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SheilahGashumba Kampala, Uganda Joke of the year😂🤦‍♀️😂😂 After being exposed you now think about prohibiting photos and videos at the airport!! Shameless people!! No where at any airport in the world do they do this apart from Uganda with an ugly airport 🧐 hiding injustices!! Shame on you! AWARD WINNING TV Presenter @nbstv 🇺🇬| @honeyafricatv 🇿🇦 Brand Ambassador, Digital Influencer, Humanitarian, International Digital Music PR
ACTBrigitte USA The FBI found classified documents at Biden's home 3 months ago and they're just now searching his beach house. What a joke. Survivor of Terrorism. @ACTforAmerica Founder & Chairman. NYT Best-Selling Author. National Security Expert. RTs/Likes are NOT Endorsements. OFFICIAL ACCOUNT.
PopBase Doja Cat says the comments comparing her shaved head to Britney Spears disturbed her on Britney’s behalf: “It’s so incredibly disrespectful for people to be minimizing what Britney went through and make a joke out of something that was very serious and a big deal in her life.” Pop Base is your best source for all pop culture related entertainment, news, award show coverage, chart updates, statistics and more.
oigevalt chicago/bk i move in 9 days and people keep telling me that i really need to start packing. joke's on y'all, i never fully unpacked from when i moved here, so i'm actually way ahead of the game developer, writer, former academic. very short. a real baby back bitch. she/they/hey dipcrap
patrickhays2 @randydu55280024 @MrAndyNgo At college I learned that I lived in the same demographic, received the same education, and worked the same entry-level jobs@among the people whom were apparently mad me for somehow having more. I thought it was a joke. I was wrong, lol. Professional oppositionalist. Text-while-driving regional champion. I read entire threads.
ThatBobMadison Huntington Beach, CA More Americans went to doctors last year than ever before. And it's working! Doctors are feeling much better. #Doctors #doctor #Americans #feelingbetter #joke #jokes #JokeoftheDay #dadjokes #dadjoke Writer. My YA novel SPIKED! was published by Vulpine Press. Up next, Cash and Carrey, a comic novel. Loves Classic Comedy. Stuff I find funny.
RenegadeRobin Gotham @ASymbolOfFear --always been very victim oriented. The fun and joke loving Robin had been a great distraction to distraught mothers and kids and that was who Red Hood fought for now. "Do you doubt me?" Did Bruce know how Jason had thrown himself into Kyle's Lantern hero work? Had-- Died. Got better. #DCRP
GDarkconrad Null Island @CobraBall3 As you well know this whole stratospheric balloon issue is older than me, I was just making a joke, see the emoji, It is being taken out of context And it's pure journalistic exaggeration. Unpaid Fact Checker. War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength.
GunnerJoe18 East of England @JoeNo08 @ESPNUK @AaronRamsdale98 It's hard to tell whats a joke and what aint through text. Arsenal FC and UFC fan 20 UK
blackcabdave50 London, England ⁦@mayorofhackney⁩ ⁦@hackneycouncil⁩ Kingsland high Road blocked off can’t turn right onto Richmond Road because you’ve blocked it off and turn Hackney into a joke Just do it Green badge love London
satyana02135938 #AdaniEnterprises and #AmbujaCements companies having good businesses.For remaining companies I don't know information. One good joke is, now all rating agencies are said #adani stocks are at higher valuations. Even stock market fresher also known this. #CNBC @AdaniOnline I am worked in pharma industry as a QA reviewer
AllWillSufffer @FixerForYou @Weeeeeebbbbbb @staffy501 @RnbRnb7 @WarMonitors Russia cant even deal with Ukrainians and old Soviet gear. Russia cannot achieve air superiority over Ukr sky. Where are those Su 57? Russian military gear from parades are completely useless and don't have any purpose except propaganda.Circus joke army. Entire world is laughing
JetNationAppy This is laughable having peyton 4th. In four games he got 3td 5 pics. And 1001 yards. List is a joke andre jet appy idc. 🇵🇷🇯🇲. Pro Gamer. Life Coach. Father of Jordan💚👨‍👦
0618Nikki @ClownWorld_ so accurate lol @RepAOC looked and sounded like she preaching on the pulpit and was about to throw holy water on everyone .. she’s a joke .. and a hypocrite #churchvibes if only she actually went to church maybe her lies would stop 🤷🏻‍♀️
crotter8 @jeffcharlesjr Goes back to the decades old joke: What's the difference between a New Yorker and a San Franciscan? When a New Yorker says "fork you," he's saying hello. When a San Franciscan says "hello," he's saying fork you. Admin The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change.
