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AishaYesufu You see integrity and consistency? Don't joke with it! No matter what, perch on the side of truth and justice! It might not earn you friendship but it will give you peace of mind. I do not do Labels. I am ME. I say it as it is. My mum says in my court nobody wins. You would either love me or hate me and either one is perfectly okay!
zartajgulwazir Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan #نااہل_کرپٹ_غلام_حکومت Forever falsely calling Imran Khan, the genuinely popular democrat as 'selected', Shehbaz Sharif and Bilawal Zardari have both been permanently labeled with the term themselves. The joke is on both these incompetent selected clowns. 🇵🇰 Former Minister of State for Climate Change, Govt of Pakistan | PTI ex-MNA, #NA191 DG Khan | Member, PTI Core Committee | Central Deputy Info Secretary
jbouie Charlottesville, VA Worth saying that the idea that this will be determined through the democratic process is a cruel joke since this Court has also systematically dismantled the federal protection of voting rights and fair representation from state lawmakers who seek to limit both. My name is Jamelle Bouie. @nytopinion columnist. @CBSNews Analyst. Upgrade your grey matter, ‘cuz one day it may matter.
SayingsofChaz @boosean @MeetThePress @RepAOC @SenSusanCollins Hahaha! Yes, GOP is using Democratic methods now. How do you like it? It makes an equal playing field. AOC is a joke! And everyone knows it, just check the tweet replies to her comments.
Fruityfruit6 The Arconia 🙃 I don’t think I’ve seen a single scene of this kind that’s truly caused a seismic shift in attitudes towards this topic so far these days. It’s always treated like a joke and is often so forgettable. If only there was someone who could change things for the better 🧐 IT’S MARTIN TIME 🔥
Rach_Smithxo Front teeth fillings are no joke, 2 days later and it’s still agony 😭 XXIVVIXI 💛 VIIXXVI
burningyousei 𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐘 𝐋𝐀𝐊𝐄. Shinki was feeling sick and distrubed on Deva sudden personality change, what happen to her? What kind of sick joke could turn Deva into a twisted demon? Then she glanced down on the floor, only to see a bottle with a label “Moonlight Descent Ceremony”. Fairy who choose VIOLENCE! | Touhouverse| RP Acc | #TouhouRP #MVRP |❗️NON-LEWD❗️
iStanRR Denton, TX Starting to believe it, no place for Tripathi and Samson but haggu gooturaj plays, has to be a joke
JsrsD Milwaukee, WI Making that joke where it's like my polycule is a rpg party haha lol. But on the inside I'm actually literally saying I've recruited highly trained specialists who I will fight with against a variety of foes. We are becoming a veritable band of duelists, and our bloodlust only ♦️♦️♦️🔻𝓟𝓾𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓼 𝓽𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝕯𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖗🔻♦️♦️♦️ Learn💡Lead☝️Love🤝
mall_whore venus @VP Where and HOW are you fighting for our rights? Neither of you have done SQUAT since getting into office. Youre both a letdown & a joke. “All I ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off of our necks”
Andreas53Dr 🏀🇪🇺🇬🇷🇬🇧🇨🇮🇱🇺🇺🇦 @AndyGass1 @mrjamesob This was a titan of politician, no comparison with the present joke!! Maybe the electorate were more thoughtful and less selfish those days!! NHS Retired Physician. Practiced for 26 years for the truly wonderful NHS!! Strong Labour supporter for a fairer and more just society.
SuzySnoozie @_SilverNinja_ Phoenix and miles swapping roles was part of the joke and I thought toneido being introduced for no reason was hilarious because the only pay off was forking a clown jokes. Like it's so stupid on purpose people need to chill 100%% Foreskin enthusiast
RicoAjaxSuave Brooklyn, New York So did she get arrested ? Is that not a declaration to commit an act of terrorism ? My cousin made a bomb joke in HS and they put him in the psych ward and he never been the same since Athletic, Body Builder, Rico Ajax Suave
brayman03 @OccupyDemocrats This a bad joke. We are not Iran, or a country that takes your freedoms away, let alone your reproductive rights! People are losing their minds and to those craps that want anything close to this should talk a walk off a long peer! GFYS
Madesh02639562 @sumithreddy99 @rajini_mano Nice joke. TAMIL and Sanskrit different family language. But Tamil Brahmi script is older than devanagari script
GrandmasterPG13 @JohnGor19801107 God damn some people are stupid. Must be hard to comprehend those going from being able to do anything because of wealth and status can become suicidal when facing a life sentence in prison. What a bunch of joke 😂 stop defending pedophiles and sex traffickers.
jaysingh126 @VedPathak35 @CricCrazyJohns It’s a joke. Ishan and Gaikwad have played 5 t20s now. Why not give chance to Sanju and Tripathi to open batting today ffs
harman_geoff United Kingdom @NewbieSlt This is no joke. I’ve just supervised a bronze duke of Edinburgh expedition with a school and the teachers are in school tomorrow. I’ve got the day off! Conservative by nature, Labour by experience.
