The things some people say about Joke.

parscale Washington, DC Well you’re now working for something your wife’s job gave you. Congratulations. Dude, you’re a joke to the left and the right. 🤔 Campaign Manager for @realdonaldtrump 2020 Presidential Campaign. Proud to work for America’s best POTUS and help to Keep America Great!
TomFitton Washington, DC Excuse me for getting a little heated about the coup attack on @RealDonaldTrump. The perps of #Spygate are abusing President Trump and our Republic to cover up their crimes. Yesterday was both a joke and an outrage -- a waste of time that nevertheless undermines the Constitution! President, Judicial Watch. (These are my personal views only!) Author, New York Times best seller Clean House.
thatbilloakley Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA The Washington Post asked me to write an op-ed piece about the GOP's "Sideshow Bob Defense" and I did so and here it is! TV Writer & “The Gordon Ramsay of Fast Food” - @thewrap
Llyod_Christmas Aspen, California @BrenIslanders @Moezyy_H @SaltyNewYorker @MapleLeafs You spend an uncomfortable amount of time interacting with people you dont like and clearly have nothing in common with. A true joke. Excuse my friend. He's a little slow. The town is back that way.
Zhoninz @Im_Luckk2k @CleoMo0n @lifeofMariah_ How you gonna tell me what I did and didnt laugh at 💀 the joke was funny to me, cuz her apartment was empty asf, I could care less about what she got goin on in her personal life euphs❤️. my stummy hurt
nagisa_ran hiyori tomoe Here's my 3 drafts with context. 1. the joke is eden walked so nagisa ran. 2. twitter was down 2 months ago 3. I don't know and remember why that edit is in my drafts ╔.▪️. 𝓛𝓮𝓽’𝓼 𝓼𝓹𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓭 𝓼𝓶𝓲𝓵𝓮𝓼 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭. .▪️.╝
bossbussybaby Pee World™️ wish my wife would stop asking me to go shopping and take out the trash doesn’t she understand how hard it is for me to work all day at the joke factory :(( writing for hot babes all day :((( my tiddies r prolly out 🥛🍼🍴
canxval 20 • she/her Nuance is so important. There’s a difference between an exaggerated joke tweet about hating women and a “joke” tweet about hating women coming from someone who consistently expresses incel-esque views
EdBa78 @ariieess @Mellor683 @HayesTSN Not the point. The point is Nylander and agent played him and won. Dubas had no chance with the second 2. Nylander should not have been traded, but should have sat the full year. Show some balls these were RFA not UFA. A joke
meatnpotatoes69 @BretBaier No absolut not!!! That is not intimidating!!! She’s not a wittiness to any crime!!! There is NO crime being committed!!! What a joke and waist of tax payer’s dollars!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, DEVOTED HUSBAND AND FATHER, CONSTITUTIONALIST, RIFLE AND BIBLE IN HAND, TRUMPIST, MAGA! KAG!!!
MichaelGuess5 Nashville, TN @jennfranconews @OANN 🤦‍♂️ ugh. Seriously, does @RepAdamSchiff have any single, solitary witness who will corroborate or otherwise prove obstruction, bribery, intimidation, etc.? This is a joke, and it’s not even funny. Husband, Father, Red Sox fan... in that order.
SiegeMoose Western Australia, Australia @FPSArcer Yeah its a joke atm i can't play due to everyone camping I try play properly and get punished from everyone just sitting camping . Not enjoying lately Avid Gamer, All Call of Duty Games are dope no matter . Inspired to try content creating with games and stream slow and steady . Live Laugh Love ✌❤
Troyy850 Minnesota, USA @pussytreats I’m actually at a charity for this’s not a joke or a false accusation and this is a huge issue w society rn 😡
offdef06 10007952 191115 musiccore pre rec Today’s pre recording is so gooood! I hope they use the 1st recording bc Jaebeom is 😍🔥. Boys joke around about CSAT and Bam really said we (fans) are too old for that hahaha Jackson ripped his pants, boys spoiling about a “new” song they’re going + 무슨 일이 있어도,난 너의 편이 되어줄게.임재범
zachissuchanerd Honami Ichinose's Bedroom @godmutual @rustinipanini @sylvainsbf Wow holy crap you’re an idiot LMFAO, alright man, go on and insult people behind that screen of yours since this is such a haha funny joke insulting people Steal Back Your Future. || Switch FC: SW-3169-2094-7516 || PSN: zachissuchanerd
RedAlienNation Area51 Offering better comedians more money and you less money is now racist. Got it. Me thinks that the only joke here is Mo'Nique. 📧 🔊The government lies as a matter of course, as a matter of policy...
SilviaNewman4 @Ed_Miliband So how many other public sector jobs will be sacrificed in order to pay for it? Hundreds of thousands of salaries and pensions will need to be financed from the British taxpayer. Current public sector pension bill already stands at £1.3 Trillion - your Party is a joke.