AnngeraldineW Wicklow, Ireland @NewstalkFM Why bother with passport or IDi if you can hop on a plane and claim Asylum how do you stop terrorists not getting in to counties if no proper checks the it be yond a joke the supporters of Asylum seekers do not need ID
UnplannedTrek Alpha Quadrant @AstralArgonaut @hogannerd hasn’t looked at a single note since joining the show. I take some notes (mostly my votes), but have only written down one or two jokes. “That’s funny as I’ve only ever heard one or two jokes.” We’re recording today and I’ve actually written a joke for that one! Welcome to Unplaaaaaaaned Trek! Each week we watch a randomly picked episode of Trek and upload a pod about it. Check recent tweets to see what’s next!
YouHosers Canada @chrislhayes Lmfao you people! Shes a brother fker and supports sharia, but sure, shes all about not being authoritarian... what a joke.
jdbinkowski @GovWesMoore A $15 minimum wage will kill small business and Maryland will become viable for big corporations. You know this and yet you idiots could care less. You and this state are a complete joke.
How2Drink New York, USA There’s an episode of Umizoomi (on a near constant loop in my house) where the song they sing is: “who’s gonna get a job to make some money? We are! Team Umizoomi!” And it’s become the funniest inside joke currently running between me and wife. In case you wanted an update. Semi-Pro YouTube drinker🍹
D_W_Mault Liverpool, England What a joke the DemoRATS are. People are starving and they are debating this nonsense… Cinéaste and Filmmaker. Nietzschean Marxist, Hates himself more than you hate him.
KastmanMelonie @simonateba @JoeBiden jobs jobs jobs. Unions bottom up middle out not a joke (his tell) like my pops used to say kitchen table Deficit down my economic plan is working Republicans bad, MAGA nazi I'm the uniter of all the people *no mention of record debt and highest USD to interest ratio Humanitarian. Filmmaker I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you
AlexHarrison12 New York City @jasrifootball @greggrosenthal Lmao Unitas over Montana is a joke. Brady is 1 and Montana 2. Everything else is up for discussion.
OneFortyReviews New York ‘Steamy’ Daphne-Velma Kiss and Gay Fred Joke Cut From ‘Scooby-Doo’ Movie, Confirms Sarah Michelle Gellar: ‘The World Wants to See It’ Stupid-movie reviews and stupid movie-news in 140 characters or less....
tshane57 Headland, AL @VPBigCatCorp_ @BarstoolBigCat I read the first sentence and immediately started typing a zone defense joke 🤦‍♂️. I’m the guy, it’s me.
jofrey_mentor Den Haag, Nederland The matter of the country constitution is not a joke as you pretend, so I would like to advise you to stop it and you only congratulate the President with her birthday Cake! #UmepuyangaMwanawane issue ya Katiba Mpya siyo ya mtu mmoja ni ya Watanzania wote. Youth Motivational #Speaker🎬: Mentor, Coach #Networker💰: Founder C.E.O of SJJ Co.💻: Company owner: Entrepreneur Online 🎓 fan @SimbaScTanzania
lunchkatt boys will tell a bad joke and then do that one laugh nothing is to be taken seriously here UNLESS it is meant to be taken seriously
KqxZCWlyWYMw4XX 대한민국 서울 @gurgavin Meaning Jim Cramer is expecting more inflation to come and thats exactly opposite from his last comment "bull market is coming" what a joke Bullish
Thewhorrorshow Hell No joke Dani was directly TWO SEATS BEHIND ME in that ENTIRE ARENA but she approached me to say hello first but unfortunately within seconds lights went down for FOB to come on stage. Shout out to FOB and mars for getting me to meet dani and in the end also @koreankrueger + sarah stan twitters favorite funeral floral designer. she/her 21
pisspoisun raftel @KayisDivine y’all cant laugh no more? bc the joke is always on us men and half the time your joke is just “i’d murder men” truffle butter
wandsana #1 TWICE DEFENDER black mixed ( she/they ) @HYJAMOUR here to say this was a joke and this isn’t who i am ⓘ this user is in love with son chaeyoung (*ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈) ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤthe yeji to my lia @nayeonsboba
YouHosers Canada @realTuckFrumper Lol what a joke. This pedo crackhead was the intermediary between pedo-Joe and money laundering. This stunt doesnt disprove the laptops content. The opposite in fact. Gross that you cultist like pedo lovers defend him and his though. #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease #PedoJoe
maxyverstappen1 she/her, bi, 22 ok muting this pls grow some brain cells and google the definition of a joke f1, motogp and ski jumping enthusiast, cat mom✨priv: @verstappen69
Best_sister112 My business Fashion nova and Temu, must be going beck u to neck . Them text messages ain’t no joke . 😂😂 Snapchat: Jaylecia Instagram: Big_gummyflo Youtube: JacieBrazyy cashapp: $jacie1122 onlyfans:
egg_dog Clownwater, Dunceberg, UK @FKAsocks @Papapishu it also shows how formulaic some sitcoms can be. Obviously it's drawing on the writing of others but even when a joke doesn't quite land or is mismatched a bit of a laugh track and the brain forgives. follow me on Twitter!
