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MeghanMcCain Arizonan/New Yorker With all the struggle and pain in this country as we are possibly headed into a second Great Depression, this has GOT to be a joke. We are NOT using average American taxpayer dollars to pay for their security detail. Why isn’t this England’s problem? Live Free or Die. #forkCancer 🇺🇸🌵
RBReich Berkeley, CA Is this a joke? 2,500 dead so far, and he's boasting about his ratings? Plagued by a pandemic, we have a pathological narcissist at the helm. Berkeley prof, frmr Sec of Labor. Cofounder, Inequality Media. New book: The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It. Order a copy:
WayneDupreeShow USAF Desert Storm/Shield Vet This battle-axe was dragged up one side of Twitter and down the other for making a "JOKE" about Americans sick and dying. 2018 Pioneer Of New Media; 2017 Newsmax Top 50 Influential Black Repub, 2015 Blogger/Yr; //
SariKincaid1 @drvyom Meanwhile I have 3 pre-morbities and was on panadol and neurofen, so of course I didn’t show a temp! They know me well in the cardiac ward! Sick joke...and told them one of my kid’s at home was sick too🙄
graylawrenceca South Africa @MmusiMaimane @MbalulaFikile While taxis are full and people are shoulder to shoulder and one guy in his yard is targeted. What a joke.
LoveZin456 @The_CrapGamer THIS IS SOME GAMES THAT XBOX TEAM IS WORKING ON + FABLE engine YOU CAN SEE THE POWER OF ENGINE RPG OPEN WORLD ACTION AND TONS OF GAMES IN THE WORK TRIPLE A GAMES NO JOKE now get lost you are virus am zinou 30 y and i love music i follow games news movies animes sport and everything Enthusiasm makes love
abrahamsan_gay @jennasulecki i’m not good with script dialogue or in fact script writing itself, this would be my first roadblock. my second would be takin this half joke and stretching it into a working plot The Cowboy Tundra (an indie-folk album)
SlGHFl UFO orbiting Canada <:/ it's just........ i dunno. kinda concerning. i'm sure the crew don't like............ mean it like THAT, and i even thought the joke about four being "pudgy" was kinda funny because there was more to it, but.......... ehhhhgghg 🟊 Sigh-Fi 🟊 21 🟊 She/they 🟊 BFDI Bozo 🟊 Local alien menace 🟊 Playing ACNH 🟊 🛸 COSMIC THRILLS! SUPERNATURAL CHILLS! IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE! ☄
GOJOWIFE blm over the past two days ive seen anitwt send death threats over jokes and normal criticisms of animated pictures and ive also seen anitwt brush off racism as a joke and say we're all too sensitive...yall need therapists #CALUMHOOD: senku ishigami won best protagonist of the year
bombsfall The Paris of Appalachia my joke about not understanding anarchism is getting replies that make me want to mention that i'm very familiar with anarchism and quite fond of it Scott Benson. Animator / Illustrator / Writer / Video Game Person • @theglorysociety • @l8nightworkclub • @nightinthewoods. High fives til death takes us.
AlpharadG Alpha should play A bad flash game, with Tyler and it should have a Raid: Shadow Legends sponsorship. The main joke should be something Ironic. What could possibly be funnier than a video made randomly by a bot?
cornydawgy Just scared if I ever die suddenly bc I know the first three months people will just be saying that I took the joke too far and it’s gonna look really bad that I’m lying about that when I’m rlly actually dead I’m so cute and FUNNY!!!!
nash_taz Missouri, USA Y’all wanna come hang out and joke around in casual R6? Me too, come watch! 21/Bi/Otter/MO - Ninja Squirrels R6 - Furries of Missouri Admin - Psychology - GFM Programming Dept.
urfavvhotgirl Seattle, WA @jaaydoitbest Tell me why when I was 10 my 17 year old sister had her boyfriend over and I laughed at a joke she made and she pressed my no titty having bottom 😂😂 my name is not a mix between jessica and jennifer. next.
supermommy1987 I know it’s sad that Joe Diffie passed away, but I wonder if anyone is going to pay his last respect and prop him up beside the joke box?! Tonight has been a Joe Diffie night playing his music full blast singing while driving back roads!!! RIP @JoeDiffieOnline actress/writer FB and YouTube-Loretta Holton Instagram- lorettaholton1987 follow me and I’ll follow back!!!
RiceKrispTweetz Younger folks thinking covid a joke by still staying in large crowds and rebelling until they kill they granny and their favorites aunts by passing it on. Take chances, make mistakes. 30+Twitter Commander In Chief.
sophiiaamariiaa Louisiana, USA my 21st birthday is a joke , lol get it ? because it’s on April Fools Day and everything is closed
SchimbergSy Minneapolis, MN I am getting so forking excited by the prospect of going back to St. Paul forking Minnesota to be with my friends this summer that I can’t even think of a joke and I still think this is worth tweeting Jason Derulo
mileenastan @Laudy27199075 @HammelGoHard @MambaShalom @DamianFoz @americanluka @JEAcevedo07 @maxisnicee @luka7doncic @kporzee Lmao wtf is wrong with you guys? Dude said a joke and now y’all comparing a kid’s athleticism to an NBA player .
