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ChrisEvans If Barack Obama looked to the sky and said ‘I’m the chosen one’, even as a joke(which this wasn’t), everyone at Fox News would look like they just peeked inside the Ark of the Covenant.
TiffanyBond Maine Pointing out that whether a joke or out of a serious belief, we have a President talking about being King of the Jews and the second coming of God. Imagine those words from any other President. That is where we are. I don't care what your party is. That. Is. Crazy. Mom | Wife | Policy Nerd | Attorney | Mediator | Sustainable Tourism Nut | Want me in Senate? Do a #MaineRaising! Let's change politics together for good.
TSM_Myth I wish more content creators highlighted some of the dangers of caffiene to their young audiences if they are gonna be promoting that type of product consistently. Caffiene is no joke kids, and you probably dont need it. [Member of @TSM] ▪️ × YouTube : Myth × Business : × Creator Code : Myth
jogeaysok Montréal, Québec i'm listening to fix you from the show yesterday and i'm deadass crying again, it's not joke lol bisexual girl living her best life 🏳️‍🌈 she/her
Nikki_Vikki345 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Shared a Twitter joke with a friend today and she was like “I’m gonna join Twitter”. I told her Twitter is made for a special set of individuals in the world and didn’t think she’d make it 😂😂😂 𝗩𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗵𝘂𝗹𝗶𝘀... 🇰🇾
HikindDov Brooklyn, NY @Mike_P_Williams @ReaganBattalion No, you’re funny. A joke, frankly. Omar and Tlaib are heroes for you. Enough said. Enjoy them, you deserve each other. Now, buzz off. You have nothing smart to say and I don’t care to read your tweets or respond. I prefer not to block but I won’t hesitate if you continue. Ciao Former NY State Assemblyman; Founder, @AmericansAA; Forever a proud Jewish American and staunch supporter of Israel
rufflebanger Ohio, USA @hakunonero No joke, for a while I thought you were actually posting physical sketches. Like somehow scanning them in or taking magic photos or something and coloring them digitally lol 🏳️‍🌈 25 but mentally 85 🏳️‍🌈 she/her. Don't let the cosplay photos fool you, I'm here to crappost
LzyTgr Joke's on you puta, I have the lazytigre tag on facebook, steam AND minecraft Game dev
YgolferF @RepLeeZeldin President trump has stood up for our important ally Israel better than any other president before him, and I have great respect for that. He has my vote. AOC, Tlaib, and Omar are a joke.
BaronExperience @St1ka Poor art direction all around, it's a disjoint mess in all aspects. SFX are a joke. Music sounds generic and simply doesn't match with the scenarios; which is probably the most recognizable asset of SOR1 and SOR2. Horrendous character design; the key frames are pure trash.
wilkoffe Rochester NY That awkward moment when someone makes a joke about inclusive language and you’re just like “yeah, inclusiveness is great.” Worship Director dedicated to inciting passion for Jesus. CMC in The Free Methodist Church. Holiness, Foster Parent, CLE sports.
waveitaway Life is a joke and I’m just laughing my way through it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ely | 29 | they/them | cat dad 🐱🐱
AffairsHuman @BillCody @PeteButtigieg Those gap stats are a joke because they don't take into account the skill level of jobs men and women choose, the hours worked, the danger,etc. Don't take my word for it, go ask the economist of your choice Hopefully insightful commentary. RT's obviously indicate complete endorsement. Please verify me @jack so I am taken seriously
RobMartinez8 @CarlBrowne8 @NVoluntaryist @beinlibertarian @LibertyHangout Yes, there are more Republicans than libertarians in this country. It's a fact. And it's a fact that Liberty Hangout is a Republican account. And it's a fact that Liberty Hangout and the Republican party are a joke. So what's your point? #anarchist #Anarchocapitalist #voluntaryist #libertarian
BUNBUNPOPUKO Japón @DarcWoIf Bruh let me joke and say delicious penis in japanese please 18⇪||| ♂ ||| .ENTP. ⫷ 🐞 I miss Mochi ⫸
american_mikey Brooklyn, NY "If Barack Obama looked to the sky and said 'I’m the chosen one', even as a joke (which this wasn’t), everyone at Fox News would look like they just peeked inside the Ark of the Covenant." Instagram @ originalamericanmikey - Loving, living, working, life. Keep on, Keeping on..
