+ | Niall =fave 💖 End it🏁 baby Larrie 🦄☃️ Moody but sweet, I don't ghost.
shadow_cypher Los Angeles so this is a joke right haha right just a little funny haha right bc 100 pull-up Joon… that would be some insane muscles and that is too much for me rn 🥵 (っ◔◡◔)っ 💜 ᵏⁱⁿᵈᵃ ᶜᵘᵗᵉ, ᵏⁱⁿᵈᵃ ᶜʳᵃˢˢ 💜💙💜💙BTS(ot7) 💋윤기 ✧ 진 🌘 TXT✨ ᵃˡˢᵒ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ᵇᵒᵒᵏˢ, ʷʳⁱᵗⁱⁿᵍ, ᵃⁿⁱᵐᵉ ,ᶜˡᵒᵗʰᵉˢ she/her ✧ PTDLA day 2💕& 3🦑! ✧ 🔞 (fan acct)
michelleoffik Cobb County, GA When some idiot producer makes a sexist joke at the top of a call and you feel grateful for the lack of time that could’ve been wasted on such a peacock had he not been loud about it. But I’m a woman and math is hard so what do I know 🙄 Georgia 🍑 in love w #Braves ⚾️ #Dawgs 🏈 and summer rains ☔️. Aspiring jazz musician in a past life 🎸 Your bro jokes aren’t funny 💕
LaugingAtPessi2 @City_Xtra Pessi 2 goals in April 😭😭😭 yet most likely to win ballondor with 65% chance for doing nothing what a joke proof football is based of pr and corrupt 🤢🤢🤡
action4you3 UK @NHPUKYorkshire @dudleylad1066 All those kids, and we pay, the system is a joke. I'm a person who likes to help others by exposing failings by market surveillance, totally out of their depth in regards to CE compliance.
newyorknoshoes 25 | she/her | ny boyfriends take notes!!! stop taking my seats and go wait at the olive garden like this king!!!! (this a joke i don’t want to hear about how big a fan your bf is) dm me for permission to read layover (e.h. 2022)
wendysmith2468 One thing about mama she’ll eat anywhere and everywhere. My bricklayer doesn’t joke with her stomach. 😂😂. If Anything u do for this life chop first was a person then it’s Khosi.. I love her please.
NobleQAli @xoSashaDarling You beat my estimate for a Domination Docent to show up and let the air out* of my joke by about five minutes. Impressive 👏👏👏
Rowns85 United Kingdom @Respawn The only joke here is that you feel it’s ok to release unfinished games. I loved the first instalment, and this also has the potential to be great, but it clearly wasn’t ready for release. Making the choice to put it out anyway has ruined the experience/journey for many of us. Work, Game, Sleep, Repeat...
kenny_potts Atlanta, GA @AEW @KennyOmegamanX @Takesoup @JonMoxley Kenny and Mox in a cage would be Awesome! As long as it's not as lame as the so called barb wire match that was such a joke. Taking life one day at a time.
nonbinarybaby14 ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ Everything I do and say is 100% serious I never joke ever ⛤ || @__b3lla @qtlitchi @carmziiz || ⛤ #LLNBB13🕊️
XTian_History @SharikaSoal84 I saw a screenshot of this on another site and assumed the big chick had been photoshopped in as a joke. An author documenting the history of Christianity to evangelize the faith.
LeslieH48649387 @WTIDPOD Finally we get some truth and it has had to come from the player himself. Moore you are a joke!! Good luck to you Mr Byers, and what you decide to do in your future career. This club stinks!!
Elracc928 Chicago, IL @SSGBenjii @EL_T0NY100 @SoupaTech I’m on a 1080ti this crap had my gpu at 30% and maxed out vram this is a joke
DruidPax @I_exist_69_420 Its mostly Acid Rain. No joke, Acid rain is like 15k dps in aoe by itself on my resto. And I'm ilvl *344* I am shook, I tell you. World of Warcraft, Furry stuff, left politics, θΔ, and occasionally Dwarf Fortress. NB, but He/Him is fine.
CR1T_H1T @ThomasHoufek The UN embodies moral relativism, antisemitism, corruption regarding foreign aid payments and the security council, a direct threat to national sovereignty, won’t recognize Taiwan, and allows human rights violators to sit on the human rights council. It’s a joke. Semi-professional race car driver and amateur tattoo artist.
Hells_bitxh @TheQueen0fLust Stolas:" ummm quite the strange request there miss but -cumming- right up! Heheh" He laughed at his own joke before going to get the pancakes mix and get to making it for her 🔥looking for a chance to save you of your " sins🖤🖤

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