NathanFanOfWWE Aurora, CO @JavarisNeely Hope you feel better soon Javaris! The flu is no joke. Stay strong! And get better soon. Student at @JWUDenver starting Spring March 2020, then a Masters from @UMiamiUOnline shortly after. I WILL achieve my dreams! :) nothing is impossible!
sunilddesai In Your Hearts @News18India @farah17khan Another Joke of the Day.... @BJP4India cannot forget protest and bandhs 😂😂😂😂😂 Design, Engineering, Project Construction Management, Business, Trade, & History and Learning....Life Everyone & Everything All Happy Make Everyone Happy
redhouseredhill Where the long shadows fall my humor has become so crapty and dry that it is literally impossible for anyone to tell when I'm joking. I tell a """joke""" in my normal voice but to everyone else it just registers as a slightly weird or offputting thing to say
eacasey59 @RepSwalwell Read whistleblower statute before making ridiculous statements on natl TV - nothing states whistleblower name has to be hidden - want to be President - you're a joke!!!!!
stacie_bm A mountain in Washington State DISGUSTING! FOX News Never-Trumpers JOKE AND LAUGH About Roger Stone After Court Verdict Could Land Him with LIFE IN PRISON! (VIDEO) via @gatewaypundit Jesus has it all in His hands.🦅Pray for your enemies.🙏 Goats, chickens, turkeys, and Geese🐓 Gardener and Trump supporter🇺🇸 I don't always follow back #MAGA
Jacksundevil Chattanooga, TN You aren't truly southern unless you know the black joke about the preacher and the gas can. Btw racism is wrong. Sad boy
wildtroutct Connecticut @DevinNunes @EliseStefanik Good luck with that Ass. Dems love their women. Don’t need to use them as props. Stefanik is a joke and a bad example. Chef, guitar player, home recording artist, husband, father, grandpa
CrushTheBookie I show my sports book balance in elite groups every single night. So me showing all my bets all my results and someone else just saying 5K a play and writing out a balance 100% aren’t the same. Someone sending out a note pad in a DM and telling you bet 5-10K on that is a joke. JOIN AN ELITE GROUP & GET ALL MY REAL BETS EVERY NIGHT ALONG WITH EVERY PLAY FROM @FIRSTLADYNHL TWO CAPPERS FOR A FULL MONTH GRADING THERE PLAYS SEPARATELY
isaackingmusic nearby @BrattyBubz @CELLSTAYCLEAN actually it's insanely forked to even joke about "revoking a person's rights" just because they're an asshole with bad opinions and you're no better than the OP in insinuating that only *some* trans men should have their rights taken away ★if i finish the challenge my debut record EXP. PTS. will be out dec 1★ (any pronouns) ᵖᵒᵒˡᵈᵃᵈ'ˢ ᵍᶦʳˡᶠʳᶦᵉⁿᵈ
fugakinoko Y0, YK1, YK2 the point where me making a joke about throwing rocks at pol who ship something i dont like is taken as a gospel Real Threat of my True Opinions And Values and not as... yknow... a joke made by a frustrated person? 21 / lesbian / trans (agender) / dumbass / she/her / 漸次日本語を習得しています.間違えたらごめんなさい! / 🔞 content / 桐真🐍🐉 / dont take my tweets too seriously / BL🍄GL / 🐌レズビアン
AdequateEmily Boston, MA @WaitImCurious @zTrovaa @coherentstates And that my joke is about how they appeal to that to fight a literal person who has studied science who knows the topic more is actually a comment on that phenomenon and how it’s often just projecting ignorance as true knowledge. Filmmaker, Video Essayist, Film Buff, User of Commas | She/Her | Patreon: | Profile pic by @djnebulous
shineal59044034 @MarkMontieth @Original_Turner Well why isn't he PLAYING?? It's an absolute joke that a sprained ankle has resulted in missing 8 games. So tired of myles Turner He will get back and be inconsistent as always.
Kressman07 United States @jaketapper What a joke. Your network routinely calls our President worse than Hitler, Mao, Stalin, attack his child and grandchild, but your panties are in a twist over someone's hurt fee-feels for being called "bad news." You truly are the #EnemyOfThePeople Woke (former) Democrat. Hobbies include: winning, Making America Great Again, and watching Snowflakes collectively melt.