Walshie03369217 @Coco11000 @KILLTONYANTIS @Renner4Real @SonyPictures @TheRealStanLee @Marvel Made some "ableist" joke and cancel culture's been on him like a rash all i want is my old account back and for dr dre to release detox
thesufud Washington, USA @wattsupwiththat @SteveSGoddard @MichaelEMann What a surprise. Anyone who knows who Mann is and knows the unhinged vitriolic rhetoric he has unleashed on anyone who disagrees with him already knows he’s a loser. Take another look at climate science if you ever listened to this Mann. It’s a joke!!
fnafsaiyan the tornado alley, help me. @Crocoboyo @solarempire22 @AlbertsStuff says the world revolving in a little joke about that is my favorite anime 5I am so I have no clue why the game over there is no doubt the game has a good game and a great deal for the xbox games on xbox Logo on a new mode and a few more big ones in a different world of the hello i am a human. i love drinking human water and listening to human music. it may seem like im an idiot, but i am actully kind and A U T H I T I C
ImPootie Skating the beach no joke and back to the futured myself and got pulled by a random truck for about a half mile!!! Partnered by @twitch & Proud @Noblegg Member - Sponsored by @AstroGaming @logitechg - superdonde
dwc1David California, USA @acmepackingco This field and stadium is a damn joke. NFL and Winnipeg should be ashamed! Retired
dplejeune @DBrassiere @washingtonpost Nobody SANE could have a positive opinion. And that’s no joke.
TheOriginalWes So-Cal——NorthWest PHX This Eagles v Ravens preseason game has been an absolute joke. First, a crew who calls penalties more than Peterson throws pick-6 and then a halting storm. Lol, awful. Sports Editor👨🏽‍💻-Dog Dad-Wit Enthusiast-Outlaw Pickles-Turner 💵-Catholic-Morals Matter.Tweets are my own & don't reflect opinion of my employer.
BryanGarner18 Amarillo, TX @CNNPolitics , You Guys keep bashing Trump who has the Best Economy and unemployment of any President and CNN was the Network wanting and recommending Avenatti for President. You are a Joke!! I am a retired Ag Businessman who still has horses, mules and cows and tries to be a rancher but needs more rain. If the Lord is willing.
iFredWeasley Gryffindor house 8. i and my twin make a joke store , the name is 'Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes' Hello , I'm Fred arthur weasley. Arthur Weasley and Molly Weasley Son' , George Weasley Twin | Joke and prank ♥ | #WeasleyFamily | #HarryPotterFamily
GrantGrayHill1 @budgorj1 @bennyjohnson @TheYoungTurks Can you point out the part that was a joke? The most charitable interpretation I can come up with is that he was just trying to be edgy and provocative. It didn't sound like he's trying to elicit laughter.
BlkPrince932 Australia @Wortho33 The floor seating not being elevated was one thing, but the entertainment was an absolute joke. No halftime show! DJ was a spud. Pick someone out from the crowd and get them up there at halftime for 5k half court shot. Seriously I could have organised it better! THE BLACK PRINCE. Talk mainly sport and love a punt, throw out the ocassional tip 😉 My teams: LA Lakers, Essendon, Arsenal, Melbourne Victory, Indy Colts
teddynakamoto @klimenos It's funny that the dude with ss on his name is looking to ban you. What a coincidence. @StopAndDecrypt and @jimmy007forsure block people they don't agree with. What a joke. What a terrible human experience and existence BSV is XBT
Bryllooo Harlem Pupil dialation ain't no joke. Its bright like the day just broke and these craps been dialated since 4:30 🙄 Digital Media Connoisseur | Holist | Wizard
TheOldXRoads Permafrost @LisaEli64987369 they were 10x worse than Oasis. a lot of older people joke, since The Kinks were so violent and mismanaged they were not allowed to join the British Invasion for 4 years. Last year after a 22 year split they are back! cheerful nihilism
nessboy12 San Jose, CA @InfernoOmni @JustanWoomy Don't joke about suicide. Just don't. That's sickening, and it's not funny. Suicide is a very sensitive topic for me, and if you had friends that almost went that path, you'd feel the same way. Okay
CharliexVxStern @MattTheBrand Cute Jewish lady picked me up and brought me to Target and IKEA and it was really cute, then she got up to my room and immediately made a racist joke, smelled like bottom and feet, was covered in so many scabs, bled all over my new sheet set. Declined my Venmo invoice a week later. They/them | Grief scholar | Excellence in “sports journalism”
