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JackPosobiec Rent-free in your head Merrick Garland had the chance to be a leader and say he would equally prosecute violence on both sides of the aisle He chose to make up a double standard that has nothing to do with law This is disqualifying and every Republican that votes for him is a joke New book: 'The Antifa' drops 3/16
frankthorp Washington, DC No joke: @SenatorRomney just walked up to @kyrstensinema and was overheard on the floor mics saying: "You're breaking the internet." Producer & Off-Air Reporter covering Congress at @NBCNews. Instagram: (frankthorpv) Also served as Chairman of the RTCA Exec. Committee.
SenatorSiewert Perth, WA A $50 fortnight increase to #Jobseeker is a joke. Tightening mutual obligations in the midst of a pandemic and a recession is just abject cruelty. It's the most vulnerable who lose their payments in this punitive system. Australian Greens Whip & Senator for WA. Authorised by Senator Rachel Siewert, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
mirkocentral lesbian, she/her, intj, black @supercoochiesai @0fficializ @chaniebun okay but that still doesn’t cover the reason why liz was taking this as a joke after we told her to apologize seriously?? let’s just agree to disagree and hope theg take her apology seriously, but they really aren’t mirko pls eat me out like a pussy hot pocket
BioNickArm 8(X...X)8 Upscaled thrift is a forking joke. u are not a designer bc u put some dogcrap little embroidery patch on ur sweater u bought from goodwill for 10 dollars and tryna resell it for 45. Purely clown crap if u scalp clothes that was meant for people with less disposable income. Perma-Triggered
KhorneBeserker The Eye of Terror @OhBoyPaula42 @JoeBiden @WilliamDunnJR1 Biden wrote the crime bill that put tens of thousands of black men in federal prison for minor drug offenses and now you blindly follow him. Democrats are a damn joke. ARGHLBLARGHLRARGHLBLARG!
maybewegotlostt james corden got a golden globes nomination for "the prom" and they didn't even nominate nicole kidman and meryl streep, what kind of joke is that ??? 😂😂😂
shlnicholson Boston @amandagolf59 I saw the tweet Sunday and understood the joke at the time. Why is it a big deal? New England born. I like all 4 seasons. Addicted to🏌🏼‍♂️. Strive to be better than yesterday. I like ☕️ and 🍺.
KhanterWinters México Depression is a real thing. Is not a joke, feeling lone, is dangerous. And despite that people should not talk of suicidal stuff on discord or twitter. If that people believes kn that need, the WORST thing you can say... 1/5 91's | 29 years old | A pain in the bottom to many people. | Gamer and some NSFW sometimes... But tending to keep it classy.
JIMINANG3L 愛されたい 愛せるよう 瞳になるよ これからの旅に 見つめてる 暗闇さえも so beautiful 僕を信じてほしい まっすぐに君だけを見て let me tell you a joke b4 I go off of twt for the rest of the night Why is ‘dark’ spelled with a ‘k’ and not ‘c’? only here for the boys BTS ♡ she!her ♡ 16 ♡ desi ♡ edits @JKPEARLL
Lynelgender I Block Nsfw/Fetish Accounts Mmm I think we all agree that Kohga being called handsome as a joke because "he's fat lol, he's talking nonsense and the Clan is silly" is gross. I'm Scratch/Calamity 💙❤️💛 • 19 • it/its/she/her • lesbian • white • CEO of Scratch and Grounder • read my carrd before you follow
WilsBryce Hamilton, IL So you are telling me NBA Players can travel the country and not wear masks during games, but Illinois Players have to. Makes sense. PRITZKER YOU ARE A JOKE OF A HUMAN BEING. 2018 All-State RB🏈
cmcg95216311 @nytimes You jest! There is nothing about which to lighten up for the people of Texas. Thank God for AOC and her fundraising effort for the people for whom you should have been fundraising. Your photo op was a joke!!!!!!!!