PlGGYTOON Your Basement @SubToBeeYT Shirt is that a joke lol lol I’m just showing up on my phone and I’m just going on the road to watch it lol I can’t wait for you see what I have done for the weekend It’s about to get slippery!
wisewolves Ocala, FL @simplytixxy11 @spotthesussexes @KensingtonRoyal And if that's your statement MM is low class, I mean in her own words she grew up soooo poor (lie) so she is gutter trash. Who copies Catherine AND Diana. She is a joke #Yankees, Floridian, #Aussie mom x2. proud daughter and wife of Army vets and mom to my FL National Guard son #Rockvillian cashap $pvtcarlswife #adoptdontshop
maraleia Chicago @sarahkateellis They should never get a pass because almost all of them donate to MAGA GOP candidates and PACs. HRC's CEI is a joke because of this very thing. Political junkie, history, pop culture & science fiction geek. Left handed, cisgender, lesbian feminist, social justice activist & educator. She/Her
4w4trynn edtwt bmi 16.9 just asked my mom for a fitness homelike AS A JOKE and she told me we have one in the attic?? omg? I'm moving that crap into my room istg losing recovery weight 07 || 179cm
DrBoeing planet earth @karinagould Your policies are all smoke and mirrors. Dental is a joke, GST rebate is a joke, rental assistance is a joke. The CPC suggestions would have saved Canadians far more Add me to a list #INSTABLOCK. If you are PPC, do not follow me. We are living in a left wing hell at the moment. Trudeau is a disaster that #TRUDEAUMUSTGO
jps56789 New York & South Florida @gwbr154 @undergradwoman @AOC @CNN I’m able minded enough to absorb everything and weed out opinions vs actuality. None of us will ever know the entire truth regardless. Not sure why you have laughing emoji’s. Did you think you were providing some sort of joke? Ummm okay 🇺🇸America 1st 🇺🇸 Left NY for ☀️FL 💕 I ❤️ the US Constitution 🇺🇸 I got my Twitter back because #ElonROCKS👍 biological woman, hear me ROAR🐯
AnshulJ71807943 @ArvindKejriwal Means indian teachers are not capable enough? What a joke...we have the best teachers and best brains ...u r just wasting tax payers money
IceXPR Massachusetts, USA #stockmarket is an #investment joke! It is hurting the #USA #pensions and #innovation. Engineer, Inventor & Innovator... Passion for everything software, no matter where it runs: inside processors, mobile or cloud. (POVs are my own)
joevx700 Wake Forest, NC @Cadence4Trump Nah- it’s buddiejudge and his Hubby! It’s a f joke!
Theotique Pretoria_/South Africa @AdvDali_Mpofu Ukraine cleaning House🙄, must be at low level officials that they'd be doing that, Zelensky and his Nazis, the ones at the top are buying properties with that Proxy war money, It's really a joke that you'd believe they are capable of doing that under a government placed by USA🙄 'Tau tša go hloka seboka dišitwa ke Nare e hlotša' . Cells are my business.🔬....Cannabis🌱Farmer, Percussionist. SPIRIT SOJOURNer. Pole pole
troy_valuations Calgary, Alberta Happy Friday Calgary! What happens when you tell and egg a joke? It cracks up! #troyvalue #yyc #knowyourvalue #troyvaluations #yycbiz #valuations #businessvaluation Helping shareholders understand the value of their business.
LKJGreystone Earth for the moment @CollinRugg By whom, you? By this joke of a house of cards the Republican leadership has built. Another Benghazi in the series of Benghazi we are expecting from this congress. Let in the clown cars and put the spotlight on center ring, the circus is about to begin. There is no sweeter revenge than revenge that comes from justice being served.
89MJones96 @BMitchliveNBCS @JPFinlayNBCS The caption stated "literally." I said it was BS due to the caption. Also, talk about perfect timing. I made a joke in a leading manner and then stated that I was joking. They watch it fester & then claim joke after. Like they didnt know they would
obi_hugo They are coming for our jobs and everyone thinks it’s a joke Minimalist. Sensei. Rabbi. Caesar. Allfather.
M0taku Milwaukee, Wi So I know I always joke about being retired from just dance, but yesterday I was in an accident, my leg got smooshed, and I can't walk without crutches for the time being. Otherwise, I am fine. @justdancegame it's been fun. 🌈Twitch Affiliate🌈DKO Ambassador🌈Variety Gaymer🌈King of Kinect🌈Onesie Coinosseur🌈Achievement Huntee🌈