TheVoidKeeper "How about another joke @NZParliament? What do you get when you cross a Chinese-originated bioweapon with a society that ignores it and treats it like the flu? YOU GET WHAT YOU F#$KING DESERVE!" Chaotically Absurd Reality Dripping Into Satirism|
leemonsx Utah -nicknames you go by? -well you can't really turn "ivy" into any nickname :( but me and my friends have a little inside joke where they call me "HIV" hahaha ∞ ; cub nation ; boyfriend han jisung enthusiast ; lil meow meow biased ; multi fan account
minagozaki #YF053 @btsvkm Pleased to meet you too, Oppa! Well, you've two greatest name, V and Taehyung is really a great name and easy name to remember, no joke no lie, I only said Fact only! Have you listening to my song, oppa? 🐿💭 . . . . even Hyunjin agree that No Sana No Life.
stilllilbill BK 🇯🇲 @cardivstheworld ik i sound crazy but like crap is actually falling apart and while yeah its fun to joke about, we are all going to get forked over people remain complacent AeiTeen | skinny wearin large
keakandrew Wakanda @kiga_eyebrows With the way banyankole abuse and bakiga tell you how they will beat you after every 3words, we can't fail to joke and play😂😂😂😂 🔴 Love is overrated so don't ever believe in it. 🔴🔴Don't get married, just find a lady you hate and buy her a house😊😊😊 🔴The love African-American jokes 😜😂 😂
GK_vCIO Bengaluru, India @deepolice12 @blrcitytraffic @drashwathcn @Tejasvi_Surya Lockdown is d biggest joke! Monday morn blues!! Come n see density of vehicles on 17th n 18th cross and Malleshwaram 8th cross. I prefer dying of disease than being moved by cars zipping at 100 or running amock in one way!
ian_kahuho @citizentvkenya What is Sonko doing at night? Past the curfew. He now has the Corona swag, he probably thinks it is a joke and that it infects those in the slum. A journalist by profession.
plopfictionally Los Angeles, CA @missleemalee You’re an angel! I would foster if I could! The two I have are a handful enough and right now I wouldn’t even entertain that. It kiiiills me because I would love to. If you find any senior dachshunds to foster... ahem, I might be willing to adopt it. No joke. Published Tattoo Model | Drunk Twitch Affiliate | Professional IG Thot | | business inquiries:
ToussaintDijon @billmaher @NYGovCuomo These liberals are a joke people are dying and POOR BILL misses his baseball 😩😭 besides Bernie is still in this #BernieOrBust2020 Did you exercise your first amendment today? #alwaystalkaboutpolitics
MankyOfficial To the people who think this @Idubbbz thing is anymore than a joke, Being a public figure shouldn't mean that your life is therefore in the hands of your audience, unfortunately the majority of one's audience feel an entitlement to their lives. absurd and stupid #idubbz #simp If I ever obtain any ounce of wealth, be assured I will use it as irresponsibly as possible (Give me money) ➜
WeirdScenes1 ...see, it's a joke, from the 80's, they used to air these warnings to scare old folks at 10pm about their latchkey kids and grandkids...oh, never mind... Join hosts “Doc” Savage and Louis Paul as we discuss cult film, music, television and more.
jazzchipszn Utah, USA @PlayoffJimmyB My brother when he was a senior took senior pics and one pic had his gun it with him and his friend made 300 copies of it and posted them around school as a joke and my brother got suspended for a week cuz he was a “threat” #takenote #flyeaglesfly //19//I try to keep it real//
_MonteCrysto_ @charellejovanna I had it... Couldnt eat or drink or hear.. I was on antibiotics and went vegan I fasted all day and broke it at 8PM that Virus was no joke crap lasted like 3 weeks California Artist Count of Monte Crysto To Die Another Day Bitch
mrmatthew Bothell, WA @tleg_managarmr @timbannock @Wizards_DnD If you know it isn’t a joke, then coming in and playing devil’s advocate is not only harming the point of this conversation, but it’s also really annoying. Please don’t. RPG writer & analyst. Humblewood & Mall Kids. Analyst @Oculus. Husband, father, human. He/Him. Games: D&D:
sameer_verma_ Indus India @Sheewa10 @SrBachchan It's all about compassion and sensitivity.... That's all! Making a poor joke doesn't play well with the gravity and acute existential imbalance of fulcrum at stake! Before Rigor Mortis sets in.... Live!
nate_fight2020 Minneapolis, MN This is the #Cult45. They don't care how many die, not really, as long as it isn't him. If Bill got the Coronavirus, he would screaming for help, and demanding that he not be left for dead. "Pro-life" no longer exists for these "conservatives". He'll probably claim it's a joke.. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho is a coalition of people that see what is happening and have had enough. We won't back down. #GOTV We can make the difference. No DM's.