Methadone_Cat Occupied Territory Toronto Wow... that's old? You kids would have died trying to use text based interfaces like DOS and Unix. cd c:\ rm *.* (someone will get this joke) White settler who is painfully disappointed with his own people. Canada is an illegitimate Apartheid state, let's just admit that, okay? He/him Pan/Anarchist
Daniel38541656 @mariojudah_ @playboicarti I wanna see this African-American prosper and grow find and expiernce success but the joke is over just focus on your music African-American MAKE OUT HILL
Shoooorty_ @xDrelli @tiffanytiarra2 Omg lol it was a joke and she knows that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tavacano Monrovia, Liberia AU is a JOKE organization that only collects money and doesn't put in place serious programs that will benefit its members countries. By now, Africa should have a RESEARCH CENTER developing vaccine and prepared for such pandemic or any other disease. #SAD Love LIBERIA to Death 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
bokutoktrs eng/ptbr/日本語 @nefernico i think oda just hates sanji and uses him as comic relief sometimes but it's a repetitive joke so 🙄 i really love sanji, but those jokes zzzz gojo satoru said 👍 to god complex | 五夏 | 兎赤 | 21yo | she/her | mw @sotennborii ✨
niveous_Moth SсhΙаtt and Τеd playing with СhаrΙiе and punishing him with (extreme) wax play if he acts up. Τеd made a joke about using green candles that SсhΙаtt took seriously so bright green wax ends up all over СhаrΙiе. They joke about how his slime is starting to melt and each time + Moth || minor || any pronouns || nsfwsmptwt, nsfwepicsmptwt, kinda nsfwmcyttwt || I take ungodly amounts of time to write and draw porn || pnsfw dni
eipilotguy Cambridge Ontario @dshymko1 @fastpitchmom78 @spudislander45 @CTVNews Well then you’ve set a hell of a precedent for other Canadians working over there. Cmon give your head a shake. How about rounding up his Paris Accord buddies to try to squeeze China. Maybe if he wasn’t such joke the Americans woulda helped more and sooner. Lots of ways to tackle Directional Manager of High Speed Aluminium. I am married to an amazing woman, who writes on her husbands twitter profile :). all tweets are my own
GixiNinja Australia #tianyake so there's already been a blowjob and cut sleeve joke in this show and I'm wondering if we'll get a sharing a peach scene to compete homoerotic reference bingo a smol and soft asian auntie. writer of feeeelings. doctor and pseduo academic. drinks too much tea 🍵 Loves trash. nsfw. Chinese-Australian. she/her
Exalted_Speed and well while people blame Family Guy the most share joke about him didn't air till 2005, this though aired in 2002. Notice How Wonder Woman scoffs at him. Critic of comics who might love too many things.
WaterBendingJay @dakln95 @WingNUT96397763 @Yusuketraplord @HeavenlyControl and no one is stronger than arale since that's the joke ok
Zixybtw @TunaIsToxic Bro that joke flew right over your head see this is the problem with you adults y’all take everything so serious u see one thing and always got to say something when it doesn’t concern u Solo Finalist | @FatDuckZ
MelodyKayYoung The Not-Great State Of Texas Online threats are no joke. We had very clear forewarning of January 6th. We need to stay alert, given the terroristic (and insane) chatter about March 4th. #StaySafe #America #NeverForgetJanuary6th 🕊 Love America.❤️🇺🇸❤️ Grew up cross-culturally.🌍🌏🌎 Texas is a real mess.🤷‍♀️ Deal with the past. #NeverForgetJanuary6th 💔#NeverAgain 🕯 #Love 💗 #Peace 🕊
togegfs SHE ! HER ! 17 r u srs with blue and grey live. if this is a joke #xiao: venti, call your winds | eu ar 51 |
Glibskye saw an @ bawwsadface in the wild, just randomly and got a little triggered (not the joke, like actually.) got all sweaty and remembered the crap they said to me back in 2014. | 24 | She/Her | Enby Gal | BA, Psychology | Furry | 🔞 | @glibskyeart | 🧡@vixlia_ |
Anthony46364041 Liverpool NY 13090 @ladyefron And I’m being serious this is not a joke you are just fine the way you are. June 27 1966
Maverick000lll Why isn't @CocaCola trending with their ' be less white' seminar. Brought to you by @RobinDiAngelo an obvious Cult leader.... pretty soon they are gonna take White and Black off the color spectrum because it's offensive. 😂😂😂 what a joke our world is becoming.
__Xio__mara__ If you don't have a lisp, kindly shut up and don't speak for us. I do have one, and the joke was fine. It wasn't really "ha ha" funny to me, but it was an attempt to lighten the mood and it definitely wasn't offensive. I haven't seen a single person who actually has a lisp- I have severe hypermetabolism along with Prader Willi Syndrome, an odd combination honestly. My max weight was 96, and my average is 84-ish. I kinda gave up 🤷
BuurmanBuurman3 @Reshy_Trouxa When you are such a giveaway Hunter that you don’t realise it’s a joke and these are fake skins 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ trying to be a trader, but i am not very good at it. also i am now a nova collector i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
TeaKrulos Milwaukee, WI FLATBALL. Trying to think of a joke about gravity and running circles around rival teams around the world, but I got a headache. My new book is a non-fiction titled AMERICAN MADNESS, out now! More info here:
joke_tbt @TB_Times Numbers are dropping. No spike from Super Bowl. Stop being morons and cancelling events.