getyourowndrip ηєω ‎נєяѕєу @MatthewMcdanie5 @sheisqueen_ @TrakkProfessors @Pete_rockk @MeccaStarr7 It’s serious. That’s why. If good cops don’t get ride of bad cops they are also bad cops.. we not going to ascot like they don’t know because they do. It’s not a joke and the abuse power. The only good ones are the dead ones until something changes. (ˆ ⌣ˆ) αℓℓ тнιηgѕ ѕωανє αη∂ ιη ѕωανє ωє TяυѕT. ~Ş₩λƔΞ¥~ Tory Lanez. Not Trending
creativgrizz Honeymoon Avenue @daisynclay Sis jason hurt her, Liza left for a reason and Jeff was in prison for many reasons. Why wouldn’t he beat the crap out of her? What’s stopping him? Why would David and Jason make that joke abt the threesome? They did it to hurt her! Get ur facts straight
blah_blah_bang Thought it was a joke on the tl so I googled it and the forking spray tan bottle is actually trying to- trying everything until I decide on something
CiciMichellee I just watched a video and now I’m crying 🙂 pregnancy feelings is no joke 〽️9️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ | SNAPChat : Cicimichellee ❤️ | 🏳️‍🌈Yes , I Am | JUNE 16th | Psalms 31 ‼️
nafmz97 🇲🇾 @akira_petitehys i stalked that acc and the owner says "FlopLim" is owned by SM. Woollim: AM I A JOKE TO YOUUUU?? INSPIRIT - DEERDANS - ONE IT - WOOLIMZ STAN . Deeply crushing on Nam Woohyun . 99.99% of tweets are related to Trollim fam
takehacks San Francisco, CA @TheMarinaTimes @LondonBreed She’s so woefully incompetent and clueless it’s a F epic clown show. She’s clearly a puppet for those who bankrolled her campaign. She’s never had a meaningful job. She was appointed 2 whatever she’s done by career politicians. What a F joke. Single Dad-lessor-entrepreneur-restaurateur-paralegal-trustee-baseball coach proud father of a UA preseason All American & college bound SS ⚾️awesome dude
biglydisaster45 USA @akkitwts I haven’t watched since 2015. Even then I could only stomach a couple of shows. Primetime Fox is a joke and have never watched. #TrumpIsARacist🤡 #DividerInChief💩 #GOPMustGo🌊#VoteBlueToSaveAmerica🌊 #TheResistance🌊 #FBR🌊#RegisterToVote2020🌊 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho🌊
rounding8 p.p.s. sorry in advance for yelling at you in all caps later when i for sure will be balling my eyes out like a smol child. oh and. that was also a joke to test you bc im not sorry at all you obnoxious piece of beautiful trash that owns my heart. 🙄 🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋
brinkwhy @Mjoraxcite You're at the right place Basically he messaged kass some dumb crap and used the defense of "a joke" and that's he's a gay furry to defend it PROF PICTURE BY @MJORAXCITE HES THE BEST BANNER BY @MRCUTE_ professional rr sweaty I also played bad in that one (fight me) rr reformed_BRlNK
electricityfarm When u make a joke about his track PRs being slow and he ACTUALLY gets offended
RascalPinkish Austin, TX @EverAltruistic @sunrisebayarea @DNC @sunrisemvmt @BernieSanders @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden Bernie Sanders is a joke and the sunrise grift is an arm of his campaign. They can all go down with each other after he loses.. again. Bernie Sanders makes my skin crawl
fcrsythe thefcrsythe on ig you being 100% respectful, girly! sometimes when fandom being too annoying/dramatic it makes us hate the ship with the whole bottom passion. i just wanted to say as bughead stan that if i offended that girl who deactivated i’m sorry. it was a joke and she’s on of my fav mutuals. @/thefcrsythe got suspended
adnice Eugene, OR @GOP @PamBondi What a bad joke. He laughs about grabbing women’s privates against their will, he takes away reproductive autonomy, he threatens to take away their rights to choose their own work attire, he calls them horrible names, he is credibly charges with rape and assault, etc. etc. etc. Christian called to love and serve. Retired educator. Daughter, wife, mother and, best of all, grandmother. Support rights for all. Animal lover.
samuraikp hell i remember i made a joke about doja cat being republican and African-Americans made a hotep thread about it lmao heartbreak da gang
msaether21 @msnbc probably was a joke from the start but they have become even worse - @JoeNBC has become overtaken with TDS and has ruined his career and any chance people will believe he can ever be neutral to the public on any report again.
whoreposition @BICHOLOGY No because 1 it's a joke and didnt even happen and 2 what does r*** have to do with solicit images
flashnando @SimonettiSource I usually try and defend the Yankees but this is a joke. Husband and father of two. Believe in God, Country and myself.
sowidsnake ryan - 19 - they/them well thought and constructed joke that makes a lot of sense and Is very funny: me: picture edited with faceapp: me: [WHEEEZESJXHAJDGAKDGAKDJ] to let the world be.