Strange Tweets about Joke.

kaylakristen_ nola | lsu running around the bayou in 11am heat ain't no joke. idk who i thought i was lol
Lifezfunny Melbourne, Australia @JeffTutorials @realDonaldTrump Hahaha, what a joke I am a Nurse,I love travel, I am most at peace when I am surrounded by nature...I adore my children, including the furry ones. Resist and Persist
Pandamilooo Shawn's hoodie/sweater @PopaKazuya @CursedFighter @xArtofPhoenix It's joke :c β˜† β€πŸ’• @ShawnTheSinKing is /MY/ big black bear β€πŸ’• β˜† γ€Ž Neona jalhaseyo γ€β˜†
fenharel dravania I THOUGHT LRT WAS ONE OF THE JOKE TWEETS THAT IS IN THAT BOT green, they/them, 25. really fucking bad post optimus prime. [18+ only!!]
TUHYERI they're visual is actually no joke. ❀️ kajoc babyk🐷
TundraM9 Middle of Nowhere @Place_in_Nature Look I just look at like this, Donald Trump is the president of the US .. the biggest joke that ac… Likes to talk Games,Movies,Shows and various other media wont find me interesting though because the Tweets range from Mediocre to Terrible,Huge Star Wars fan.
HalLove48 Fayetteville, GA @realDonaldTrump what a joke the republicans in Congress and Senate are. They voted 60 times to repeal with Obama. Now @realDonaldTrump 1/2 Always give your very best
chrisalbon Rural border town Actually, it’s devastating. (This is a joke. Don’t @ me) Data scientist. Authoring Python Machine Learning Cookbook (O'Reilly, Forthcoming). Cofounded @NewKnowledgeAI. Cohost @PartiallyD. PhD.
Caitlyn365 You're mad cause you don't got any friends and are trying to make mine hate me. You're a joke Life's not the breath you take but the moments that take your breath away. -George Strait snapchat: cgoodwin9713
EllieRepeal @omgDebbie @morgancrawf What a fucking joke she is. Somebody needed to tell her that no she's not a hero.
treatxyourself Los Angeles, CA wow. what a joke. part time bartender, full time soccer dad. πŸ‡²πŸ‡½
RKBQ8 kuwait Took me a while to figure the joke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i thought it was a mistake for a second @AbrajXGaming Team leader / commentator / event organizer. Official SSB manager for @cocodrilosgg / MAHVEL BABY! #cocosquad #axg
OVOCollin Louisville, KY @ofwsprangkta Did you mean this is a joke cause I'm putting them on rn. This is a serious matter Not lucky just from Kentucky. Cats by 90. My views do not represent those of my employer. Banned from Churchill.
Highbury_74 The North Bank @blindcobbler @ARSENALGIRL1971 @paulhay5 @M3lanieJW there's a "sit on my boat" joke here somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is.... The Arsenal. Write for @Gunnerstown & web developer for @AFC_Collection. Freelance Web Developer
lexsophieday Dublin Me when anyone but me cracks a joke about my weight or lack of fitness Trans woman, aspiring magical girl. #girlslikeus

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