xavmtv he/xe/they/fae @miriosass makes a joke out of anything and everything and will run away from their problems until its no longer a problem OR get those 30 seconds of courage and finally solve it ➳#RAZOR: where to?- m/w @thatgrvngebitch AR- 31 // multi - edits acc @mzsavixx,, ic; @luciarielucia
averyfires Australia *sound on* for joke scritches and purring. 28yo Bi BBW & adult content creator. ADHDer, Gamer & Metalhead. 🤘 🛑 STOP Censorship of Sex Workers. #STOPOSB20 🛑 SW Podcast 📣 @SnarkyHarlots //Join @efa_oz
Simondigger110 Rawalpindi, Pakistan @RedLReviews This is 100% not a joke and actually something related with the multiverse thingy imo Into anime. MAL:
MICR0MESIA *dies* ok so you make a joke abt it instead of immediately deleting it and apologizing ? 😐 #REI: geometrical pussy Vamp/Xe | Black | Minor | ND | nblm | ♡ @WEFFI_ ♡ //
ken2671 @TikiBroken @seattletimes Teachers union is a joke Teachers first and second Kids third. God forbid you go back to work when a terrible virus with a 99.8% survival rate looms Go to work!! Hopefully the long lasting social effects on kids and suicides dont bother you why you sit at home Loser!
okawesum @gvmk21 @ConanOBrien The joke is that the normies think he's late and that's funny. But Conan is actually smart. Abolish the undemocratic Senate and Electoral College. #M4A #GND🌹
Kevin_Timm Cleveland, OH @althea_4017 Locked down? Are you forking kidding me? Bars are full of people sitting around maskless talking and yelling. Restaurants packed. Stores, malls, hockey games, soon baseball games. America's idea of "lockdown" is a JOKE. Dont act like this is some form of oppression. Musician, weightlifter, Zamboni driver, hockey player, Cleveland/Columbus fan. Bassist for The Boom Shakalakas. Proud union worker. I speak only for myself.
Sad_laehciM @WilsonToMims @cowboybreezy Ok so now you’re making fun of my pronouns and harassing women? That “joke” wasn’t a joke. Go back to watching your Jets get stomped on and stfu (ʜᴇ/ʜɪᴍ) // i sell xxx content @LeahciM_NSFW
DUCoachHarris Grand Rapids, MI @SayHeyRob @CUZRM @amandagolf59 Why would she assume he wasn’t driving? The dude looked like he was high on pills on Sunday and she made a joke about hoping he wasn’t driving. How is this hard to understand? Head women's lacrosse coach for @duathletics in #GrandRapids. @du_wlacrosse
TheMSeries1 Ova Da Wudz, Atlanta. Like, that guy works for NBC Sports making that kind of post for the All Star Game and not a random person. NBA Media coverage is a joke God through the Dark.
Jackpin36156399 Spooner wI @SenateDems @SenSchumer Hey Chuck your buddy Andrew who you sang praises for all summer killer 15000 elderly New Yorkers and your worried about Ted Cruz going on vacation. You sir are a joke. Retired and seeing our country being torn apart. After traveling the world and seeing abject poverty, communist rule, monarchy, and dictators we are the only
Nyxarts27 She/Her @skirtsonyeondan And the piss joke people? Mediocre Fanartist•21•funny comments•MC skin creator
kediwins London @RSingh6969a What an action. Pure silk!! Wonder how he would have fared in today’s slam bang world where Captains have no patience and with 60 Meters boundaries it is a joke to flight where micraps land several yards inside the Stadium and clean hits often outside it!! Do believe am fair minded, compassionate and try to treat everyone equally. Love reading, sports,politics,gym,good food,my kid (not in any specific order!).
Bananabread691 @NathanJRobinson @guardian “I-IT WAS JUST A JOKE!!!” Sorry honey, your “edgy and dark sense of humor” isn’t an excuse for racism. You’re just being held accountable :) Student driver
madeitgoIden @IllMeetThem1Day but there are always those who just met you 10 minutes ago, you both laughed at one joke and they think that gives them the right to comment on it without knowing anything about me. The thing is that it could have been a person with an ED or sth and thats much worse. she/her 18 larrie |no stunts|
WarrenValion Nanuet, NY @1991XWALLS There are infinite fictional characters and that is the one you use for a tongue-in-cheek "Dead-ly" joke? The song's almost over. And when the music stops, we all fall down.

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