GheistHeist pfp by RRADIORIOT @_gyllenwhore Saying the n word as a joke is NOT okay it literally doesn’t matter, i can’t speak for all poc since i know some use it and reclaim it but if ur not black. you do not use tht word bc it literally carries a huge meaning over our heads and current and past families who endured alot ☾ Furry artist • trans feminine masc // Femboy (he/him) • im baby • 17 ☾
buhrnt ohio @howaboutafresca listening to you on Fox sports radio you are delusional and ignorant. to say what Myles Garrett did is worse than any other incident ever or that it's different in 2019 is a joke. sports geek. gamer nerd. movie and tv show dork. wrestling mark. lover of all things Cleveland.
reemlage86 Macomb, MI @WilliamdeVry1 Love you Will! I knew it was a joke and I thought it was funny! ❤️ GH & hockey fanatic! GO WINGS!! Love my hubs and doggies more than anything. ❤️❤️
Mackpin My boyfriend looked at me and said “joke’s one everyone, my disney plus came with an actual princess” He was tryna be funny but I’m over here like..“really?”🥺 she/her, intersectional feminist, Esthetician, make up artist
dobrikslips Chicago, IL Tea is Vardon started panicking about the joke and Jason the forking boomer tried to calm him down and reassure him it’s ok it be like that sometimes
Dan57071903 @RErwinSpencer @GOPoversight @WhiteHouse @EliseStefanik @RepAdamSchiff The truth hurts sometimes. Schiff is a complete joke. And the fact that the left hasn’t gotten their heads out of the sand yet is awesome!!! Please keep on’re guaranteeing Trump 2020! You guys look like fools! LMAO!!!
Average_Ed Northern Hemisphere, Enceladus @MatManz @proviewsusa @ewarren Leftist mag angry that an opportunist coopted a progressive policy, turned it into a joke, and muddied the waters of a policy that is wildly popular. Fixed it for you. I'm getting pretty sick of Warren's glass spine and her supporters, tbh. Aliens exist... but what about Gawd?
Proudmommy8181 Coram @MaurkicePouncey @MaurkicePouncey i wish I can get my bottom down to crap browns practice and knock all those clowns out...They’re pathetic and they’re is biggest joke on the NFL...U did the right thing by protecting @Rudolph2Mason
Fan83Toronto @CoachBombayy Hahaha im just sayin even their advanced stats werent great hah obviously i get the joke youre makin and then made my own and now ive ruined both 😂 Your Outrage is Fake.. Spare me.. Leafs. Raps. Jays. TFC.
tkendrick10 Y’all I jumped onto the wagon and I am not mad about it.... DISNEY+ IS NO JOKE!!!! it’s a beautiful day to be alive 💕
carly_booth8 Pittsburgh, PA @RealRadReviews Rewatched it earlier this week and it really is a lovely film! the fact that so many people still make jokes about it is deeply upsetting to me because it shows they still think female pleasure is a joke. Writer. Storyteller. Film buff. Resister. Sometimes home cook. She/her. #ActuallyAutistic #BanNazis
ThatchHD @morganisawizard I have had them. They are no joke. A woman I worked with said hers were worse than childbirth and she had been through both. I toughed mine out by crawling on the floor for a few days. Drink lots of lemon juice and lemonade --- from now until forever. Best of luck to you! The root of all evil is man's desire to control his fellow man. Pronouns are I and my.
Fatalmephisto Canada Im taking back every bad thing and joke ive ever said about Death Stranding. The final cutscene forking broke me. Not only does everything make sense, I truly forking understand it now. I finally get it. @SickHumorTV thus is in my top 5 for games of this gen. Holy fork 😍 I live in Canada. The rest is in my head
headstonecarver 15 // switch (sub+++) okay so i wasn't sure if i missed my ex boyfriend or was just lonely, i made a joke saying "better stop before i kiss you" and he said i wouldn't so i did but he didn't let me go after & he kissed me again, turns out im just lonely BUT i feel so alive, come close and feel my pulse
JosephH85623762 @damdamhov @errordagoatfr @kalebtowles @bigjz0808 @Breaking911 Gun control is a joke. People can print a gun on a 3d printer these days. The criminal obviously isn't deterred by a law. Drugs are also illegal and people acquire them and don't stop because the law says so. KC Chiefs, dad, KC Chiefs, husband, KC Chiefs, Conservative, KC Chiefs, Guns, KC Chiefs, God, KC Chiefs...
last_angryman President Trump tweeted about A former ambassador Democrats go crazy. Under Obama an Ambassador is tortured for hour after hour and murdered. MSM and Democrats response, I'm still waiting. Dems are literally a Joke. Walked away in 2012.Trump supporter,Ride a Harley, love my wife of 20 years. believe in MAGA.Proud once again to be God and his Son Jesus Christ.
jyeowa 21 this video is gonna be 13 years old soon and no joke has even come close bird brain
TyMowery What a joke. Can’t make adjustments and give up 130 to the forking wizards
Feisty_Vegan United Kingdom @BlackVeganJesus @amifriend40_ami Legit not even a joke. Irish and Russian peasants lived on a mostly root vegetable diet and were surprisingly healthy when compared to other European peasants of the 1600s. Extreme example but hey Your home of vegan cooking, news and inspiration!
jaidadunlap9 Nashville, Tennessee she didn’t even “bump” her that much for her to react like that. you did all that and still got beat. girl A JOKE #TrackNation .. #ForeverDonte .. #LongliveKP .. Alabama A&M Univ. Na$hville / Huntsville