Monkerino1 Debaixo da sua cama @Toxtricity_S @RekkiNSFW @decoyonion @Pogsire Stop, man, don't be helicopterphobic. And bruh, what's the problem with the helicopter joke? It's a meme, not a true joke, nobody thinks that's funny, i guess, but the rage of LGBTQ+ it's funny. Libertário em formação. Conta secundária: @monkerino2
crystalyo_ CA my life is a joke... and not even a good joke 🇭🇳 yo soy sólo de mi
gothcracker simp city idk how they can see crap they say and be like . meh ! just a joke ! i will still be friends with them because it doesnt effect me #1 hozier stan and your local emo bitch | pronouns: none. do not refer to me, ever
RepublicanWiza1 Far Away From Liberals, USA @rifleman76 @TomJChicago @realDonaldTrump You a historian. Haha that is a joke. Because trump has defended this virus epidemic more than any other presidents of the 20th and 21 sst century. Learn the truth Anti-Islam, Anti-Catholic Definitely Anti dumbasses (liberals)
YianAnt Stamford Bridge This guy is forking disgusting. You dont joke about these things, people are suffering right now. And you tell him to die? wow. Chelsea Fan.🇨🇾 Cypriot Blue⚡ Thats all there is to it.(I FB if interested just comment on my latest tweet)
codeplayrecords Back Market ! @itzFrayoo cough out loud don't cover your mouth in the process and watch how you will trend like wild 🔥 😂😂😂na joke ooh please don't do it anywhere Channel Host: Ngala DuBien ⚠
stigmajihyo Las Vegas, NV Making fun of pronunciation of an asian name isnt a joke and its xenophobia. Take note of that crack3r #Jihyo: we're not friends | he/him | hag
StellaCorvus On a Racoon's Island 🐝tfw you're legit arguing the metaphysical nature of angel anatomy someone else started as a joke, and you still haven't untagged the Pope just in case he wants to chime in... A Raven and her trans girl hoping to help others be more ok| Bi/poly/witchy/plural/more?|💍@mintrattea|💖@Gwen_thefair 🐝3/2/20&🐦3/9/20| HRT 10/31/19| DMs open
yoncefanboy212 Watching tik toks and savage started playing so I threw it back as a joke looking in the mirror and when I tell y’all I said: 🍑🍑🍑🍑 WHERE DID ALL THIS bottom COME FROM Oohweebeebeefreakydeakythinkmeseeshepinkbikinirockthatkufidyethatshikinefertitiedgeskinky
DracoMundo @Copperlockscum Oh yeah I agree entirely, apologies if I came across as dismissive. This is an unfunny crapty joke and thing to do. Yo! I'm Draco Mundo. I have a Youtube AND a Twitch! Aint that neat. Avid Capcom fan. Digimon forkboy. Will retweet JoJo Memes
SgtHarvey United States @MrMaxMarriner I wasn’t specifically saying he was a bad apple of the “gaming scene” Up to Speed is a car show I was intensely unhappy that he was dunking on women with ponytails, joke or not, and wanted to know who they were as to avoid them in the future g1 Tom the Iron Man of @ScrewAttack, Twitch Affiliate Streamer, Xbox Ambassador, and one of the Saturday Hosts for @g1_Gamedays. I try real hard.
skxnny_desire NOT PRO !! vent acc. my bf and i are facetiming and he made a joke about stealing my belly button (don't ask we're forking weirdos lmao) and said that it'd just be a completely flat stomach and then immediately was like "wait no that's not what i meant you look skinny and perfect anyways" they/them. 20. mo usa. pagan witch. height: 5’2” // cw: 107.8lbs // gw: 100lbs
CharnockWade Waverly, TN @JoeBiden You are a joke...and you lied about your Son...and the Ukraine Fiasco... Retired US Navy Aircrew, Licensed Maine and Tennessee Teacher, Certified Coach-NFHS, Walden PhD Doctoral Candidate (ABD), IRB Approval Pending as of Mar 2020
mickculleton @GovMikeDeWine @realDonaldTrump @SteveFDA @US_FDA @Battelle All hail and thank the president! His negotiations in this time of international need are an inspiration to..... oh fork that, can’t even joke about it. #RemoveTrumpNow Married Father of three, international spy, former all black, Chris Hadfield's evil twin, person who misses TXFM, person of interest, Some of these are true 🙃
buseini @JSmithpolitics1 Good luck my friend. I hope this aide reaches you and every American that needs it right now. @SpeakerPelosi thinks this is a joke! Very sad!