CouchP0tatoesYT America is a joke and a lie. 2 Irish potatoes
MileHighDenver @bawertman @SenatorBennet as republicans take the rights of others and murder them for their theocratic fascism who would ever respect a republicans rights in courts or in public again. Treat them as the murderers they are. Rule of law is a joke when it comes to a republicans rights. Fight everyway. Muscian
laurafrancesh19 Tahir Kate King coming out has made my pride month. As much as we joke I am genuinely happy for her discovering who she is and allowing herself to explore that I have to have this, this is what I do. she/her
gormley_robert @BillEdmunds4 His whole life is a joke, and nothing funny about any of it. Just furious people in his wake. Typical sociopath. Residential Ventilation Energy Efficiency Low to 0 Carbon Breathe Healthy Air
naeIvandarnus he/they 🏳️‍⚧️ ic @smoochbro tbh i joke abt like beetroot being no thoughts head empty bnut she is so smart and big brained she just likes to play dumb I wanna handcuff my homie and force him to smoke cigarettes until he dies 😭😭
PSDuffy #AvettNation @Isobel_waby @MissAHaddow Hard to know which replies are not getting the joke and which ones are playing along. "A little bit of everything, all of the time." 🇪🇨🇬🇧
DianneWatts4BC Surrey, BC Inflation at 7.7 % here at home!! Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson joke about who has the BIGGER jet | Daily Mail Online Board Director for Canfor & Westshore Terminals, former Member of Parliament- former Mayor of Surrey, BC,
MileHighDenver @garnie @SenatorBennet as republicans take the rights of others and murder them for their theocratic fascism who would ever respect a republicans rights in courts or in public again. Treat them as the murderers they are. Rule of law is a joke when it comes to a republicans rights. Fight them. Muscian
drhc90 United States @jonathanchait The left is only interested in the extreme. To say progressives want conservatives to be happy with their policies, is a joke. It’s a “my way or the highway” viewpoint. Progressives want to force their ideology and anyone who disagrees is canceled or labeled a racist. Pro-God 1st❤️/Pro-America 🇺🇸/Pro-Freedom /Anti-cancel culture 🗽/ Anti-woke/ Army Pilot’s wife / Mother #BackTheBlue💙 ⚖️IFBAP, NO DMs please ! 🇺🇸
elijahbassey30 Uyo, Nigeria Expensive joke, is when you believe people that say ‘i swear to God’. They will m use ur sense and fry akara, right in front of you. #vawulence Uyo Student Association Worldwide President /Not an online influencer/Political Scientists/ Love the tweeter cruise / open to correction and making money.
EverybodyvsEve1 @RealDLHughley If they can ban abortions, and the abortions stop, then ban murder so the killing stops. Not so ez, policies are pacifiers, and laws are made to be broken. Gov't is a joke just like 911. That guy who sets the tone and trends...
ThatLocalNerd I am not Natasha! @OfFilmingKelly “And now do I WANT you to know where I live…” That was a joke. She didn’t take long to grab the lead and head off to her apartment, Kelly in tow. “As long as you promise not to throw dice at my window, alright?” Talk nerdy to me. | Your favorite game master, streamer, and occasional companion | MDNI | 🏳️‍⚧️ (she/her) | (fandomless RP/parody)
lovemills Alberta, Canada @SLXTH666 This is the idiot that @Tampax decided to sponsor. Glad women’s issues are a joke and he can just “carry them around for 75 days”. I will never teach this madness to my kids. As a woman, I find this Bs completely demoralizing
TheMerovius My favorite joke in Bridge to Terabithia is that when Leslie - a big Narnia fan - goes to church and learns about Jesus for the first time, she's like "that's a nice story, kind of like Aslan" =D Snuggle me at your own peril! Neurodivergent tech person. Hug Enthusiast. European. WAI. Pronouns: He/Him (but don't mind, really)
foodmemories54 @XfinitySupport @Xfinity. So happy to cut ties with Comcast xfinity. Our bill is consistently 330 dollars. For what? Awful customer service and internet and TV? What a joke. We are going with @TMobile for home internet. I can't wait to call the bozos at xfinity Passionate about homelessness, foody, I believe we can all learn from everyone else's cuisines
MileHighDenver @RelampagoZ32 @SenatorBennet as republicans take the rights of others and murder them for their theocratic fascism who would ever respect a republicans rights in courts or in public again. Treat them as the murderers they are. Rule of law is a joke when it comes to a republicans rights for now on. Muscian
LMplusG Crazytown @atrupar I wonder why Chuckles Todd decided to have AOC on? Amidst all the Republicans? It can’t be that he wants to trash Joe from the right and the left? NAAAAH!! @chucktodd I would say, “do better.“ But that’s a joke. Actor. There, I've said it. Stanford grad. Trained with the Steppenwolf. “Inevitably, the show belongs to Glass’ wonderfully nuanced, brittle turn...”-Backstage
SteveCopeland1 Durham, England @clumsyoaf33 @ashleyrich I remember Mark Thomas doing a pro drugs joke about how he wrote the Beatles white album while 'tripping off his tits' yet was completely clean and sober when he wrote the frog chorus 😬 I live for 2 things Family and Music.. ...oh and drinking... I like movies and chocolate and reading an cooking an...
cpaallee @222Minutes Trudeau is the poster child of privilege, incompetence, and arrogance. Unfortunately, Canadians are becoming the joke he should be by following him. Blind destruction of the world led by personalities with no substance. Calling out identity politics and institutional mythology. End The Fed. Science, Eng, Biz background. Vote out ALL lockdown lunatics.
GVMNTCHS @ThePressVest Source of dead ukrops? I made it up. Still running at 100% capacity. Begging for weapons and then complaining when they turn out as crap is just an elaborate ukrop joke. 😳💀
Palawan_Terstan @abdalk13 @ErlineP @TIME Algerians cannot even today build a bycicle, they were and they are like other arabs incompetent and unprofessional. how could they have built the Eiffel Tower 😂that was a very funny joke Voyageur et observateur
AVFCLil Birmingham | she/her | 25 @ROBBIEBCFC1875_ @villanews11 @Blooz_Jay When most are reported no one tends to report what team they support. There has been a lot found in Bham over the years. Could have supported us or you. The punishment is a joke and they just do it again when they come back out. Jamaica | Birmingham| End racism in every form 💪🏽| #LGBT | Aston Villa ❤️| Book lover 📖 | Might tweet about Emmerdale 👭 ⚽️ “Holte Enders in the sky”
thisssmeeee #MODIJIextendNEETUG 3 months= 90 days Number of chapters= 96 I want you ministers and those sitting in power to try and attempt even studying for an exam like NEET. You guys think it's a joke. Pathetic. Give us proper time. Be fair. @narendramodi @PMOIndia @dpradhanbjp @DG_NTA 🤸🏾‍♀️
MsFredie_x GH Cos really it’s not me those small small children will come and stress. If you joke I’ll stop consulting and we’ll all sit on the floor and cry since you want to be childish I identify as an 18 year old, 5’8 tall female.
BlckFuzz In your head @LFR177776 @DragonEmpress4 @DrewHLive @TPUSA And I remember when republicans were making fun of liberals because they couldn’t handle “dark humor” about murder and crap but now it’s the opposite, it’s a stupid dark humor joke to humor y’all and y’all took it too literal😂 Sweden is the best country in the world, fork Biden and fork Trump, Independent, Stanford 24’
MagzNSFW Stealing your spoons 🐌💥🥄 You know what? I didn’t care for snails much until i jokingly said i was a snail and stuck with the ongoing joke. Now i really like snails lol ~🌜Age:22 ♓️|| ⚠️Minors DNI⚠️|| No age in bio = block || Any pronouns is fine||Banner:CocopiAfterDark||Marine Biology AU~🌞|| certified car🚘 and hotel hopper🏨
nodamnusername1 Hello all roblox piggy youtubers! if you play piggy the results of isolation why not make 1 more video of it! It's... it's pretty cursed now ever since joke_master77 has been banned. Here are the cursed maps station and hospital and idk if gallery or house has been cursed tho. hi guys how's your day! hope it's good!
Respons55666462 If the exam is to be held in July, why was it not told 6 months earlier in January? Then @DG_NTA fell asleep and suddenly remembered that NEET-UG exam was to be held. This is a joke with the careers of the NEET UG students. @dpradhanbjp @EduMinOfIndia #MODIJIextendNEETUG Enthusiastic, Determinant Indian citizen.
MlYMEOW she/they @DreadWolfChan twink is a derogatory as a term and it's not a funny haha joke like gg stans think it is skzidle make better music its true
MileHighDenver @BlazeRushmore @SenatorBennet as republicans take the rights of others and murder them for their theocratic fascism who would ever respect a republicans rights in courts or in public again. Treat them as the murderers they are. Rule of law is a joke when it comes to a republicans rights. Enjoy. Muscian
peeeeeeeenut @LoekVV_ So the joke is like "somehow the villain returned and the explanation is really terrible" Progressive liberal. Totally not some other guy with a Sara Ryder pfp. 27. he/him.
IAM__NISHA Miami, FL My momma said im sensitive & honest idgaf dnt say no wild crap and expect me to keke "oh its a joke you cnt take a joke" lmfaooooo na if i joke about mfs grannys and mamas it aint a joke no more right righhhtttt.... ig: bugattiface